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Update #4

How to order the new Giuseppi Logan jazz album "And They Were Cool"


Hi Folks,

Just a reminder for those of you that wanted CD or download (MP3 or hi-res) on how to order the new album....just  go to producer Ed Pettersen's website and select the Store link, where you can order one of a limited number of the French CD pressing we have secured for Giuseppi's Kickstarter supporters.  Cost is $15.00 plus shipping.  Please note that Safari browser on a Mac may have some issues with the store site so if you run into any trouble, try another browser if possible.  For downloads, just purchase the CD and shoot us a note and what type of download you would like (MP3 or hi-res files by wetransfer or other file transfer mechanism).  

This is the brilliant follow up to the Kickstarter project The Giuseppi Logan project which many of you graciously supported.  And They Were Cool recaptures the compositional genius of Logan's sixties heyday.  This pure free jazz album pairs Logan with young sax talent Jessica Lurie, an accomplished artist in her own right and the dualing saxes add tension and push Giuseppi to his full potential. With improving health and a sound supporting cast, Larry Roland on bass and Ed Pettersen on guitar and effects, Logan's playing rivals the previous works for which he is reknown. Recorded at the highest fidelity and mastered by one of the great mastering engineers, And They Were Cool delivers on performance, fidelity and composition to create a rare gem for improv lovers to add to their collection. Label: Improvising Beings in partnership with the Mad King Edmund Collective.




    1. Ed%20petterson253.small

      Creator Ed Pettersen on June 4, 2013

      Thanks for the feedback Barry, we've had that issue with certain browsers. You can Paypal Thanks so much!! Ed

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Barry Schwabsky on June 4, 2013

      I would like to order the cd but it does not seem possible to do so from your website. When I click on "checkout" it takes me back to the "store" page rather to checkout. If you would kindly make an email address available I could send you the funds for the purchase via Paypal, for instance.

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