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Collect more loot than you can bear in this exploration platformer which is sure to put hair on your chest! For Windows, Mac and Linux.


See update section for : 

  • #1 Screen shots from tile WIP environments.
  • #2 Collection of concept art for upgrades.
  • #3 Budget break down.
  • #4 Naval battle mock up

Treasurebear is an action-packed sidescroller adventure currently in development for the PC with gameplay focused around platforming, solving puzzles, and most importantly: treasure-hunting! The starring cast will put their abilities to the test as they swim, sail, swing and saunter through a bizarre world obsessed with treasure hunting whilst being hunted themselves. Our talented and creative team is comprised of many unique artistic points of view, but one thing we all share in common is our love for the games that we grew up with. We aim to revitalize the charm of the classics from our childhood while infusing our game with a modern twist. Rather than simply dashing towards the exit to receive the day's quota of points, players are treated to a variety of different methods in which they can surmount the intricate puzzles and exhilarating challenges your protagonists are faced with!

The core personalities of Treasurebear are our dungeonous duo: The greedy and unpredictable Chester, a charismatic treasure chest forever condemned by the treasure hunter's guild, and his sleepy sidekick Barry, a hungry bear who prefers sauce battles over boss battles.

Though Chester may be a common dungeon mimic by nature, he isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill monster. His loot hoarding skills have earned him quite a reputation amongst his peers, and it seems as though someone (or something) will stop at nothing to ensure that he never sets foot (or plank!) in the treasure hunting guild ever again. He will have to team up with Barry if he wants to clear his name and avoid becoming termite chow!

Barry, by contrast, is about as typical as it gets for a bear. He's big, fuzzy, lazy, and has an insatiable appetite. Oftentimes it's this hunger for new and exciting food that leads him into trouble, and he really wishes he didn't have to do all of that work to get his paws on the tastiest treats.

Chester and Barry's circumstances during the beginning of Treasurebear will propel them  on a journey wrought with danger. Among the many powerful (and not quite so powerful) forces who wish to take our heroes out of the picture are treasure-effacing monsters, disreputable looters, and even agents of the treasure guild. One such rogue of the guild is Ash Lee, a pompous red panda who travels aboard Mary Crate, her own longtime mimic partner

Throughout each stage, the duo will find themselves facing brain-pumping puzzles, sweet secrets, and crunchy clues.. but by no means are Chester and Barry ill-equipped to face the trials and tribulations before them. Years of secret guild training rituals have endowed Chester with unnervingly powerful hands to grab foes and thwart blows. Likewise, years of hibernation and binge eating have gifted Barry with a knack for crushing enemies beneath his massive bulk, or staying perfectly still while Chester does all the heavy lifting.


The treasure hunting guild.

Comprised of a league of only the toppest of top-tier of treasure hunters, the guild endeavors to uphold the highest and most sacred laws of treasure hunting, the most sacred of sacred being that treasure hunters can't forge their wealth. It must be properly discovered and obtained- whatever the cost.

Chester, the greediest of all mimics and one of the most profitable members of the guild, has been set up by some anonymous entity determined to quite literally sink his reputation in the treasure hunting world, and he now faces a slow death by burial.

See the game play example in UPDATE #5! HERE

Locked up in a dank cell, Chester meets his unlikely cell mate, a blissfully unaware brown bear by the name of Barry. Barry, who has been imprisoned for being discovered knee-deep in a plum barrel on a schooner, has a simple outlook on life: find the best possible food to eat, and lots of it. The lifestyle of a culinary juggernaut tends to land him in plenty of sticky situations.

Possibly facing a four day long prison sentence with nothing to eat but prison rice, Barry teams up with Chester following the promise of visiting foreign lands in order to locate and sample exquisite and tasty foods. Determined to locate his blackmailer and exonerate himself, Chester utilizes his uncanny talents for finding shiny and potentially valuable items while upholding his promise to Barry. Unfortunately they also find trouble along way. Will Barry get the taste of adventure he seeks? Will Chester ever solve his own troubles and find out who's out to finish his timbers?

Progress and Development Plans

Our current progress: 

  • The current game development team of Bear & Boar has 8 fully designed worlds out of 16
  • Completion of full title assets (extremely creative backgrounds) for those above worlds & working on more
  • Innovative character designs, monsters, & bosses
  • A functioning/playable first and third world complete with mine-cart action
  • Currently working on a boating battle mechanic
  • A working compendium of monster and treasure information- each encyclopedia constantly updating with every donation
  • A handful of musical tracks recorded to underscore the sizzling game action 
  • Original creature movements, hip character behaviors, and a variety of death animations created by the coder

And much more to come!

Development Plans & Goals

We plan on hosting a monthly meet and greet starting in the winter on Twitch where we can demo levels of the game that are currently being worked on in real time in a Q & A fashion.

We would love to share our process in making the game and answer any questions that may arise dealing with game play, music development, character design, etc. Come be a part of our team by logging in to these chats in order to meet and talk to members of the Bear and Boar Team.

We hope to hear the feedback of potential Treasurebear players in order to help us create the most exciting & challenging game that we can for you guys.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Being involved in a big project like this is very much like steering a raft down a river, sometimes the water is nice and smooth, other times you can go head first into an under water boulder. People can fall off if they're not careful and be swept away in an instant!

Having a great team on your boat is so important and our members seem to have a good eye for tricky rocks and low branches. We're all quite confident in this project and we're hopeful we can dock this dingy by the end of next year or earlier if all goes well.

The biggest challenge will be to manage our funds as efficiently as possible, make every dollar count until you're slamming slimes and shaking down ghosts for coins. Having a consistent pipeline also comes to mind, making sure all the work is evenly spread apart and marching to the beat of a drum. ( no actual drum will be used )

Thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to your support!


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