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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
10,096 backers pledged $332,635 to help bring this project to life.

Update on Commonly Asked Questions

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

As you can imagine, we've been a bit overwhelmed with messages here, email, on social media, and a post-it on my car. We're working as quickly as we can to resolve issues. Instead of emailing everyone individually, here's some common answers:

-I did not receive a key

I know it's been said, but the majority of users had these go to spam folders. If you a spam/junk/trash folder, please check and re-check it. A large percentage of people didn't look there and found it when they did. Additionally - make sure the email account attached to KS is correct or that you're checking the right account.

-It's not in my spam folder

Check every folder. If it's still not there, and you are a KS backer, message us here. If you're a pre-order backer, read on.

-I backed at a level with multiple keys

We're taking care of these as quickly as we can too. We had to request additional keys.

-I pre-ordered the game and have no key

Read carefully - I found out that I need to send these out manually, so please go to our forums and read the thread about BMT pre-orders and how to activate them. If you want a Steam key and pre-ordered, I can resend that info, but I need some info from you on the forum.

-I have game feedback or technical issues.

Please don't leave it in the comments - we have a sub-forum devoted to the First Seven Days and many of the bugs, issues, or questions have received developer replies there. There is also a Known Issues thread with info on features that will be added during the Beta process.

We're incredibly in debt to all of you for getting this far, although there's only so many people we can get to at once given the size of our team. Hopefully, we'll have all these issues sorted out for you by the end of today, although it may take a few more days. Hang in there - we will sort this out!

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    1. Alan Plum on

      I still haven't received my key either. I've eliminated all possible problems on my end. Could you please re-send the keys?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ethan Hart-Coombes on

      Hey guys, I still haven't recieved my key, any ideas why? I checked in all my mail, even spam, and there's nothing

    3. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Abas on

      I've waited a fair bit before messaging you guys. So, no reply there from the contact on your website. I didnt get my key as yet. So here's hoping you sort this one out. I have steam. And I thought you mentioned the key as early access using steam...

    4. Missing avatar

      tommie åström on

      Hello! Bit slow here, but I havent recieved a key. have been going through all old mails and can´t find anything. and I have checked spam..

    5. Anthony Gosselin on

      question : I haven't received any key but I just want the finished game, I am not personnally interested in a beta or a demo. What should I do ?

    6. J.R. Riedel on

      Clicked send too early, sorry!
      I don't think they announced how they would be sharing the non-DRM versions (outside of people who requested physical copied), but that could just be a lack of remembering on my part.

    7. J.R. Riedel on

      @alebelp - The short answer is nothing until release.
      There are no plans to release the demo outside of steam. (according to post 37)

      If you want the demo, then you need to have steam.

      If you refuse the steam key, you will receive the full DRM free game on release as well as any other things entitled by your pledge level.

    8. Missing avatar

      alebelp on

      I am still waiting for an answer to the question "what will I get if I refuse the stream key?" That I sent about two weeks ago. I just want to know what are the other options, even a "we are trying to do this/that but it's not sure yet, please be patient" Would suffice. If you are not going to provide an alternative I'll just get Steam without any further fighting, but at least say so!

      Signed: A disappointed costumer

    9. Gabriel Goldsztajn on

      I second that. Checking here to see if a new mass resend was done is not really optimal.

    10. Richard Diosi

      Still no key. Can you contact those of us without keys directly to get this resolved please?

    11. shockedder

      Still no e-mail here. Could you let us know what is the status ?
      Thank you.

    12. Gabriel Goldsztajn on

      I am not able to find the message with the key. I checked everywhere to no avail. If it landed on the Spam folder I might well have deleted it without even noticing, though. Please send me they key at your earliest convenience.

    13. Missing avatar

      Metal--Gear on

      Nevermind. Disregard my message. It was in a different folder for some reason. I guess it was in the mass resend.

    14. Missing avatar

      Metal--Gear on

      I'm a kickstarter backer, and I didn't receive a key. I checked my spam folder and nothing was there. Help, please!

    15. Radd Berkheiser on

      Key has now arrived as part of the mass resend. No junk folder, just proud as day at the top of my inbox.

      Sorry you guys had to go through all of that again, but thanks for your perseverance.

