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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
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Post-PAX Update

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

Thanks to everyone that came out and saw us at PAX! We had a great showing and the crowds were unstoppable at the Indie Megabooth this year. With so many amazing games on display, it was no surprise that the Indie Megabooth was one of the most popular areas on the showfloor. We also want to give a big shoutout to all the other indie developers that we met and that came by to talk shop. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to play many games this year, but the Megabooth was proof that this is one of the most amazing times to be a gamer. Despite the long hours and extra day, we had an absolutely great time showing off Dead State for the first time and meeting so many backers. 

(From left to right: Mazin - GUI/Concept/Models Artist, Oscar - Lead Artist, Christina - Producer, Jake - DB Testing/Science Dept, Brian - Project Lead, Annie - Design/Writing)

Since PAX was the first time many of us have ever been in the same room at the same time, we took the time to study playthroughs and take notes as a group. While most of us had already made a lot of notes on our demo build, having the chance to watch people play through the demo gave us a lot of insight into first-time player issues. We came away with about several emails worth of improvements for our interface, combat, and presentation, which will all be applied in the near future or during beta-testing. In all, the demo prepared us all for the work that needs to be done on the path to the Beta version of the game and will help us polish the gameplay in ways that should be immediate the next time we show off the build extensively.

If you missed out on coverage of Dead State on the showfloor, here’s a link to our segment on Twitch TV:

(Note: if the link doesn't bring you to our segment, cut and paste the link into your browser directly. We're at the 3h44m mark.)

We were also mentioned in PC Gamer’s post-PAX podcast (thanks to Evan and TJ for playing through the demo):

Our demo was about 45 minutes long if players stuck around for the whole thing, which a surprising number of people did stay for (note to self, more demo machines next year) – we were targeting 20 minutes and overshot a bit. We truncated the opening of the game to some text and a conversation to get players into the game faster.

The first day consisted of Llano Commercial to get parts from the hardware store (we’ve shown this before) and then we steered the player back to the shelter for some rest and daily results, which show a summary of the day’s events and supplies consumed. Next, we had some conversations in the morning that gave player a whole host of new options for exploration and the shelter. Players were able to assign party and repair the shelter’s fence on the job board, then it was off to the area map for a decision to either hit up a nearby supermarket or Llano Residential. We jacked up the difficulty on the second day (especially in the Supermarket), so very few people made it through day two with their life or their allies’ lives intact. Some of you may have also noticed your allies or enemies get up as zombies after being killed. In all, the demo did a pretty good job at showing a brief slice of Dead State’s gameplay.

We had two other announcements at the show. First, Dead State will unfortunately slip into early 2014 so that we can take the time to polish up the experience as much as possible. As much as we would like to ship this year, delays sometimes happen with software development and we would rather launch as polished and bug free as is possible. We definitely want to deliver the game we promised, so we would rather take the extra time than cut content or features. You only launch once, so it’s best to get it right the first time.

However, for those that backed us and for those that pre-order, we will make an extended version of our PAX demo available to you later this year, which should give those of you itching to play the game a small bit of Dead State until the full game hits. We’ll have more on this later this year.

With PAX over, it’s back to working towards Beta for us. For anyone who saw us at the show, feel free to give us your impressions here or on the forums.

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    1. Thomas Shey

      You know, I was just looking at this picture again--do you have something on your head, Brian, or is that actually your hair? I don't recall it looking that way in any of the videos...

    2. Seumas Froemke on

      Take your time. A delayed release is temporary; a shitty game is forever.

    3. Alton Toth on

      I'm not really too worried or concerned regarding GETTING to play it, I just figure it's a wee bit unfair that because we couldn't make it to PAX, we miss out on even a small playable part of the game. :-( lol

    4. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      I'd imagine the reason Alton and anyone else who is wondering that is because of the nature of some PAX demos being that they are also experimental runs in themselves, and as stated in the forums and updates they monitor and make changes based on the responses from the people playing the demo to improve the experience or fix a problem that comes up.

      As such, they probably need to tweak it a little bit more based on the Pax experience so that it can be played without oversight and we get the best presentation.

      A question I have, having skimmed just a bit of the Pax Demo, is regarding the story in relation to the Demo; is the story/text presented in the Demo going to be officially part/the beginning of the Main game's plot, or is the specific situation, characters, etc layed out in the Demo self-contained within the demo and the Main game will be different?

