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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
10,096 backers pledged $332,635 to help bring this project to life.

Combat Demo Video

What you’re about to see is our work-in-progress combat demo. It shouldn’t be seen as a preview of a final game, but as a milestone that shows a lot of our basic systems coming online as a playable whole. There’s still a lot to create and balance, but the basics of the game that you helped fund is taking shape. Let’s take a first look:

Couple of notes on the video:

-Everything you’re seeing is real-time, no editing tricks, no pre-scripted behavior. AI reacts to noise and zombies will spawn to the map if you make too much noise. They spawn at the blue exit zones.

-All our map pieces are built in a modular fashion. Creating pieces or structures once allows us to easily drop them down on a grid and arrange them to create a new map.

-Llano is one of the first areas, and it’s fairly forgiving. Both Vic and the player character were slightly more buff than they would be for the final game. They are using lower level equipment and have no armor on.

-Although I didn’t loot every container, collecting supplies is really important. Combat is dangerous, but sometimes unavoidable. Killing enemies doesn’t give skill points - gathering resources or meeting objectives does – but all the same it’s a good idea to stay well-equipped and alert.

-You may notice guns are noisy but powerful. It may be easier to clear out zombies with them, but you will constantly alert area zombies or summon new zombies to the map, which will chew up your ammo. Ammo is pretty scarce in our game. Enemies are dipping into their ammo on hand – if they use it up on you, they won’t have any when you loot them.

-Pathfinding is unoptimized, which will explain some slowdown in narrow areas/near doorways. 

-The looter is reloading on her turn. Since there’s no animation, it might seem like she’s not doing anything, but that’s what she’s doing. You may notice it when Vic just stands there on his turn too.

-Zombie noises are placeholder. A final sound pass will happen closer to beta. 

-Ally implementation is still being fine-tuned.

-Zombies have a grapple attack that is not featured here. The only attack they have in the video is their basic claw attack. They are a lot more dangerous when they have their full set of bites/takedowns, which are being fine-tuned right now. 

-Loot containers are getting a visual tweak so that they can be spotted by sight alone.

-There will eventually be a musical stinger to notify you that someone can see a new enemy.

-Weapons have multiple attacks. We're still working on alt animations and effects, so we didn't show them off.

-We are working on trying out a “zombie turn” where all the zombies move at once. 

One of the difficulties of filming was that because our game is so reactive to what you do, it took us quite a few runs to get everything to play to the demonstration. You can see the difference with the noise in the last segment. Had we gone in with no prior knowledge of the area, the player and Vic could have a much harder time with the map.

Please feel free to drop by our forums and join the discussion about the trailer. We would love to hear your feedback or have the team answer questions about mechanics or planned features for the next build. In a future update, we’ll be showing you the other two major components we’ve been working on – dialogue/reactivity and Shelter management. Thanks again for all your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zach W on

      This looks fantastic, I'm really glad to see it's coming along so well!

    2. Anthony Beatty on

      Rad! Can't wait to play. Great job guys.

    3. joedpa82 on

      Love what u guys are doing. Keep up the good work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrei Pyykko on

      Like what I'm seeing here, Fallout wibe is big with this combat, but yea I agree that Fog is needed, its kinda silly seeing enemies pop out of nowhere.

      keep it up guys.

    5. Matthew Farmery on

      combat video looks good and so does the basic gameplay, so this certainly gets my thumbs up, you guys have been busy, well done and keep up the great work

    6. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Lookin good, guys! Seeing it in action is pretty much exactly what I was hoping it would be like. Congrats to the team!

    7. Ed H. on

      Finally go a chance to watch the video, looks like it's shaping up into something awesome.

    8. Barl0we on

      This looks awesome! I am REALLY looking forward to playing this game :)

    9. Brown Brother on

      Looks great. Thanks for the update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Greg Xavier on

      Looking really good guys! Honestly can't wait to be playing this one (but happy to, of course!). ;)

    11. Quentin Westcott on

      If you stop fighting with an NPC survivor, does it run away or does it always try kill you no matter what? If you're fighting an NPC survivor and a zombie throws it's self into the mix will it always attack the player or will it attack the closest living thing?

    12. Riggo on

      Looking great!!!

