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Update #31

New Screens and More Info on Pax Demo

With PAX only a week away (we will actually be on the show floor showing the game at this time next week, whoa!), we thought we should show you a few more screens from the demo.

First look at the Job Board

A sign there might be someone inside

Someone who is not happy to see us

We're eating good tonight!

In a post-Google Maps world...

Looks like the supermarket's open

Here’s what we’re showing off in the demo:
-The first 2 days of the game (with an abbreviated intro to get into the action faster)
-First look at the starter allies
-Dialogue reactivity to decisions, ally deaths, and ally requests
-The shelter and the shelter’s job board for assigning ally tasks
-Group combat, several weapons and armor types, statuses, and healing
-Zombies grapple, bite, and can takedown humans
-Allies/enemies killed by zombies will come back as a zombie
-A more dangerous group of human enemies
-Daily Results screen
-The Area Map
-Several combat areas
-New music tracks and sounds

Played through completely, it takes roughly thirty minutes to finish the demo, with several factors that can change the experience for each player. We’ll be there to give a brief tutorial and answer questions along the way. The demo is based on our Alpha build, and as a work in progress, you can expect some changes from now until release.

We’ve got DoubleBear pins to trade for evacuation notices (look for our personnel handing them out on the show floor), shirts for sale (including Friggin’ Chikin shirts), and for the first 100 or so people that play the demo per day, a special piece of swag.
And before we go, here’s a list of common questions and answers in advance:

Can I record the demo?

-Absolutely. We’re in the Indie Megabooth, no private showings here.

Who’s going to be there from the team?

Brian (Project Lead), Oscar (Art Lead), Christina (Producer), Annie (designer/writer) and whatever team members happen to stop by and hang out at the booth for a bit.

Is Dead State coming out for Mac/Linux/PS4/Vita/Atari Lynx?

-We’re still focusing our efforts on the PC version. We’ll evaluate other versions after the PC version launches.

Can I pre-order the game?

YES! You can pre-order it right here:

How long will the game be?

-We estimate at least 30+ hours, but that’s a very modest estimate. If the demo of the first two days takes about 30 minutes without the intro and the game takes place over A LOT more time than that, you can do the math. It’s a pretty big game.

Is this just another zombie game?

If you can think of any other real world RPGs with branching narratives and an emphasis on long-term survival and the psychology of survivors, while the zombies (which are never referred to with the “Z” word in-game) are just kind of a background issue, then yes.

Is it a for-real RPG?

-Yes, barring any silly debates of what an RPG is, the full game has got character creation, equipment, loot (yes, even on bodies), stats, non-linear levels, and most importantly, thousands of lines of reactive dialogue with choices that actually matter.

There’s so much stuff in the game that it physically hurts my brain to think of every system and character at once… The last time I did, I blacked out and woke up in the Ozarks, so please, let’s not cause any additional fugue states for the project lead.

I heard you started making this game in 1942! Why is this game not done yet?!

-Actually, this month celebrates one year of funded full-time development and most of the game has been developed in that year. Before, in the long ago before Kickstarter, we had a few people working on the game part-time, which for an RPG is like trying to build a skyscraper with enthusiasm and some cinder blocks. RPGs are like making five games and a novel and a movie where the audience votes on what happens in the next scene. We’re still a team of about fifteen, which is about 35 shy of a skeleton crew on most large games. We’ve come a long way to be able to have a playable demo and we’re really happy to be finally showing off the game to the public.

Can I give you feedback on the demo while I’m playing?

-Absolutely. We will definitely be using this chance to see how people play the game and respond to the presentation. Keep in mind, our team is probably aware of a lot of issues and the game is still being worked on, so chances are we are already planning for and working on the next phase of the build, but please let us know what you think.

You should have sandbox mode and a first-person open world with real-time combat!

-I meant “let us know what you think about the game we are currently making.”

Is this a multiplayer game?

-We’ve never ever been a multiplayer game. We’re focused on the single player experience. Besides, would you really want your friends to come in and wreck up your shelter?
Can I have a hug?

-Dude, don’t make it weird.

We are super excited about next week - hope to see some of you at PAX!


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Caidoz on September 3, 2013


      You can right click the images and select "View Image" to get the full resolution. The full sized images are also available on the Dead State wiki

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Trok on September 1, 2013

      it would be great if the photos above could be linked somewhere so we can see large versions....

    3. Giorgious.small

      Creator joedpa82 on August 28, 2013

      Can we expect to get a chance to download and the demo online?

    4. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Richard McDaniel on August 26, 2013

      Damn, and here I was hoping for a hug.

    5. Avatar200.small

      Creator Jalister - OOoE / WoOS / SoSR on August 24, 2013

      I can't wait to see a video of the demo. With the various things going on with some other projects, it's nice to see this one is holding to true to its vision.