      To put it more succinctly, will there be any deja vu resulting from playing the game when it comes out if I play the Demo? Just curious.

    5. Daniel M

      On the forums they have mentioned they will eventually release a demo, with improvements and extra content that the PAX demo did not have. They have not stated a release date for it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was released in Dec, in place of the full game since it was delayed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      I agree with Alton, we should get the PAX demo as people that supported you and allowed you to even go there, especially with the news of this delay.

    7. Jonathan Joseph-Barnes on

      I too am glad that the date has been pushed back, the game is looking great but now I am thinking my current PC won't be able to handle it. Given the time I have till release I will have a brand new PC ready to handle this maggot infested puppy!

    8. Thomas Shey

      As I've mentioned elsewhere, one of the reasons I backed DS was that the time frame you were talking about seemed realistic from what I know of computer game development. One of the other realities of that is that its almost always going to be slower rather than quicker if things change.
      So when it turned out we're talking Q1 2014 instead of late Q4 2013, I just nodded my head and said "Yeah, kind of figured." At least its clear you guys are, in fact, proceeding apace.

    9. Missing avatar

      Antony Sizekh on

      One of the biggest reason i'm into kickstarter is because i was tired to see half-finished or rushed mess from publishers. There is no harm in changing deadline,as long as you clearly know what you will be doing with additional time.
      I just hope you all eat well :)

    10. Alton Toth on

      Is there any reason that the PAX demo can't be made available for people to play right away? I DESPERATELY want to try this game out!

    11. Kristofer Totte Yli-Salomäki on

      Oh my, a game company that actually takes time to polish a game, by all means take the time you need! I can't wait to experience the game!! :-) Good luck!

    12. Jeffrey Koches on

      Take your time! Looking forward to the demo <3

    13. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      I'm with everyone else here, TAKE YOUR TIME. Not only do we all have huge game backlogs, but we're getting another massive Kickstarter RPG this year, so we need time to finish that. Also, you guys need to enjoy not having a publisher and all the perks that come with that. Make it a game for the ages. We're all hoping for a Dead State 2.

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      Great video! Hoping to see more in next update too! Plus pictures pls.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joseph Ross Cornell on

      Take all the time that you guys need.What's there is looking great already.

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Cheers ThomasN, Twitch seems to be temperamental for me about 50% of the time.
      Nice to see some of the world map and Safe house upkeep.
      Delay it as much as needed, nothing worse then releasing a clearly half finished piece of slapped together Beta that needs to be heavily patched and worked upon over the coming months (*cough Payday2 ;P)

    17. Aaron Burke on

      I really wanted to play the demo, and I came by twice, but both times someone else had just started playing. I stuck around for a bit the second time, but the demo was unfortunately too long for a crazy convention like PAX (though probably a good length for an at-home demo), and I had way too many other places to go/things to see.

    18. Chris J Capel on

      Thanks ThomasN, that YouTube video was very helpful. The Twitch one linked had every single indie game at PAX on it!

      Anyway, FEEL FREE to delay the game to 2014 guys, there's already a crapton of games (and of course two new consoles) out the next few months so I don't want to see Dead State get ignored - plus extra time for development always is good.

      Also, PAX demo - yes please! Very eager to get a play even in demo form!

    19. TanC on

      I'd hate to say this but....YOLO! You only launch once! XD

      But yes, take as much time as you need to polish the game. It'll only be better for it!

    20. Zombra on

      Glad PAX went well! Looking forward to the backer version of the demo!

    21. ThomasN on

      Great stuff!
      If you have problems with twitch, here is a youtube link:…

    22. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @James - We had a few features and bits of code that did not make it into the PAX demo. Mostly we wanted to polish up a few features that were especially distracting to us and some players and give a better idea of what the final game will play like.

    23. James C on

      Take all the time you need. If that means not extending the PAX demo, I'd be totally fine with playing what was shown at PAX.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shawn Bolander on

      Take the time you feel comfortable taking. I kicked in a few bucks, but I am keenly aware of the fact a good first impression is key to critical reception and sales and the future of your venture. Do what have to do. There is plenty to play until then.

    25. Massimo Cesario on

      No no no no, do NOT cut even a bit off the game! Please, take your time. ALL the time you need to deliver the intended experience. We want ALL the content and ALL the features, thanks :-)

    26. David Spear on

      Would definitely rather wait for a polished game than meet the original deadline. Offering the demo is a nice touch. Lookin forward to it!