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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
10,096 backers pledged $332,635 to help bring this project to life.

Stetch Goal #1 - The Weapon Pack

We couldn’t be more amazed at how fast you guys are helping Dead State achieve its goal. It’s really amazing to watch something that you’ve put so much time and work into transform into a project that thousands of people are eager to support and play. Thanks to everyone!

However, we realize that there have been more requests for something to spend in the mid-tiers and we are definitely looking into physical items and the feasibility of at least one boxed version. We’ve just added a 2-pack of digital downloads (The Ally Pack) to the tiers due to request. If you already pledged – don’t worry, you can adjust your tier very easily if/when you decide to bump up your level of backing. We hope to have the details on new items up very soon.

Some of you have asked for special game items within the tiers, as that has been a part of several rewards for other games. We go a little into this in the FAQ, but to reiterate, our philosophy is that we think that if we create content for the game, everyone should benefit. Much like the shelter in the game, we’re hoping that all our backers can pitch in for the benefit of everyone’s Dead State experience. For example, if you’d usually bump up your support by $5 for a few vanity items, how about throwing in that $5 to get us to a stretch goal that will add over a dozen weapons to the game? Instead of DLC, we’re offering up a “pay what you can” to help buy the “Weapon Pack” for everyone – and really, that’s better than an in-game shirt or pair of sneakers, right?

I should probably explain about weapons in our game. While we have quite a few weapons in the game, we believe in functionality over brute strength. There will be some upgrades to basic weapon types, but our weapons are designed with pros and cons that factor in their weight, damage, reload time and ammo scarcity, special abilities, and type of damage. Adding more weapons offers up a lot more strategic options for you and your party and even gives you some new special weapons to play with. Here’s a breakdown of our first stretch goal, the Weapon Pack:

-Tiller – A 2-handed spiky melee polearm that can cause bleeding.

-Kukri  - A 1-handed melee knife that is great at causing limb damage.

-Crossbow  - A 2-handed ranged weapon that is much quieter than guns.

-Flare Gun – A unique 1-handed ranged weapon that is guaranteed to set targets on fire.

-Bola – A special thrown weapon that stops targets in their tracks.

-Bottle of Acid – A special thrown weapon that burns and can cause panic - also it’s acid!

-Bowie Knife – A 1-handed melee knife capable of inflicting a lot of damage.

-Repeating Lever-Action Rifle – A 2-handed ranged weapon that’s all-around reliable.

-Antique Revolver – A 1-handed pistol that makes you feel like a cowboy.

-MSG-10 SMG – A 2-handed ranged weapon – unload responsibly.

But wait – there’s more! That’s right, we’re also posting a poll at our forums to vote on the last three weapons for the pack. That’s thirteen total weapons in the weapon pack! If that sounds like something you’d appreciate playing with in Dead State, consider throwing in a few extra bucks or even bump up you pledge to a higher tier. The money helps us bring another artist on full-time.

And how about this – if we make our stretch goal within five days, we’ll add the FOUR top weapons on our poll as a bonus.  For our first stretch goal, let’s try to reach $180,000.

We appreciate your support and we hope that everyone can pitch in a little more to make the weapon selection in Dead State give you and your allies an even better chance. Thanks for your continued support!


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    1. Christian Doyle on

      Congratz on reaching your first stretch goal!!! :D

      Now for the next one! Only $27k to go!

    2. Missing avatar

      David Finn on

      un Chainsaw is missing lol

    3. Missing avatar

      Horza on

      @Chris I think he's complementing them, what he means by bribing the crowd is say by having the $50 tier have a bonus weapon/piece of equipment that only funders at that level or beyond get, and us ordinary plebs can't get access to.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      Bribing the crowd? lol

      More like giving them a reason to care and/or take a risk.

      There's no guarantee they will ever finish the game if they get the money (technically) so everyone who backs is taking a risk.

      Also, they aren't making the game from the goodness of their hearts. They are going to make money off of it. I see no reason why investors shouldn't get something out of it as well.

