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A twisted, noir-drenched cab ride through the dark streets and back alleys of L.A. Lust, greed, murder - some things never change.
A twisted, noir-drenched cab ride through the dark streets and back alleys of L.A. Lust, greed, murder - some things never change.
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THIS LAST LONELY PLACE now on iTunes/Amazon


Just wanted to let everyone know that "This Last Lonely Place" is now available on iTunes and Amazon and will soon roll out to other streaming platforms, VOD and DVD. We wanted to thank you again for your support and hope you will now share the film with friends and family. You ALL helped to make this film happen and now it's out in the world! Please make sure to visit the links below rate the film on iTunes yourself (5 stars!) and encourage others to do so. They don't even need to rent it/buy it, they can just click and rate the film. It honestly makes a HUGE difference on how the film is displayed. If you'd like to leave a nice review, even better!

Screening TLLP at the Little Theater in Rochester!


Many of our Kickstarter supporters are my friends and family in Rochester, New York! 

I am very pleased to let you all know that I will be screening the film at The Little Theater on Oct. 1st at 7:15. So cool to bring the film back home! Tickets will be $10 for the screening, and $25 for the screening plus an after party "meet and greet" that will feature some great wine and appetizers.

Stay tuned for more details, but please save the date!

Little Theater
Little Theater

The time has come! Watch THIS LAST LONELY PLACE!


Big news! Watch the film!

Well, my Kickstarter friends - the day has finally come! I thank you all so much for your support, and of course for your patience. As you can see in this brand new attached Hollywood Reporter announcement, we are now releasing "This Last Lonely Place" to the world. We couldn't be more excited!

Now, here's how it all is going to work…

As our original crowd funding supporters, you will all be given a link to stream the film (on any device) a few days before our release campaign begins. We're building the site, but you'll all be able to watch within the next two weeks or so! I'll also be sending everyone a jpeg of the poster that's big enough for you to create your own wall poster if you like. You can also post it online to help promote the film over the next few months. We really hope you'll help us spread the word!

Any other Kickstarter perks (DVD's, BluRay's etc) will be coming in the next month or two, as we first have to concentrate on getting the film out to the world. But everything will be coming soon!

It's explained in the article, but our official release date is Oct. 28th and on that date the film will be released worldwide, through our own site and VIMEO. It will be DRM free - which means it can be purchased or streamed on any device that plays films. But, on or about Sept 29th, we will be starting another 30 day crowd funding campaign - this time on IndieGoGo - for those fans who want to see the film early! It's very exciting! We're using it only as a release platform, not as a way to raise any extra money. Anyone can go to IndieGoGo, pay the $8 and immediately receive a code to see the film. Immediate satisfaction! That way, you'll be able to tell all your friends how easy it is to see the film you supported. We'll be using the money we raise to support the actual release of the film on Oct. 28th. So it's really the best of all worlds.

So the bottom line for all our Kickstarter supporters…

* Within two weeks you'll receive a poster and link to watch the film. Please tell all your friends and support the film on social media!

* On Sept 29th, you'll be able to tell all your friends where to go to watch the film you supported.

* Help support a 30 day IndieGoGo/social media campaign full of events and posts that feature great TLLP content.

Thank you all so much for your support. We're very proud of the film!

PS: We got a great review quote from the legendary Leonard Maltin!

“A taut, surprising, compelling film noir. Well-acted and extremely well shot on the streets of Los Angeles at night. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" - Leonard Maltin.

Rave Review for "This Last Lonely Place."

Hey everybody,

We wanted to make sure you all saw the rave review we got for our premiere of the film. It's on, a very respected site. Check it out!

The link is below, or you can click HERE.

Premiere this coming Saturday!


Just wanted to remind everyone that we premiere this coming Saturday at the Newport Beach Film Festival! It's at 5pm at the Lido Theater. We hope you can join us. Here's a JPEG image that fits perfectly as a Facebook banner if you'd like to help us promote YOUR film!

Thanks to all!

Tickets HERE.

TLLP NBFF banner!
TLLP NBFF banner!