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Television & Summer; a new Get Set Go side-project.'s video poster

Television & Summer; a new project by two members of Get Set Go. Featuring 11 never-before-heard songs. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 20, 2012.

Television & Summer; a new project by two members of Get Set Go. Featuring 11 never-before-heard songs.

About this project

Eric and I, Mike TV, are turning to the fans and friends of Get Set Go for a little help funding a new recording project called Television & Summer.  It's sorta like a professionally recorded version of our Ustream/JTV shows but with 11 completely brand-new songs.  Alas, we're not independently wealthy otherwise we'd just finance this ourselves.  This money will go towards the mixing and mastering of the album, Internet distribution, and limited promotion.  Should we raise more than our requisite $2,200 then we'll try to leverage that money to get out on the road and tour on these songs.  

That's about it.  We love all the support we've received in the past.  We hope you're as excited as we are about this project.  In a few weeks I will post rough mixes of some of the songs.  We're going ahead with the recording process, seeing as I can use my personal studio to complete the recording.  But in order to get a professional mix I'd like to use the fellow that mixed Fury and all the subsequent ep's.  He's not cheap but he's spectacular.  As fans of Fury should be able to attest.  We're not going to be able to use the fellow that mastered the album however, as that would break our budget, but I have a friend who can do it for us a little bit cheaper and we're planning to use him. All we ask is that you pre-buy the record for 10 dollars.  If we get 220 pre-sales we'll have hit our goal and the record will be available via Internet stores by September.  

Thanks again!  Lots of love,

Mike TV and Eric Summer


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    An internet download of the completed album to be released in September of 2012.

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    A hand-made sceen-printed Television & Summer t-shirt. We are making these to order and they're a pain in the ass to make. Mike TV makes these by hand and his tush, thighs, and shoulders pay the price after he's spent a full day making them. We will try to get them out as soon as possible but we're giving a later delivery date so we don't run across the same delivery nightmares we encountered on the last Kickstarter campaign.

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    You'll receive the download of the album in addition to the Television & Summer t-shirt. I know, we should probably bundle them and make them available for the 30 dollar offer. We're greedy jerks. *sigh* But seriously, the shirts are a real pain to make. They're awesome when they're done but Mike walks around for a full week in serious body distress after making every batch of shirts. Perhaps he should look into yoga or some other physical activity beyond strumming his guitar.

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    Mike TV will write a song for you, for your loved ones, or for anyone or about any subject you want. It will feature acoustic guitars, piano, viola, shaker, tamborines, beautiful harmonies, and all sorts of little sonic magics that make our music ours. I know this can be a budget breaker but we're planning on on offering this premium every kickstarter campaign and once we've generated 10 fan based songs, we'll release an album. So, it basically means, that not only are you getting a custom song, but you're song will be part of a future Get Set Go/GSG side-project release. Also, we'll write these first-come first serve. So if 10 people were to pledge and you were number 10, we wouldn't be able to get to you for a few months. Sorry about that. Mike can only write so fast, what with all his other writing obligations. However, all songs will be written by March of next year.

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