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Bringing Andrew Bawidamann’s pinups to life in the form of 54mm resin miniatures, using 3D sculpting and printing technologies.
353 backers pledged $46,621 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Hangar 18 Miniatures 2-time creator on

      I think at the size it will be, the zipper will look fine. That's one of the hard things about showing off digital images, they get soooo big. Makes things look a little odd, but we're betting this is going to work fine, plus you have to make them big enough and a little exaggerated to let the painters do their thing. Going to run a scale check on this one on our Form 1+ this week then we'll have a better idea.

    2. MichaelG on

      Beautiful; glad I've signed up for all of 'em. Sorry it took a while to comment, but I normally don't since there are much sharper eyes than mine normally :-).

      I just noticed those zippers look just a tad large. I'm not sure it'll matter to me, but I figured I'd mention it.

    3. Paint'Riot Studio

      Now I hesitate to change the torpedo girl to the kaiju into my pledge....
      Is it possible if I don't like the torpedo render ??

    4. Hangar 18 Miniatures 2-time creator on

      Erebus, in this version, there are two getas on the ground. So when we put back one of the getas on her foot that's sticking out, there will be the another one laying around

    5. Bas Hamer on

      That ended up better than I expected; oh well, will shop for it post kickstarter.

    6. Erebus

      Looks great. Actually I think I like the version without the geta more. Makes more sense to me, as it would be hard to be in the suit with them on. Maybe have them sitting on the ground near her foot.....