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June, 2012, NYC - Back in the studio with Giuseppi Logan, "Blowing like I hadn't heard him since his legendary 60's recordings".

June, 2012, NYC - Back in the studio with Giuseppi Logan, "Blowing like I hadn't heard him since his legendary 60's recordings". Read More
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About this project

About this project

The story of Giuseppi Logan is one of grit and tenacity and the power of music.  Giuseppi Logan was a contemporary of Albert Ayler, John Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders. An accomplished sax player, as well as clarinet, flute and piano player, Giuseppi became known for his free form compositional genius. Having studied at the New England Conservatory, in the sixties Logan was hailed as one of the bright lights of free jazz. In the seventies, Giuseppi disappeared from view and remained lost to the music world for well over 30 years.  His story is told in the New York Times article Giuseppi Logan's Second Chance

In this project we will bring you the second record Giuseppi Logan record sponsored by the jazz community on Kickstarter. The goal of this project is to raise the funds to press vinyl for "And They Were Cool" a new record made possible in part by the previous Kickstarter for The Giuseppi Logan Project.   When we went into the studio with Giuseppi in June this year, we did so with one goal in mind.  Create an environment conducive to following the muse and playing pure jazz improv.  Almost a year into recovering from his broken hip, Giuseppi was in better physical health and obviously energized by the talent in the room and having a talented young sax player to challenge him (Jessica Lurie).  Piano as well as sax came into play and at the end of the day it became a question of what to leave off the record rather than what to include.  This is the record that I dreamed of making when I first went in search of Giuseppi Logan and I can't wait to share it with my fellow jazz lovers and Giuseppi supporters.

Who is Mad King Edmund

Mad King Edmund is a international collective of free thinking experimental jazz and electronic musicians led by producer and songwriter Ed Pettersen, aka the Mad King.  Cooper Moore, Thollem McDonas, Pete Abbott, Frode Gjerstad, Tracy Silverman, Freddy Holm, and Dylan Simon are among the contributing members.

Why do we need your money?

The project is intended to raise the budget to press high quality vinyl for your enjoyment (the best way to listen to jazz in our opinion).  The pressing will be a limited edition collector's item for all of us that collect and love free jazz.

What are we going to do with your money?

Our minimum budget will produce 200 audiophile quality LPs.  Digital downloads will be available as well for all reward levels and a limited number of CDs will be offered to folks here in the US. 

If we exceed budget we'd like to provide Giuseppi a small keyboard as we've seen how much he enjoys playing piano in addition to his sax.

What have we done so far?

We completed a full day’s recording with Guiseppi in New York’s Dubway studio this past June. Jessica Lurie on saxophone, flute and piano, Larry Roland on bass, and Ed Pettersen (yours truly) on guitar and effects rounded out the ensemble.  Improvising Beings, a French jazz label, assisted with the studio costs in return for the right to release the record in Europe.  Our gracious master engineer Peter Robbins oversaw the recording and in Nashville, I edited and sequenced the tracks.   As always legendary Motown engineer Bob Olhsson is our consultant and mastering engineer for audiophile quality vinyl.

Your support and enthusiasm makes this possible.  "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams" - Willy Wonka

Breaktime against the New York Skyline
Breaktime against the New York Skyline

Risks and challenges

What are the risks?

Since the recording is already complete and artist Michael Reilly and Improvising Beings are providing artwork, all we need to raise is the budget for pressing. Even in the event of a vinyl shortage or other worldwide catastrophe, as long as there are computers, the download of this extraordinary record will be available.

What are the rewards?

In this case the music truly is the reward. This recording is an amazing feat in that it rivals Giuseppi's best know work of the 60's (which has been named in the top ten of free jazz albums of all time by connoisseurs).

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    Digital Fan -
    Download the new Giuseppi Logan album and carry it with you everywhere in your I-device, laptop, or smartphone. You'll never be without some cool jazz.

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    CD for me, thanks! -
    A limited number of the French CD pressing will be available to US based jazz fans. Includes 10 page color booklet with original Michael Reilly artwork. For orders outside of the US, please see

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    Audiophile's Dream -
    A must have for mad platter lovers everywhere, this limited edition pressing on 180 gm vinyl was recorded at 96K and mastered by vinyl expert and former Motown engineer Bob Olhsson. A true collector's item! See International reward for orders outside the US.

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    International Platter -
    We'll ship your limited edition vinyl anywhere in the world when you select the International Platter. Same 180 gm audiophile pressing with original artwork as above but delivered to your doorstep in the Swiss alps or anywhere the US Postal service delivers.

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    Patron of the Arts -
    You love jazz in all its facets and you feel a particular connection to the Giuseppi Logan projects. The tenacity of this 77 year old with limited resources still constantly striving to create and execute original music of extraordinary caliber moves you deeply. You'd like to make a contribution to securing a small keyboard for Giuseppi and receive your choice of CD, LP, audiophile download or all of the above.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Executive Producer -
    Your name will figure prominently in the credits of the limited edition vinyl pressing as the Executive Producer that helped bring this extraordinary recording to the public. You''ll receive 10 copies of the LP to pass around and impress your friends and associates with your devotion to the arts. PLUS you'll become the proud owner of the original Michael Reilly painting for the album cover art (see pic above). Michael Reilly's original portraits of jazz are known throughout the jazz community. The painting is an unframed 9"x12" casein/ink on paper and will be a valuable addition to your art collection.

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