    16. Jason Lane on

      I still have no key in my email. I checked my spam folders. Aint there.

    17. Jeffrey Koches on

      mine was in my junk folder

    18. Missing avatar


      Still no Key in my email - have checked all folders :-(


    19. Missing avatar

      Dennis Bollyn on

      Still haven't received my key either after several days (and no, it's not in the spam folder).

    20. Missing avatar

      GodzillaFan on

      6 days later still no key or a word back from double bear

    21. Robert DeBusk on

      I did eventually receive a code, unfortunately Steam told me the code had already been activated so I'm back at square one. I emailed you guys to let you know, but I thought I'd post here as well, just in case.

    22. ashbery76 on

      Still no key.$21 backer.

    23. Missing avatar

      Peter Kowalski on

      I checked my junk and spam folders, no key.15$ backer.

    24. Tyson Hodges on

      I'm a backer and I have checked my spam folder. Still no key has been received.

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott Wedekind on

      I'm a backer. No key in any mail folder. I checked the spam folder as well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sartek on

      I thought about waiting it out and then telling I didnt receive a key either, but this seems to be a much larger problem. Well, I can wait a bit longer. No doubt they will fix it sooner or later.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan Campbell on

      I also haven't received my key. It's not in my spam folder. Using a third party like humble bundle to distribute the keys may have made this a bit smoother - it sounds like they're having a lot of issues. Oh well..

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Nguyen on

      I managed to get my key, but it was a different situation. My Kickstarter email is a Gmail-managed account that contains a rule to forward all mail to another Gmail address that I use more often. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't apply to emails that end up in the Spam folder, which was the case with my key.

    29. Missing avatar

      matthew hadsell on

      KS backer that has 0/2 keys. Hope you guys are getting you issues figured out. Thanks for making a sweet game.

    30. Zombie Pug on

      I've checked every folder and I haven't received a key as of yet.

    31. William

      Since I've not yet seen a project that gives out email details to search for ;) here they are.
      Subject: Your Dead State Early Access Steam Key
      Date: Feb 13
      From: DoubleBear Productions - kickstarter AT
      (notice I replaced the @ with AT).
      Some words from body to search for:
      Early Access demo, Dead State: The First Seven Days.
      Your Steam Key is

    32. Matthew Guerrero on

      Hey guys. I can see you're swamped, just wanted to let you know I haven't gotten a key. KS backer. I've checked my spam, and done a search through my account just in case I archived it on accident. I don't have it. Thanks!

    33. Aaron Brendehl on

      Hi there,

      KS backer and I haven't gotten a key here. Thanks!!

    34. Daniel Pellizzari on

      KS backer here - no key anywhere (checked thrice).

    35. Wafik on

      I have checked all my folders and no key, I am a KS backer.

    36. Tim Johnson on

      No key here. Have checked spam and trash etc folders in Gmail and still no joy.

    37. Missing avatar

      Grimmwolf on

      I didn't receive a key either.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean Chen on


      I couldn't find the key in my spam folder in gmail.

    39. raindogmx on

      I did not receive a key! 0.o

      I have been checking all of my folders in GMail.

    40. René M Jensen on

      Ah yes now my key has arrived, i am sad to leave the mighty guild of no key in spam folder. but alas, that is how the world works. a bit you farewell! :P

    41. René M Jensen on

      I would like to join the No spam key folder.

      Hopefully it will arrive soon. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Keith Graham on

      No key in spam folder.

    43. Claus Lehmann Munch on

      No key here either .. :-S

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Gave it a couple of days, but after checking all folders I have yet to get my code either.

      Can't wait to give the first 7 days a try when I get my code though!

    45. Al Romaithi

      I Pledge $50 and nothing in email, pls reply

    46. James Galloway on

      No key either (I think yahoo mail ate, it as I saw it on my phone, but it's not in any folder now I'm on my PC).

    47. Yves Prignon on

      Hello, same here, never received it on hotmail, thanks.

    48. Steve on

      I havent gotten my key yet, checked all folders!

    49. Eoghan O'Donovan on

      I have no key in my mail, in any folder. Thanks!

    50. Krzysztof Ferenc on

      No key in my mail, spam, etc.