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Bringing Andrew Bawidamann’s pinups to life in the form of 54mm resin miniatures, using 3D sculpting and printing technologies.
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    1. Andy Marshall on

      @Hangar18 - ah thats a shame... by "this point of time" you mean you have no plans to do this? Just wondering as if you do plan to create an alternate head I'll hold off on assembling and painting the mini...

    2. Hangar 18 Miniatures 2-time creator on

      @Richard: she is a very prepared girl for any situation. She even has goggles strapped on her leg :-)
      @Andy: at this point of time, yes. We still need to finish the last three models: The Forbidden Francis, Damn the Torpedoes, and the Tiger Madchen bust, and we feel like we should focus our attention and effort to those three. :-)

    3. Andy Marshall on

      Amazing - can't help but feel a little gutted that Dive Girl doesn't come with an alternative head that has some hair gently floating in the water - I was really hoping to paint her up with bright orange/red hair as a nod to Arial the mermaid!... would certainly make for a strikingly colourful focal point to an otherwise quite monochrome miniature.
      Too late for that to be added in?

    4. Richard Klepper on

      not sure I like her having glasses on her face AND on her hat at the same time.... wouldn't she only have on one pair?

    5. AGProductions on

      Great looking minis so far. Thanks for including 3 heads for the Specialty Girl. Don't know about anyone else, but I really liked the glasses down on the nose look shown in the original render for the model and when the final 3-d update came out and she was fully wearing the glasses, I was a bit disappointed. Really excited about the different options now though, so again, thanks a bunch! Looking forward to seeing more sculpts as they're finished.