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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
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Greenlight Success and Other News

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

Our video update is still coming at the end of the month, but I just wanted to announce that we have been Greenlit on Steam and can confirm our availability on the platform. We will still be offering DRM-free versions, but for those who want to activate on Steam, that option will now be available. Thanks again to everyone who voted for us!

Most of you have probably seen our combat video by now. This was an early build of our combat which has taught us a lot about what is working and what isn’t in the design. The biggest change that we have recently made is the following – you can now control your whole party in combat.

We did this for a few reasons, namely to eliminate the wait for the player’s turn and to cut down on the frustration the player might feel from an ally AI’s tactical decision. With party control, you can also switch to characters that have the skills you might immediately need, which comes in handy when you want your mechanically-inclined ally to lockpick a door or your medic to prioritize a certain character’s health. 

However, we still want to make them feel like individuals. In the shelter, they very much have their own agenda and dialogue has a big impact on who they are. In combat situations, you will still have to worry about your squad panicking. We are adding more panic conditions, such as an ally worrying about a loved one if they are low on health. The presence of zombies or combat strain can still trigger a panic episode in most of your teammates. Having full control over allies, you can now try to reduce the likelihood of ally placement causing a panic episode. You still need to use your ally’s skills wisely and know what their weaknesses are. 

We’ve got a very early build that we’re fine-tuning, but expect to see more of full-party control in the future. We think it’s very much an improvement, and for fans of Jagged Alliance or X-Com, it’s going to offer a lot of the tactical options of those games. Our build is getting new features all the time, so we will demonstrate some of the new material when we have a more polished version of the new combat features. 

Also, for anyone following us that did not get a chance to back us on Kickstarter, we now have a pre-order site up for the regular version of the game and the digital deluxe version with the digital soundtrack and digital version of “The Making of Dead State”. 

Remember, if you have questions for the development team for the video QA, ask them here or on our forum by Friday!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Leokhorn on

      I didn't spot this as a potential issue when watching the video, but I realize now how often this has been frustrating in recent gaming where, more and more, full team control becomes a rarity. As such, I'm very glad about this decision being made.

    2. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      Indeed, this sound like a very good decision! Nice to hear that you are greenlit, but I will stay which my DRM-free copy since I don't use Steam -at all-. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Antony Sizekh on

      About human enemies AI - it may be good idea to make them exploit noise mechanic ocassionaly.Like throwing something noisy at player and trying to hide nearby afterwards.Will need some sound direction indicator to track them though

    4. Missing avatar

      Antony Sizekh on

      Happy with the decision about player control and panic states. Having many quirks that can wrench control out of your hands if you're not careful is good(works quite well in X-Com Ironman), getting stuck with one character for the whole game and watching bunch of npc battles isn't :)

    5. Knight PT on

      Very good decision regarding combat and gratz on the Green light.

      You can add a little extra something to improve characters like in combat for example they react acording to their personality. Like for example you try to make a dificult shot with a character that is naturaly weak in aimed shots/weapons and he could reply "are you kidding me?", or for example a very nervious character while seeing 3 new zombies around the corner he could reply something like "Man, i should realy get back behind you guys, i'm not made for this".

      It wouldnt impact much on the gameplay, because you could just go ahead and command them to do what you want, but it would give serious flavor and personality to the characters even in combat.

    6. Cerahbes on

      Congrats on getting Greenlight'ed !

    7. Missing avatar

      Joseph Ross Cornell on

      Hey Guys,

      Sounds like you guys have made a design change for the better. Good work on not being afraid to make these sort of design changes when things aren't working optimally.

    8. Missing avatar

      kaptainlange on

      Good news all around.

    9. Rubén on

      Great decision!! Now do not neglect human AI. We don't want looters and other human enemies to behave just like the zombies! ;)

    10. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Awesome news guys and grats on being Greenlit! This is one of my most anticipated games for this year, can't wait to play!

    11. Jonny Hurtig

      Sounds great, I especially like the inclusion of xcom and jagged Alliance mechanics, you should really consider jagged Alliances approach to character in-combat personalities, an example would be Fidel and his "Leave me alone, I busy!" response when you try to force him to focus on other targets :)

    12. Christopher Wolfe on

      Good to hear about full party control. Also, the way you used the word panic, am I correct in assuming that it is a blanket condition meaning any situation where the character will not follow your orders, as opposed to a simple fear based 'freakout'?

