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$40,680 pledged of $275,000 goal
$40,680 pledged of $275,000 goal

Day Maker Kickstarter Update: Week II

Hello Everyone --

Thanks a ton.

First off, we wanted to thank you for your awesome support of Day Maker during its initial week on Kickstarter. Not only financially -- where Day Maker has already raised 12K in funding -- but also for believing in its simple mission: To create a better way to start the day right so your overall quality of health and well being improve.As our lives continue to become crammed with personal and professional obligations, and the work hours continue to stretch in order to keep up with the demand of an always-on economy, we see Day Maker as an antidote to the physical and mental pounding your body takes when burning the candle at both ends.With your help, we hope to influence culture by creating a lasting fix to our addiction of jarring alarm clocks and confusing cell phone interfaces in the AM.

The Day Maker prototype world tour.

The press aretalking. Now it’s your turn to help us get the word out. Where would you like to see the Day Maker prototype next? Know of a great product trade show? A cool design shop? A killer, up-and-coming design blog? Please share your thoughts and ideas here, or email

A note on shipping.

Some of you have commented on the cost of shipping. We’ve scoured what we believe to be every shipping option and alternative to ensure you pay the least amount wherever and whenever possible. True to our core belief, we believe there’s always a better way. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve this element of the Day Maker experience. Simply share your idea, suggestions, etc. here, or by emailing, & we'll make it happen. 

And as always, our minds are always open to suggestions of any kind -- so feel free to drop a line and let us know what strikes you.

About Habitco

We are what we repeatedly do.

Our lives are an assembly of routines and behaviors that are repeated until they become second nature.

Otherwise known as habits.

What we do when we’re not thinking says a lot about who we are.

How we sleep. How we wake up. How we eat. Even how we store things.

Habitco is a progressive design studio that creates modern, multi-use products that promote smarter habits.

Habits that lead more efficient, productive and happy lives.

And we’re even changing the habit of how our products are made.

Our production cycle is open, transparent, communal and fun. So smarter habit-influencing products have the best shot at making life better.

We hope you’ll join us.

- Michael & Bill


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