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Easier, faster and more delicious, this solar cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, using only the Sun.
Easier, faster and more delicious, this solar cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, using only the Sun.
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GoSun Grill's New Direction

Posted by Patrick Sherwin (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Community,

The GoSun Grill is our biggest and best - this cutting edge technology had never been seen before our Kickstarter release last spring.  Since then, we have been working to finalize the design and make a complete ecosystem around this product.  We have made some mistakes and we have worked hard to cover all options before the necessary process of elimination.  This update summarizes where we have landed and what's next.

As many of your already know, the GoSun Grill's Thermal Battery has taken a ton of resources to study, test and commercialize.  It has delayed our progress and we've been forced to find other solutions. In short, we got in over our heads with optimism on the PCM (phase change material) and we found the reality to be very different from our original experiments.  We apologize for this mistake.

While looking at all options for cooking at night, our design team made a bold leap to a new direction.  Although we intended to go this way eventually, this campaign accelerated the need, thus staying true to our commitments to this community and to solar cooking at night.  

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(This is a repeat for the Backers - Backer-Only Update #18)  Rather than storing the Sun’s heat in a hot stick of wax requiring hours of pre-heating, we’ve decided to access heat anytime from a safer, more versatile and convenient form: ELECTRICITY

By placing an electrical heating element into the Grill (under the moving tray) and leveraging the vacuum tube’s unmatched insulation value, we have created a solar electric hybrid that can cook using only a fraction of the energy of an electric stove.

Now you can plug into the nearest AC outlet or DC Battery charged by solar electric PV (this upgrade option will extensively detailed in April, 2016) and cook hyper-efficiently anytime; you can fry, roast or make soups drawing little more energy than an 12volt car port. Plus, with the ability to heat on demand, you can better control your cooking experience, reaching a wider variety of cooking techniques regardless of the conditions.

The Comparison Table below to gain further insight on our decision to switch from a Phase Change Material to an Electric Heater:

That's right, the "we going to rock down to Electric Avenue - rock it in the daytime, rock it in the night" - thanks Eddy Grant.

What others are saying about the GoSun Grill:

This month we took our latest prototype to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in sunny Las Vegas to get impressions and critical feedback from industry professionals.  Based on the overwhelming positive response, we know we're headed in the right direction.  Here's what the press had to say about the GoSun Grill.  

II  Maxim  II  CNET  II  II  CNBC  II  ubergizmo  II  TechCrunch

 While at CES, we entered a few competitions with the GoSun Grill and did really well.  We won the People's Choice at and were one of 14 companies out of 700 to pitch on the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield. Thus providing further proof that we need to get these Grills delivered and into your hands.  We are well aware of the importance of proper execution on our lofty goals.  After 350,000 years of humanity cooking over fire, it takes a lot of effort and creativity to finally stop the burn.  

We have a long road ahead of us.  With our final design tested and validated, we have to find suitable manufacturers who can build to our high quality standards and financial needs.  Thus far, we have been talking with several manufacturers but we are not completely satisfied.  More time is planned for China this winter.  We have done this already on the GoSun Sport and we will do it again (in case you're worried about crowdfunding failure, we are not running out of your pre-order money).

You will be the first to know about our production progress.  We will deliver in 2016; we don't want to get hopes up, but we're planning for delivery of the GoSun Grill this summer and accessories will come later.  Trust us, we know these delays are painful.  Please know it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for your support and patience,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

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    1. Patrick Sherwin 4-time creator on

      @ Kai, ha, it's funny you noticed our sad state of trade show dreariness - I was suffering from the worst cold I've had in years. We found out we were going on the TechCrunch stage about one hour beforehand and had no time to prepare or orchestrate our pitch. Luckily we know our business (80 hour weeks teach you one thing), and we had some ingredients ready to make a great meal to share from the eGrill.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kai Maxfield on

      Patrick, I just watched that video, and i'm sure that we all would like to be able to use our grill tonight, but that's obviously not going to happen, and it doesn't need to happen. What does need to happen is you and your designer buddy need to get some sleep - unless, of course, you know something that I don't. He looked ready to sleep standing up, and you looked little better.

    3. Patrick Sherwin 4-time creator on

      @ toriless, please don't answer questions that you're in no position to answer. Misinformation is not needed here. You're right, in general things tend to take much longer than we plan for. Feel free to send email directly to us here or at: to get your questions or assumptions answered.

    4. toriless on

      Decades ago I learned to take you best time estimate and double it to get a the real time required. Patrick needs to learn this too.

    5. toriless on

      Bard Z - almost all power inverters can handle 120 vs 220.