    13. Missing avatar

      Auxilius on

      Thanks Daniel, that's good to know.

    14. Alexey on

      Wait a minute! You mean you are going to give us, the players, what we actually want?! That's a bold marketing strategy! Tell me, what are your next plans after you drive EA out of business?

    15. Rand Chua TL on

      This is a Good news for all of us! Plus less annoying combat AI mode bugs to worry about.
      Even if we piss of the NPC allies in the base no worry on being stab in the back in combat mode. :p

    16. Hideo Kuze on

      I like what I'm reading in this update.

    17. Dunkare on

      Good news, great decision! Keep it up!

    18. Daniel M

      @Auxiliius Yes there is an Iron Man mode. In Iron Man mode, you cannot save when you want. The game autosaves at the start of the day, and perhaps a save and quit option, and that is it. Also the PC is no longer immune to the zombie infection.

    19. Ortikus on

      Great to hear about full party control !!

    20. Jalister on

      I always want DRM free, but I do understand a large number of sales come from Steam. So I did vote for Dead State on Greenlight. Just because I don't like DRM, there was no reason to begrudge you additional sales.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Borell on

      This is great news. Not having full control was the only thing I didn't like about DS.

    22. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @Alex - A lot of their behavior and perks in and out of the shelter are still dependent on the player's interaction with them. Some of this will be reflected in combat chatter and in their panic behavior.

    23. Paul Peasey on

      It'd be nice to have that as a toggle option. It'd be cool to see how a personality affects the game and makes it more real.

    24. Alex Norris

      A huge part of Dead State's combat's draw for me was having NPC allies whose combat behaviour was based on their attitude towards the player character. Shame that's being scrapped. :(

    25. Missing avatar

      onyxhammer on

      Full party control sounds excellent. Big fan of X-com (original).

    26. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      Errata: keep up the good work, DoubleBear ;)!

    27. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @Baudolino05 - Thanks, but just remember it's a group effort.

    28. Missing avatar

      Holdthepickle on

      That actually sounds like fun.
      It would be a hardcore mode adding the frustration of Fallout 2 companions.
      Just something to think about.

    29. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      Woao: full party control! You've just wiped out my only concern about the game.
      Keep up the good work Brian!

    30. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @Holdthepickle - It's not as easy as leaving AI on, it would require us to fine-tune the ally AI and ally commands. In theory, we could leave it on, but without a ton of work, they would most likely not do what you wanted half of the time. We'd rather spend the time balancing combat for group control and working on enemy AI.

    31. Nikki on

      awesome news to hear there will be full party combat control. its going to take alot of frustration out for players

    32. Missing avatar

      Auxilius on

      This XCOM reference opens a good question: will the game have an Iron Man mode? I mean, this is a Zombie Apocalypse. What is the best way to make us feel like every life counts than an Iron Man mode? Especially if they backed by a good story that makes us attached to them?

    33. Missing avatar

      Holdthepickle on

      You might want to consider leaving AI control in but allow the player to choose what they prefer.
      Its always nice to be given a choice.

    34. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @JR - The party follows the active character in real-time so you don't have to constantly move each one when exploring.

      @wiande - Our host server seems to be having issues, check back later for the pics.

    35. J.R. Riedel on

      Sounds good.
      Will you still allow the option of auto-piloting the AI players? Or is it now you MUST control everyone?
      Just curious. Either way I'm pleased.

    36. wiande on

      I prefer indeed controlling everyone, like in BG ^^ I can't see the pictures in that update tho, duno why

    37. bar10dr on

      I love that you can control the AI players now! That was the only thing I was worried about, keep up the great work guys!

    38. Tom D.B. on

      Awesome update. Congratz on the greenlight!

      Good call on the party combat system. Huge fan of X-Com & Jagged Alliance. Will only make the game even better imo.

      Keep up the great work! :)

    39. Stormfury on

      Awesome news indeed. This "We think it’s very much an improvement, and for fans of Jagged Alliance or X-Com, it’s going to offer a lot of the tactical options of those games." makes me VERY happy!