    6. Dies.small

      Creator Cody Orr on August 24, 2013

      Take all the time you need. :D

    7. 883659762.small

      Creator Zombra on August 24, 2013

      Thanks for the detailed response, Brian. It definitely makes sense that a booth demo is a very different animal from a consumer video or an out-and-out downloadable game demo.
      ← This is one backer who is excited for a brilliant title, and finds all the bells and whistles prior to release to be secondary. Demos, videos, and info are great, but ultimately they don't matter as long as I know production is on schedule. Heck, I don't need a demo; I already bought the game! Bottom line, that's all I care about.
      Keep up the great work, and I hope DS is received well at PAX.

    8. Square_bear_small.small

      Creator DoubleBear Productions on August 24, 2013

      I just wanted to respond to everyone asking about why we're showing the demo at PAX and not releasing it to backers or pre-order folks right now. Just so everyone knows, it's more of a scheduling issue than anything else.

      -There will be a video of the demo released after PAX
      We don't have the time to put up a completely narrated thirty minute video right now, but we will put together a video of the demo after PAX. Most likely, there will be plenty of footage of the demo out there during and after PAX too. PAX prep is taking up a lot of our time right now - it was always our intention to do one public showing to do some publicity for the game, but just PAX because it's in Seattle and we don't have the time or budget to do more than one convention. We don't do press often, so this was the easiest way for us to do a lot of press at once.

      -Releasing a demo as a consumer product requires a lot more work than showing it off ourselves

      Showing off a demo and releasing a consumer version are two entirely different projects. When we show it off, we're there to guide players through the demo, answer questions, explain controls or systems, and take care of any technical issues if they arise. Releasing it to the public requires us to remove non-essential files from the build, add in more tutorial text, thoroughly test our release candidate, and finally, figure out a distribution method.

      -We will eventually release the demo, though we wanted to add some more polish and features to it first

      We've been talking internally about releasing the demo at some point, however, we would like to add in additional features and polish to release a expanded PAX demo that offers a more finalized version of the game. There are a few elements of the demo that we simplified to make it easier and faster to show, which we would prefer to add back in for a consumer version. We've also received a lot of team feedback that we would like to address to make the demo experience smoother, especially when we're not around to explain work in progress issues.

      -We need to make time in our schedule to put out a demo release.

      To release a consumer version of the demo, it needs to be treated like any release and that's going to require fitting the consumer demo into our schedule somewhere. It will need to be a separate branch of the build that contains just the parts of the game relating to the demo. That's something we have slotted closer to Beta on the schedule, but we'll need to determine the best time to get that done. I know everyone who backed it wants to play the demo, so please be patient with us. Getting the actual game out is our top priority, but we'll do what we can to get a demo out there for you.

    9. Missing_small

      Creator Caidoz on August 24, 2013

      @Jason Hardy

      If you right click the image and select "View Image" it should open it the picture at it's full resolution. Most of the full-sized images have already been added to the Dead State Wiki as well.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator Jason Hardy on August 24, 2013

      Awesome news... but these pictures are small and make me sad, can we see higher res versions of them? I hope we get to see some cool gameplay vids from PAX.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator JoeyC on August 24, 2013

      Hows about a demo for the backers that helped fund the game?

    12. 883659762.small

      Creator Zombra on August 24, 2013

      This is all looking fantastic. I'm very, very excited for Dead State.

      One small criticism on the screens: I notice that a lot of combat text real estate is taken up with messages about "The armor absorbed 0 points of damage." If nothing happened, do I need to read about it?

      Speaking of the combat text, I'm delighted that there is a little bit of color and narration in there. "Female Corpse tumbles backwards. She is dead by the time her body hits the ground." That's very, very cool.

      Best of luck at PAX!

    13. Ddmagnan.small

      Creator Daniel Magnan on August 24, 2013

      Here is a Dev Answer from the forum regarding game world knowledge of zombies: In the world of Dead State, is zombie fiction and knowledge about zombies common?
      In the world of Dead State, the idea of zombies may exist, but widespread saturation of the idea (in popular entertainment) does not. That is, there may have been comics or obscure novels about the dead coming back to life, but there was never any "Night of the Living Dead" type movie to make the concept popular/familiar. If you read old horror comics, zombies weren't an entirely new concept, but Romero's film popularized the modern idea of a zombie. Our characters don't use the word "zombie" because the definition does not exist for them.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator onyxhammer on August 24, 2013

      Drool. Can't talk right now. :)

    15. Missing_small

      Creator sth128 on August 24, 2013

      I'm going to assemble a bunch of fans to show up at the booth requesting hugs.

    16. Img_4371_edited-1.small

      Creator Jabsloth on August 24, 2013

      I don't mind most people not using the Z-word. In a real world scenario, there is no way the government would ever use the word, nor would the media. They would seem silly and unreal if they did. How much credence would you give such a report if you saw it on your news feed? To follow that logic, most people would continue to refer to them as "infected" or whatever, though there would still be those who used the z-word, unless there was some sort of taboo around it.