    13. Nathanael Cole

      Question! I noticed just a now a door boarded up from the outside. Would a crowbar be able to open that door? It would make sense.

    14. Nathanael Cole

      Oh man this looks great! I'm excited!

    15. Dude Wellen on

      Looking good, I also agree on the visual fog of war (greying out and only showing location, grey fog, whatever). You probably thought of this too, but just haven't implemented it yet :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Bryon Daly on

      Looks good so far.

      Is there going to be a visible fog of war indicating the area where you've already explored but cannot currently see enemies in?

    17. Donald M Pollack on

      Looking great! This is exactly what I was hoping the game to come out like. I really like the idea of zombies not offering experience. This is another reason to avoid hanging around and avoiding encounters. The no XP reward and the risk of infection or injury / death.

      My only critique is the zombie moans sound just ok. And i hope we get to see critical hits, like knocked off heads, dismemberment, bullet crits (like fallout). Otherwise I came away pretty impressed guys, nice job thus far!

    18. ThomasN on

      Coming together nicely!
      Hope that there is a "skip" option in there which auto-battles one foe (if it keeps just one) if you are way higher level than the zombie. Of course you are punished with a worse outcome than you normally would have, then.

    19. Kordanor on

      -taking items does not cost AP right now which should be changed imho
      -maybe a "forced turnbased mode would be cool here and there
      -you should really implement fome field of view visualization. Maybe by pressing a key, everything not in view is grayed out or something like that
      -I think having no control over companions at all is a bad choice and will be annoying in a stealth game. There is no way the AI will always do what you intend. If you want to give your companions more of an own will, I guess doing it like in Jagged Alliance would be a better idea. There Mercs might not want to change the target until it's dead, they go psycho (switch to burst mode and fire), and there is also one who does not want to put off his biker west.

    20. Megan Hendon on

      Looks great! I'm excited to see more!

    21. Dan Cordell on

      Looks great so far guys! I'm sure these things are on your list already but a few things I noticed:

      * There *really* needs to be a visible "fog of war" as the pop-in/pop-out of enemy characters was strange
      * Decibels don't really work that way! You might want to re-label it as just a generic "noise level" unless you want to do the work of realistic decibels.

    22. Missing avatar

      onyxhammer on

      Love the demo/preview. One question. Since the zombies get reinforcements from off map if you make too much noise will there be an option to call in backup from off map ? With a suitable penalty and or time delay. Say, you call the home base for "help!' and they arrive in 5 turns (if they are close by).

    23. Jim West on

      In regards to the decibel unit (which is kind of cool, but inappropriately used here), I would recommend a loudness scale that could be measured in feet or meters. Or it could also simply be a color scale to let you know like green is quiet (no attraction), yellow would attract things within 5-10 feet and red could be heard greater than 50 feet away. If it's a continuous color scale, you could get an idea of how loud you are based on these values.

    24. Nath on

      Looking pretty good so far. Can't wait to see how it all plays out in the final stage. :)

    25. Daniel M

      Please ask your questions over at the official forum. I am one of the moderators, DrunkZombie, over there and Brian and I are answering lots of questions.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Hmm square?Why not hexagon?

    27. Coyote Ghost on

      I hope that camera will be fixed in the final release. I really do. Constantly moving and rotating camera isn't my idea of fun.

    28. Missing avatar

      sth128 on

      Great job guys! Game looks very nice. A couple of things though: please give us an option to make the log window texts bigger, also make shotgun slightly more powerful (or make humans less strong). If it takes 2 shotgun blasts to down a puny human then what's the point?

    29. Jimhead on

      Will there be shelter or character optimisation that will help with spotting zombies.

    30. Rand Chua TL on

      It's a wonderful updated!
      Now some question
      Would there be one Hit kill on Zombie or Aim for the head Attack? (Walking Dead Show & Zombie Movie)
      Can loot those cars for parts too?
      The shelves or tables and chairs can we bring it back to the base too?
      Can we knock the looter out and not killing her or talk to her 1st before combat start? Since she is also a Zombie world Survivor. (Note Female Survivor is alway welcome in Zombieland even if it started out bad)
      Plus human Survivor would always want to comfirm if other human Survivor are friendly or not.

