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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
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Codes Going Out - Check Spam Folders

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

Codes are on their way out starting right now. Please check your spam folder if the email doesn't appear in the next few hours. 

If you have any problems after a day or so, please let us know - we'll get you a code. Sorry for the delay and remember to check the forum if you have questions or issues with the build. Remember it is Early Access, it helps us a lot to fix problems if you report bugs or other issues you are having.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom English on

      So far, no key. Checked spam and all folders

    2. Missing avatar

      Figment on

      Another set of missing keys here, I checked on the forum and they indicated the best way of contacting them is via direct messages from here (not the comments). It makes it easiest to track what has and has not been done and from where.

    3. Wafik on

      Already tried contacting Double Bear directly and nothing so I guess I'll try commenting here too. Multiple days, no key, not in spam or otherwise for me either.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Schirlinger on

      No key here either, did compete search of all folders, spam or otherwise

    5. ashbery76 on

      No key for me either.

    6. E. G. on

      I haven't seen anything in my spam or inbox.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jamadagni on

      I checked my email and found no key.

    8. Martin Tuxen Grandeville

      I haven't received a key yet and I have already checked my spamfolder.

    9. Kenneth Getz on

      NVM it was in SPAM folder. I thought the "Junk" folder in GMAIL was spam. There is a serperate spam folder in gmail that was a bit annoying to find.

    10. Kenneth Getz on

      I haven't received a key yet. Are they still trickling in? I don't want to bother emailing you guys if they are still in the process of being sent. How long should we wait before we email about not having a key?

    11. John on

      no key for me at the moment ,and i dont have a spam folder.

    12. Jordan "AstroCat" on

      No key here, checked spam folder. I've been getting all the other emails fine.

    13. Felix on

      I got my copy, and after playign a couple of days all I have to say is; Hell yes, I am lovin it.

      I only got the single ally pack code as well, need one more

    14. Missing avatar

      James Dwyer on

      I haven't recieved mine yet either

    15. Jacob Hansen on

      I'm an idiot, spam isn't forwarded.

    16. Jacob Hansen on

      Still haven't received any key.

    17. MhidDa on

      I received only one as well...

    18. Missing avatar

      Timwalker on

      I got the code (only one, not the ally pack, like others) But I can't seem to be able to enter it on steam. Do I still have to pay the 25$ for it ?

    19. Missing avatar

      J. Ervik on

      Only got one code for my ally pack like some others here. Not good...

    20. Duncan McEwen on

      Got my code and played some last night. So far pretty nice.
      You need to update your Steam Greenlight page. I don;t see anything that indicates how to get the early access or that the demo is out. Some people there think the game is vaporware since the last update on Greenlight was April. FYI

    21. Thomas Krømke on

      When will we who did not want the steam version get the DRM free version?

      Someone of you backer guys have obviously allready cracked and shared it i noticed, but I dont want that stuff.

    22. Missing avatar

      Starkmoon on

      No key here yet, have checked my spam folder.

    23. Ghrik on

      Found the email in the spam too. And I also got just 1 code for my ally pack as stated by others.

    24. Rubén on

      If using gmail, searching for this will find it anywhere it went :)

      subject:Your Dead State Early Access Steam Key in:anywhere

    25. Rubén on

      It goes to spam cos they're using as a "relay". This behaviour is usually used for advertisement spam... so to spam it goes :P

      No that there's anything wrong with this inherently, but it's prone to false positives in spam filters.

    26. Timon Putzker on

      Ally Pack here, but only got one key! :-(

    27. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      Thanks for the heads-up, it was indeed in my spam folder; I have no idea why they just assume it's spam :(, the default should be "not spam" unless I say otherwise

    28. Missing avatar

      gino costa on

      I never received it and it wasn't in my spam folder either.

    29. David Cook on

      Nevermind... had a hidden box for spam as well. found it! Thanks!! Comes through from if anyone is looking.

    30. David Cook on

      I still have not received my key. Checked under all folders....

    31. Jarrod Merkel on

      For those that got the email who is the sender ?

    32. Brian Watzig on

      um came across a bug, not sure if anyone else had this happen, but after the first day where it gives me the report, and theres an area to click continue.. they I cant get it to continue, ive tried clicking it, trried hitting ESC, and enter, and spacebar but wasn't able to get it to continue to the next day. I didn't try hitting every button though.

    33. PaulMe on

      Got a key, but should have gotten two since I'm pledged at "The Ally Pack".

    34. Rand Chua TL on

      How to save in the game?

    35. LepraSK on

      Got mine in spam. Bad Gmail, bad!

    36. Nekator

      No Key here.. could you maybe send it via KS message, since my idiotic provider blocks KS mails..

    37. Missing avatar

      Rob Roy on

      Good luck with the release DoubleBears.

    38. Riggo on

      I WANT MY KEY!!!!!! OK... Deep breaths. :-)

    39. Sal

      Got my key but don't want to use it until I hear back regarding the multiple copy tiers! Aaaaah!

    40. Baelthazar

      I found mine in Spam, but then Outlook promptly deleted it! X_X

      Who do I contact to get the key resent?

    41. Missing avatar

      Marco Tinoco on

      Yep, key was also in the spam folder. Not the first kickstarter project that had that problem

    42. Donald M Pollack on

      Key in the spam folder. Installed and played for an hour. Pretty fun and what I was expecting for the game! I will check the forums for feedback and leave my own there. Few quirks I would mention.

    43. Keith on

      Damn, Still no key. Not in spam.

    44. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      Another garbage bin baby here. So excited to play this!

    45. Ctrain24 on

      Mine was in spam as well. I've never been so happy to dig through trash before.

    46. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      @Ryan I went and stood on the exit grid then hit 'm' to bring up the map, worked a charm.

    47. Ryan ries on

      has anyone been able to get out of the school? I have tried but there doesn't seem to be any exit. I clicked on the green square by the gate and it didn't do anything. I ran around and talked to everyone and seemed to have accepted the mission to go get supplies, but I am stuck