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$16,886 pledged of $25,000 goal
$16,886 pledged of $25,000 goal

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The Reboot is live and over goal- Bawidamann Pinups!

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To all of the wonderful backers of our project that we disappointed when we stepped back to get this thing right, sorry for that, but it has been worth the time. We are so confident in and happy with the quality we have achieved, we want to spread the word.

The reboot is live and already over the funding goal. We hope that some of you that haven't rejoined us will consider doing so, and help us all unlock all of the goodies so we can get them to everybody. Have a look, and we hope you'll jump on board.


We're coming back soon!


Wow, it's been a busy fall and then we slammed right into the holidays. Good news though, we've been busy, and here's a link to an update we hope will get you as excited as we are. It's all coming into focus now, this is going to be an epic miniature line.


Getting better all the time


Quick update. Sculpts are finalizing on several of the girls. We've been doing scale checks and parting out with our Form 1 3D printer. The resolution isn't good enough for final, but it has helped avoid potential mistakes and costs. We'll probably post some pics of these low res tests sometime next week so you can see what we've been doing. Good news is 3 models will be going out for final prints next week with 3 more following close behind.

We want all 6 of these to be at the production casting phase before we relaunch. We really want our backers to be able to see and believe how great these minis are going to be. Thanks for all of the patience and support, it will be worth it.

Update from Hangar 18 Pinups


Just want to quickly send a message out to let you know that we are still planning to relaunch the Hangar 18 Pinups project on Kickstarter. We haven’t sent many updates because we want to make sure we give you solid and positive news.

So here is the list of items that are in the works: Simplify, simplify, simplify to allow lower price for our backers. We're going to keep the packaging for Kickstarter simple to allow for lower shipping cost for all of our backers, helping to reduce overall cost. We are testing and about to master six models for 32mm production that will be cast in white metal. We have worked out a deal with Hasslefree Miniatures to fulfill Kickstarter orders for the UK and EU. That and the simpler packaging will allow us to lower our International shipping cost. All of this is taking more time than we anticipated, but we want to do our supporters proud. We want everything spot on for the relaunch.

We hope you find this news to be positive. From today on, we will send regular updates to this list and on our Facebook page.

‘Til next time!

We've learned a ton, we want to relaunch!

Whew, this has been a wild ride. We've learned a ton and realize we made some mistakes for Kickstarter, as it exists today. Your feedback and willingness to help will make this a much stronger project.

Bad News: We're shutting this down, tonight. There are so many things we'd like to adjust and can't at this point, that we need to get a fresh start. Come to the website and leave an email so we can notify you of the relaunch http://www.hangar18pinups.com/

Good News: We're setting up for a really strong relaunch in about 2 months. We've been busting our butts trying to bring more to you and show you just how cool these will be but we've come up short. When we relaunch we'll have more through to prototype and even a couple of painted finals for you to see, so that you'll have confidence that these are great miniatures. On top of that:

More scales-at least some in 32mm and we're looking into going big as well!

Better Pricing- We've been negotiating hard and combing the internet to get our costs down a bit, you will like what you see, we'll be able to bring you more for your money.

More prototypes- We'll have some painted examples as well, and we should even have a few final production models with packaging to show off during the course of the campaign.

Shorter Campaign- We'll shorten it up a bit and keep the momentum as well as starting with a lower goal, there won't be quite as much available out of the blocks but things will unlock and move quicker next time around.

We see all of this as a net positive. Some things you only learn by doing and boy have we learned a lot from this, and from all of you. Our supporters have been great and sent many a message that got me at least, through a cold dark night a time or two. Keep sending us your feedback and ideas, maybe they'll make it into the relaunch. Hangar 18 wants to give you what you want with this project, so don't be shy about telling us what that is!

Again come by the website if you would and leave an email so we can notify you when the relaunch is about to go live. Keep supporting us, we are going to see this through and make the miniatures of Andrew's art some of the best available anywhere.