    31. Paul Marzagalli on

      Wow. This looks incredibly nerve-wracking, incredibly difficult...and incredibly awesome!

    32. Nnne on

      Looks so much better than I was expecting. Hopefully you guys can add fog of war or something to that effect, because people popping up from nowhere is kind of jarring. Other than that, great job and looking forward to the next update!

    33. Jaesun on

      Looks great! So looking forward to this.

    34. UnknownFox on

      Despite the comments I have seen about allowing control of your allies. I say no to that, you don't have full control of your friend and he may do something irrational though I have confidence they won't go too crazy on his/her own lol.

      I admit the combat isn't exactly what I expected (seeing a zombie take 2-3 hammer blows before falling) but I assume that's still being tweeked a bit too.

    35. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Please don't call your noise level "units" decibels. They do not behave like that.

    36. Scott Campbell on

      looking good guys!

    37. Missing avatar

      Achim on

      I'm not sure if that's already been mentioned, but i see LOTS of stuff inside that shop that would be very useful (pliers, saws and something like toolboxes) to have and i just can't pick them up...
      Is there any explenation why i just can't loot all those things?
      I think it would be pretty annoying to run through that shop where you can see all those things you would like to have but just can't because they're just scenery...

    38. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @Over - yes, some melee weapons have status effect properties that can knock down or push back enemies.

      Also, if you all have specific comments or questions, it's easier to moderate all the responses on our combat demo forum topic.

    39. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Nice :D
      Getting all these gameplay demos coming out (Wasteland, Shadowrun)

      I noticed running doesn't cause any noise. I take it this will be changed at some point, otherwise there would be no point walking/sneaking.
      In any case, looking great.

    40. Over on

      Can the enemies fall down if we give a powerful strike or shot, buying us time to run from them? Because right now, it looks that there's really no advantage to use fire weapons, unless you're in a real dire situation and running for your life...

    41. Kenny Chik on

      The Combat Demo is looking great. But can I have more variety option in hitting those zombies? For example if I can cut the leg from the zombie so that they cannot move towards me, or 1-hit kill if I shot the zombie or destroy zombie's head with some powerful weapon if I am close enough? (such as the shot-gun or sledgehammer in the demo.)

    42. Eugene Ladyzhenskiy on

      The game look VERY good and VERY promising. It's early but you have already carried out more work than I expected with a high quality.

      Great job guys! It's clear you really care about the game.

    43. JonNik on

      Just posting some of Brian's QnA here in case some of you guys don't check the forums:

      1. Will there be any kind of attack bonus for attacking from behind? I mean, a surprise giant hammer to the head should take down any zombie, isn't it? I'm just not that fond of "meatshield" combat.
      >It's been talked about, hasn't been implemented.

      2. You definitely should add fog of war.
      >Same. Remember, you're seeing very early mechanics work, not the full game.

      3. About the "Zombie turn" thing.. This one will also be very important. If you're suddenly swarmed by a horde of those things, it will be super-annoying to wait for every single one of them to make their turn.
      >Zombies all moving at once is definitely being looked into.

      4. I hope allies won't be as slow in the game.. If you run somewhere, try and make them run as well!
      >As mentioned, ally implementation is still being revised.

    44. Andrew Tuckett on

      I like what I'm seeing. Would be nice to be able to target specific body parts ie the head, the legs etc

    45. Bert Pauw on

      Agreed Benjamin! A pretty "cool" scenario would be pissing of an ally earlier, only to have them leave you on your own in combat later. This would then again make for some pretty interesting conversations afterwards with that companion back at base (if everyone survives)

    46. Benjamin Davis

      I like that you don't have direct control of the other survivors; that's the point of them being OTHER survivors, whom you have to convince to work well with you.

      Also: woohoo, turn-based! Just sayin'.

    47. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      Quick comment on the enemy line of sight popping - everything you're seeing is very early. It will most likely be a lot smoother in the final game.

    48. Brent Disbrow on

      I agree with Bert Pauw & JonNik - would be great to have a fog of war; something that, visually, explains why my characters can't seem to see 30 ft in front of them. Alternatively, a line of sight system with less of a distance restriction (if that's what the game has) would be nice too. Can't wait to play!

    49. Damjan Mozetič on

      Wow, that really looks great guys!