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Grow Art - Gourd Vectors creating living sculpture to draw attention to our relationship with the natural world
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Grow Arts - Gourd Vectors is a living sculpture designed by Doug Retzler aimed at illustrating our connection to nature and the important place that nature has in the lives of children and adults alike, particularly in an urban environment such as Baltimore. Gourd Vectors is a dynamic structural design evolved from 2010’s Gourd Palace. It will be comprised of a maypole-like form with a 22’ center pole and grow lines (vectors) radiating from a yin/yang gardening base. Gourd Vectors will be planted with selected gourd varieties in Leakin Park, the largest of Baltimore’s urban forests, at the Carrie Murray Nature Center. The sculpture will be planted during the May 21, 2011 opening ceremony of Faerie Rings & Eco Things - a one day celebration of Spring & Nature Spirits, as well as the beginning of the summer long nature-based art installations called Nature Art in the Park

Grow Arts - Gourd Vectors will function as an evolving grow sculpture that is the fulcrum of the Nature Art Trails leading to and from the Carrie Murray Nature Center. The sculpture will come to full maturity and fruition by the Nature Art closing celebration on September 3, 2011. The sculpture and the activities surrounding it are in support of Carrie Murray’s Summer Urban Gardening educational programming for children. Funding will help facilitate the creation of the Grow Art sculpture, programming and related activities.

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    $250—Snacks with the Snakes -- lunch and animal program at Carrie Murray
    $500—Birthday Party in the Wild—3 hour birthday party for 10 to 12 kids with 45-minute animal program
    $1000—Moonlight Dinner with the Owls at the Carrie Murray Nature Center, an exquisite twilight dinner for six adults with owls and guided moonlight owl walk through the park.

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