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Avoid stranded projects. Mono is an Arduino-compatible programmable gadget with touch display, wireless and battery.
Avoid stranded projects. Mono is an Arduino-compatible programmable gadget with touch display, wireless and battery.
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    1. Sourcery on

      Simple: Animated GIF on-a-wall art! :) Press it to change gif-art. and an SD card full of gif-art.

    2. Bruno Van Thournout on

      I have a dream about connecting my intire house with the internet. I am using some fairly basic arduino setups but this beautifull invention will let me control everyting with a simple touch... :)

    3. Leonardo on

      I plan to use either a mono wifi or a mono maker (haven't chosen yet) to create a physical board game that connects to the players' smartphones. I have a design for a survival type game where you are on an interactive map with other players. There will be a lot of paranoia about what other players are up to. The phone will be used to deliver private messages/experience to players as they explore the map, while also serving as inventories and dashboards for health status, etc. The mono will control the game logic and handle IO of the physical game components. The idea is to retain as much as possible the personal interaction a physical board game provides, while allowing gameplay formerly impossible without the computer logics. It's going to be lots of fun! 

    4. Daniel Wallner on

      My plan is to use my Mono to display the foods and beverages in the fridge ordered by their aspiration date. The list will be made available by a REST webservice on my raspberry pi. The input can be made on directly on the mono or on a responsive websites also hosted by the raspberry. It would be nice if I could put the Mono in the fridge to also monitor the temperature, but I am not sure if the Mono can survive in the fridge at permanent 0-4° Celsius.

    5. Hoang Huynh on

      My Mono will be my office companion, a pomodoro based task management with active notification, terrific :)

    6. Liam Kelly on

      I could use the mono as a replacement for my tv remote, that semi-works, I could also use it as a smart watch, or even a pressure check for my pool filter, that could alert me if it is two high or to low.

    7. Devin Atkin on

      Also there should be a bulk rate on mono, not a project idea but it would be nice

    8. Devin Atkin on

      My mono will be a badass method of controlling LCD screens. I'm going to program it to be a basic music player but when plugged into a special jack it'll recognize it and use a wall mounted LCD as a monitor to show the song playing.

      Because I Can is all the reason I need

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      Marcel Al on

      My Mono will brew beer.

    10. Henrik Hebeltoft on

      Planning to use it to display solar panel production in a nice way :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Kim Faurbjerg on

      Mono will be the hit. And the winner has birthday on the 30. november :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Igor Funa on

      I will use one for OpenEnergyMonitor display -

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Tilse on

      I will start by replacing the ugly remote for my ceiling fan and light, and then move on to control for all lights, thermostat, and more to provide environmental control for my home.

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Kamronn on

      IoT aggregator/relay/graph display

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex Toh Chin Kok on

      I plan to use it to implement elderly health monitoring system.

    16. Eske Christiansen on

      A simple stroke coach to use when rowing.

    17. Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen

      I plan to use it as "mission control" for my planned homemade home automation system.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bo Lind on

      My first project is fairly pedestrian; a nice bedside clock, NTP synced over WiFi, of course. I'm looking for something that isn't my smartphone to just be able to tell me what time it is, in a nice, unobtrusive way. I'm thinking low-light, grey-on-black layout.