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SEK 500 pledged of SEK 600,000 goal
By Jonas Svensson
SEK 500 pledged of SEK 600,000 goal


I would like to create an app that will support and help children between 8 - 17 year old with 7 common problems that many children will face.

I wish to be able to visit different schools during two months and together with children, teenagers and professionals (teachers, therapists and psychologists) develop the materials so it can be as helpful as possible for the users.

I wish to create an digital guide for the user to interact with, get help from and that can give tips and support when needed. Compare it as a cookbook, when needing tips in the kitchen you read a cookbook.

I wish to create a tool that gives people between 8 to 17 years old tips and guidelines about life and the problems that can come along. Taking care of situations in an early stage can prevent things from creating mental illness . I will let an app developer develop the app under 3 months and then test it in the schools i have been visiting to see if it meets its expectations and purpose. <200 user testing it during a period of 6 weeks. Go through the feedback from the users and make final adjustments. I will develop the app in english and swedish, it will be free with no commersials.

Create a website and pages on social medias. I would like to create a movie to spread the word about the app on the social medias in both english and swedish.

Risks and challenges

There are no risk, only earning when it comes to support and provide tools for kids and teens to handle hard times in life.

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