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Scream Park is an independent 80s style horror film starring Wendy Wygant, Doug Bradley, and Skinny Puppy's Ogre.

Scream Park is a retro style 80s horror film about an amusement park closing for the last time.  The owner, played by Doug Bradley (Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II), devises a scheme to have a pair of killers commit gruesome murders in the park as a publicity stunt to sell tickets.  The victims are a group of employees partying in the park after hours.  

About The Film

The film came about with the desire to produce a feature length horror film. Scream Park is a response to the currently Hollywood trend of remakes, rehashes, sequels, prequels, and the desire to see an original tale come to the screen.  It also celebrates the golden age of the slasher film (1980s) and the bloody, light-hearted camp of it all.  We love those movies, so why not make one (even if we're 25 years late)?

The project started as a small one, with limited scope and scale.  However, it quickly grew and suddenly we found ourselves on set with Doug Bradley (playing a deliciously evil character, of course).  The wonderful Conneaut Lake Park, Pennsylvania became involved and will be the setting for our fictional theme park.  It provides the perfect backdrop for our little slasher film. 

Skinny Puppy lead singer Ogre (REPO: The Genetic Opera, The Devil's Carnival) has also joined the project, taking the role of a murderous mountain man.  The cast is rounded out with talented Pittsburgh local actors, including up and comer Wendy Wygant.

About Our Campaign

We're greenlit and ready to go.  Production begins Friday the 13th of April and continues on until the end of May.  We're looking for $5,000 to go into post-production and get us across the finish line.  We've got a great musical composer putting together a full orchestral score and we need to make sure we've got the best sound effects for each and every screen death.   We want to make sure Scream Park looks and sounds the best it possibly can.  We'd also love to feed everybody!  Fed crew members are happy crew members. Every dollar donated makes the project better!  

In exchange, we're offering up some great merchandise from the movie -- some of it signed by our awesome cast.  Contribute if you love horror movies. Contribute if you support independent filmmaking.  Contribute if you love Doug Bradley or Ogre.  We'll love you back for it.

Thank you everyone in advance, and thank you for even just checking us out here on Kickstarter.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates, as we'll be posting stuff regularly when production begins on April 13.  For more, visit  If you donate, tell friends and family you donated and what for.  Spreading the word about our film is as important.

- Cary Hill, Producer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

If I Donate, When Do I Get My Stuff? Excellent question.  The estimated delivery dates are listed below the contribution amounts.  If you win the iPad, we'll contact you (to pick a color) and send it out ASAP.  Everything else pretty much is pending the completion of the film.

Can You Exceed The Goal? Absolutely! Any additional money goes to the same place as the $5,000 -- the screen!  A little extra money means a little extra blood spray, an extra take or two, or a few extra smiles.

What If You (Gulp) Don't Make the Goal? Kickstarter is an all or nothing campaign.  If we don't reach $5,000, we don't get anything.  We're already going into productionso there's no risk of losing Scream Park.  However, we'll have to make certain sacrifices...

Wait, Is This Real? You Guys Aren't On IMDB! We'd love to be on IMDB! Unfortunately, we're unable to post Scream Park to the Internet Movie Database until we finish the film (their rules) because we don't have an established production company behind us.  This is Proto Media's, the company behind the film, first project.  

What If I Have Questions That Aren't On This List? Email us at for any and all questions! 


  • The DVD cover with custom artwork will be signed by Director Cary Hill. The pressing will come after the film is finished, and our actors will have moved on at that point. The items signed by Doug Bradley and/or Ogre are specifically listed in the rewards column.

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    Get a digital download of the finished film! Enjoy the terror from the comfort of your own home.

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    Get a signed copy of the DVD with limited edition artwork for Kickstarter contributors only! We promise KILLER artwork!

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    Get the signed DVD with the limited edition artwork, a Scream Park T-shirt, and a thank you video message from the cast and crew of the film!

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    Get the signed DVD, Scream Park T-shirt, a video message from the cast and crew, and a copy of the book "Go Ask Ogre" seen in the film signed by Ogre and the author Jolene Siana.

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    Get the signed DVD, Scream Park T-shirt, and a limited edition concept poster for the film signed by the cast, including DOUG BRADLEY and OGRE.

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    The Ogre fan-deal: the signed DVD, the T shirt, the signed concept poster, a copy of the latest Skinny Puppy album signed by Ogre and a personalized video message from Ogre himself!

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    Everything from the $500 level plus we'll throw in a new 16GB iPad that comes preloaded with a digital copy of the movie, behind the scenes videos, exclusives shot with the iPad itself, a digital copy of the script, and tons more extras.

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    Become an Executive Producer! Get your name on the screen during the opening credits and we'll give you everything at the $2000 level as well. As an added bonus, you'll get to attend the commentary recording of the film and get your voice heard.

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