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Seidel on August 24, 2013

      I have to second that, Horn. I always find it utterly ridiculous, when people don't call them zombies. Of course the opposite is just as bad, when dedicated comedy chars call them zombies at first sight, like telling the viewer "clever, eh?"
      But of course I don't know the lore or the reason behind it.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Horn on August 24, 2013

      "[...]while the zombies (which are never referred to with the “Z” word in-game) are just kind of a background issue[...]" - Do I read this correctly? "Zombies" are not called "zombies" by characters in-game? Why is that? If such kind of epidemy would somehow happen in the real world I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE would refer to "zombies" as "zombies. Please, consider this, guys.

      Apart from that - great news, keep up the good work!:)

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Bruce87 on August 24, 2013

      I'd like to know when backers can take their hands on this demo...

    20. Wj_natasso.small

      Creator Wim Jansen on August 24, 2013

      Agree. I would love to see the demo, but am nowhere near the US.
      Any chance?

    21. Img_0941.small

      Creator Chris J Capel on August 24, 2013

      Yeah, I presume there's going to be at least a video of the demo we can watch?

      Really excited for this, keep it up guys!

    22. Dopeavatar.small

      Creator JackDandy on August 24, 2013

      I'll second crosmando's request.. We backers are just as important as the people in PAX, if not more.

    23. Csphicon.small

      Creator Crosmando on August 24, 2013

      Are you guys going to put up a narrated video or something playing through the demo, for us backers? It's a bit annoying that some indie convention sees it and we don't.

    24. Missing_small

      Creator Mehmet Krljic on August 24, 2013

      This looks and sounds exactly as I hoped for a year ago. Keep up the good work, people and, yes, consider releasing the demo for the backers at one point in time.

    25. Squirrel.small

      Creator ThomasN on August 24, 2013

      "it's got reactive good writing" can't be shown visually in the attention disorder span of today's gamers (see youtube comments on your trailer). So here's hoping that one of them will sit down because the line for the newest cow clicker is too long and gets a motherfucking revelation.
      As for something completely different, "Skeleton crew" is a nice name for a band.

    26. Kickstarterpain.small

      Creator Donald M Pollack on August 24, 2013

      I think backers would really like to try this demo too. How about it? Would be a nice treat for the wait.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Seidel on August 23, 2013

      Whoa, on track? Pretty good for a kickstarter that doubled it's funding. Not looking into the forum, or into the game at all, I want to experience this without any background knowledge.

    28. Ddmagnan.small

      Creator Daniel Magnan on August 23, 2013

      @Alexander, last word from the forums is on track for Dec 2013

    29. Ms%20marvel.small

      Creator Jonathan Kelley on August 23, 2013

      I would so buy a Friggin' Chickin Tee.

    30. Johnny.small

      Creator K Cullen on August 23, 2013

      LOL! Patrick Anderson beat me to the comment - can't believe you name dropped Atari Lynx in "other versions" (aka Mac, Linux, etc.). Is Atari even around anymore? just bit the dust again (-sigh!-)! Looking forward to this game.

    31. Cereal_guy.small

      Creator Sirio Martini on August 23, 2013

      It looks amazing, keep it up guys.

    32. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Seidel on August 23, 2013

      So, do you have an estimation for release, like a quarter, or an "early" or "late" 201x?

    33. Kitten%20learn%20boxing.small

      Creator Rand Chua TL on August 23, 2013

      Hopping to see the demo video.

    34. Kosh.small

      Creator Koshinator on August 23, 2013

      Are you guys anti-hug? That's disheartening :(

    35. Missing_small

      Creator Victor Au on August 23, 2013

      Brian - I live outside USA so there's no way I could get to the PAX to see/play the demo in person. Would you consider releasing the demo to backers worldwide at a later stage (hopefully a lot sooner than just before release) so that we too could try it out and quench our thirst a bit without having to go to PAX?

    36. Gif_ling_pants.small

      Creator Forar on August 23, 2013

      Sounds awesome, have a blast at PAX!

    37. Missing_small

      Creator Matthew Winchester-Arlow on August 23, 2013

      I... I can't give Brian Mitsoda a hug? :(

    38. Facebook_thumbnail_001_medium.small

      Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D on August 23, 2013

      "loot (yes, even on bodies)"
      Heh, Shadowrun.. ;)
      Can't wait to see it in action.

    39. Photo.small

      Creator Jordan Rains on August 23, 2013

      Yes, I would love to play the demo! Unfortunately, I will not be at PAX..

    40. Missing_small

      Creator Dave blanchard on August 23, 2013

      So....are you going to release this demo to your faithful backers?

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Caidoz on August 23, 2013

      Amazing update! Great pictures.

      Hope you guys have a great time at PAX!

    42. Ddmagnan.small

      Creator Daniel Magnan on August 23, 2013

      It is awesome to see some new screenshots and info I can post in the Dev Comp thread. Too bad I can't make it to pax. The game is looking good.

    43. Mefuji.small

      Creator Patrick Anderson on August 23, 2013

      Atari Lynx!!! I still have mine. Can't wait!

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