      Dustin Clawson - 100% not going to happen, be realistic. Too much work involved. Much more then Patrick Sherwin still realizes even with the revisions.

    6. toriless on

      Go Zero is mostly using USB plugs

    7. toriless on

      Amnesia - Camper and back yards, no one else would bother.

    8. toriless on

      Jöran Fagerlund - expect the battery to weigh 25-30 pounds.

    9. Patrick Sherwin 4-time creator on

      @ Brad and Paul, Thanks for your suggestions. GoSun is building lower cost units for those in developing countries. We will share more about that effort through the Design Process Book. The GoSun Grill is a high-end cooker intended for backyard and patio entertaining.
      @ Dustin, we are moving things along. I didn't know I could work 80 hours in a week, week after week and still enjoy it.
      @Amnesia, thanks for the suggestions. Is GoalZero using universal connectors? What size co-axial plug? Your insight would help since we are just beginning our R & D on the solar PV details. We will let you know about the universal plugs, those are very easy to come by these days.

    10. Brad C on

      As inefficient as power inverters are I think these should have the ability to use both 110/220VAC for direct plug in as well as 12VDC input to use which ever source of electrical power you might have available. I understand the complications of the thermal battery but have to agree with Paul below this is no longer the exciting game changer I originally backed.

    11. Dustin Clawson on

      Please, please, please get this out the door as quick as you can... I'm not worried about the thermal battery, or any other electrical heating source at the moment... Send those accessories later. I'm going to be moving in less than two months, and I was hoping to have this sweet solar grill this past Fall. I'm going to have to update my shipping address with you guys once I get things situated... Please make things happen. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar


      I think this is a good alternative. As a UK citizen will you have plugs for each region?

      The original grill would be too large for backpacking anyway so would have been suitable for car camping only anyway, so it is not a major issue for me.

      The other thing that would be good to add would be videos of how to take it off grid with a battery pack and solar panels. Using a well known brand like GoalZero so that it is easy for everyone to workout how they would now use it.

    13. Patrick Sherwin 4-time creator on

      @ Jöran, we truly believed the Thermal Battery was all of that and then it began to turn into a dirty ball of wax. Our Update #18 gave a more complete view into our complications. We are going to be sure the new electric battery option doesn't weigh you down.
      @ lynngeffe, the explanation "drawing little more energy than an 12volt car port," does not mean you'll have to plug the eGrill into a car port. Depending on the configuration chosen, you'll have the power to run your eGrill anywhere (with the DC battery) or with a standard AC wall socket.
      @ Paul, as you know, we have a strong desire to serve those cooking with wood or charcoal on a daily basis. We've hired several team members to focus on this exclusively. This electric heating innovation should get us a little closer but that would take a while to explain. The Thermal Battery appeared promising, but it's further from a reality and more expensive than flipping the switch. More and more people have access to electricity and it keeps getting cleaner - ie solar and wind power. I'd love to take you up on your wager. GoSun is definitely the cleanest, easiest and safest cooking option.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Im happy you are making progress but Im less happy that you will likely eliminate a good % of the audience this will most help. Im talking about the millions who STILL cook on fire for survival not the 1% who cook for fun on coals.Those millions also are the same millions without any means of power and then there is the cost element. I dont care if I have to put it in my car, or carry a spare battery to perform recreational pastimes. I do care that this product, slated to change the world will only change it a tiny bit for a tiny % and theat tiny % hardly need the help. I dont want this to sound overly negative, you guys have done a great job getting where you have but i thought I was buying into an über gamechanger for those that could do with a helping hand, Im not sure this is that product anymore. My advice....for the 3rd world strip it of it battery needs and launch a 3rd world product at a price the 3rd world can work with. Do you really think they cook at night when they have no means to light ? This way you truly can claim to have made some changes to the World. I'd wager my 100% Co2 neutral sustainable briketts ( so nNO Tree felling at all) that through processing generate renewable energy vs your Solar Cooker help the environment more, the poor more and will be attractive to the discrtetionary consumer switching from dirty charcoal to clean burn briketts.

    15. lynngeffe on

      So now we will have to carry in our vehicles ( if that is how we planned to use the grill) on vehicle camping trips, a solar charged backup battery for our night meals.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jöran Fagerlund on

      This might be great. It al depends on the power consumption. How many ampere is needed from an external 12 volt DC-battery?

      Saving energy from the sun as electricity with a solar panel might be easier but if I need a bulky battery it might be heavier than the 5 lbs. of thermal battery.

      By the way I find the comparison table above a bit more negative towards your previous idea than necessary. When you introduced the thermal battery you presented it as safe, clean, recyclable etc.