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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
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Dead State on Steam Today, Info About Codes


Hey everyone,

Dead State is going on Steam in a matter of minutes. We're going to be sending out the codes for KS backers and Pre-Orders as fast as we can. Email server limits and issues may prevent us from sending them all out at once, but we will process them until we're done. If you don't get a code right away, don't worry, it's coming. If a day or two passes and you still don't have a code, message us and we'll see what we can do. At this point, the team is pretty wrecked, very little sleep, two leads down from fevers, etc. We're hoping to make this as smooth as possible, so please be patient.

Thanks, everybody - enjoy the demo, and please feel free to leave feedback on our forums!

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    1. Creator Vladimir Kipnis on February 18, 2014

      Didn't recive code yet. Double cheked spam folders etc.

    2. Creator William on February 17, 2014

      Yes but did you check it four times?
      Yes but did you check it four times?
      Yes but did you check it four times?
      Yes but did you check it four times?

    3. Creator joedpa82 on February 17, 2014

      Woot. I need to check my email.

    4. Creator joedpa82 on February 17, 2014

      Woot. I need to check my email.

    5. Creator joedpa82 on February 17, 2014

      Woot. I need to check my email.

    6. Creator joedpa82 on February 17, 2014

      Woot. I need to check my email.

    7. Creator Ken Sturgis on February 16, 2014

      I also have not received a code can you update on the progress of sending code.

    8. Creator Franklin Hyatt on February 16, 2014

      I have checked hotmail, my spam folder and no key was found. I request my key be resent. I hope you guys have luck with selling it on steam! :)

    9. Creator elloco999 on February 14, 2014

      Hey guys, thanks for the key! I just received it. Am installing the game as we speak :)

      I'm sorry to hear about your two leads down from fevers. I know how they feel, I got stricken down with a serious flu myself yesterday. But that's not gonna stop me from playing DS.

      I hope everyone feels better soon. And all of you need to get some sleep now!

    10. Creator Rand Chua TL on February 13, 2014

      I just woke up and downloaded the game!

    11. Creator nin on February 13, 2014

      First of all, thanks for the key. Secondly, PLEASE don't let the usual negativity from the steam forums discourage you. Historically, they can be a very tough bunch to deal with. Frankly, I cringe anytime I stop by to read posts there. Rest assured, their opinion does not speak for everyone!

    12. Creator Whiterabbit-uk on February 13, 2014

      p.s. good luck with your Steam sales.

    13. Creator Whiterabbit-uk on February 13, 2014

      Thanks for the update guys. I'm really looking forwards to playing this. I'd forgotten I'd backed it and nearly bought a copy earlier this evening as it appeared on Steam. Thankfully I read the info about it being 'Early Access' and noted the Kickstarter reference; so, thought I'd better check as it seemed familiar. Glad I did.

    14. Creator Dori on February 13, 2014

      Such great news. Can't wait to try it.

    15. Creator Matt Lohkamp on February 13, 2014

      cooooooool I'm excited.

    16. Creator wiande on February 13, 2014

      Good News, Wiande happy :)

      Thanks for all your hardwork guys, means a lot !

    17. Creator Alex Dickie on February 13, 2014

      Congratulations, DoublebBear!

    18. Creator Otaku Hanzo on February 13, 2014

      A day or two is nothing so don't fret. Looking forward to jumping in and checking it out though. That's for sure. Once you've got it all taken care of, however, you definitely need to take a break. Hope the two leads out with fever end up taking a turn for the better. I'm definitely hoping for a successful run on Steam for all of you. That'd definitely do wonders for lifting your spirits.

    19. Creator Panagiotis Papadopoulos on February 13, 2014

      Great news. BTW, is porting the game to Linux post-release still a possibility?

    20. Creator Bryy Miller on February 13, 2014

      Golf claps.

    21. Creator Zombra on February 13, 2014

      Congratulations!! This is a huge day for the project. Very much looking forward to the demo!

    22. Creator TylerRyan79 on February 13, 2014

      I changed my email on kickstarter yesterday. My old one isnt used anymre because I forgot the password and cant change it. How do you guys get our emails/whens the last time it was updated? Am I totally screwed?

    23. Creator Michael Rushing on February 13, 2014

      Good work and we can wait a day or two for the keys as needed we understand.

    24. Creator Joseph Ross Cornell on February 13, 2014

      Can't wait. Great work guys!

    25. Creator John Cataldo on February 13, 2014

      Thanks for your hard work. Congratulations!

    26. Creator J.R. Riedel on February 13, 2014

      hopefully it won't take forever to get the key.
      (i know thats out of your control)
      Thanks for posting here first before posting to the steam boards.

    27. Creator Endlessness on February 13, 2014

      Please don't worry so much, I think most of us are pretty patient! Feel better and take care of yourselves! :)

    28. Creator Pedasn on February 13, 2014

      *zipping up emergency gear*

      ok, i'm ready to go

    29. Creator Brian on February 13, 2014

      If they DO work themselves to death to hit the deadline, there's a very good chance they'll just reanimate... So, as long as you put hockey masks on them, they won't be a risk biting the other developers...

      Seriously guys, good work... I look forward to playing...


      Frak! My anniversary is tomorrow!


    30. Creator Doerte Lanfersiek on February 13, 2014

      Ohhh this is so exciting! I hope all goes well and everyone feels better soon. :D

    31. Creator Chris J Capel on February 13, 2014

      For god's sake don't kill yourselves over this guys! Nevertheless, very excited!!

    32. Creator Eric Stevens on February 13, 2014

      Totally stoked..can't wait to dig in!

    33. Creator shadeheart on February 13, 2014

      Good luck. And feel better all of you.

    34. Creator Daniel Lemos on February 13, 2014

      Good luck! Can't wait to dive in...

    35. Creator Curtis Hay on February 13, 2014

      Good luck!