      That's hardly bribing.

    5. Devon Mullane on

      I hate the idea that you should have to 'bribe' the crowd. I thought seeing the game made WAS the bribe. I'll support you because I believe in your design philosophy. If Kickstarter gives you the ability to maintain the integrity of your vision, may you always.

    6. Rand Chua TL on

      suggestion by fans

      1. Please give us better Stretch goals like from pc game Xenonauts or can copy something from Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster?
      2. List down a no. of stretch goals (better starting/found items, weapons, vehicle or class of unit to use, skills and better pledge for us to support it more.
      3. More types of custom defence that we can upgrade to build.
      4. Can copy something from a comic title "High School of the Dead"?
      5. Heck give us more information so we can help to improve the game.
      6. Please add in physical copy Stretch goal for the fans that wanted it.
      7. We hope to push the pledged amt up and up.
      8. Please listen to our suggestion?

    7. Cody Orr on

      Physical copy? Oh yeah I'll upgrade for that. I live in the country and have satellite internet so physical is pretty much mandatory for me. I only got the digital option because my brother has real internet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Greer on

      Just pledged, like the concept a lot.

      Any progress on getting this on Steam? I think Dead State has a lot of scope for post-release support/DLC and a Steam release would make this a much more straightforward process (in my opinion).

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rae on

      A weapon truly for a madman, who else would fight a fire with an axe? In-game descriptions of weapons a must.

    10. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      @Andre Thanks for your support and just so you know, we actually already have a variety of weapons in the game (you can see a still in the video) and the sledgehammer is one of them. We have info on our forum too. This pack would add additional weapon on top of the ranged, melee, and thrown weapons we already have in the game.

    11. Andre Ranheim Paulsen on

      Good to see DoubleBear not partaking in this exclusive DLC shenanigans that's going on these days, that's a plus for you and a good reason for me to put down 75$ for this project.
      In terms of weaponry, I feel we could use a good blunt weapon as well. May I suggest a heavy and practical tool known as the sledgehammer?

    12. Polge Clement on

      Like many people i would really appreciate communication on Linux/Mac port of the game. The sooner it's cleared, the sooner you'll have people advertising your project on corresponding communities.

    13. Missing avatar

      GSoda on

      hmm 180k in five days seems very ambitious. The pledge-rate normally has a U-shaped form over time -not linear. Imo it might be better to announce a whole tier of stretch goals up to perhaps 2x the initial goal amount, but with no time limit. Ah well, I'm confident you guys will reach your goal either way at the end.

    14. David on

      I think that posting questions and suggestions would be better suited to the appropriate area. The forums or "Ask a question" button on the front page.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dominick O'Leary on

      180K in 5 days wow that's going to be tough but I think it can happen. Weapon upgrades would be nice, something like you get the best parts out of 2 identical weapons and you combine them. What do you think?

    16. Steve Knight on

      This is great news. Congratulations to us all.

    17. Chi-Young on

      Hey, is it going to be like mass effect 3 where you can modify/upgrade your weapons to deal more damage/aim better/weigh less?

      Or are they just going to be basic weapon types?

    18. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      If we hit our stretch goal, everyone at every level gets it.

    19. Kevin Kortekaas on

      I'm not sure I understand this, I subbed in at the base level, will I get this stuff?

    20. Peter Cerda-Pavia on

      I agree with Alexander's idea about map randomization. Random item collections (or items dropped by the zombies) would also add to the replayability element.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexander Seidel on

      Please add total randomization of the town and the interiors of it's buildings as a (high) streatch goal, this would not only be the most awesome feature you can add, but also the most effective way to motivate people to throw their money at you.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garczynski on

      If you decide to add physical items, just make sure you err on the side of charging too much. It's going to suck if people upping their pledge by $35 only nets you 5 bucks plus the time wasted making and mailing the stuff out.

      Also, maybe try to leverage Age of Decadence when dealing with the suppliers. Making you two can get some discounted swag made with double the volume.

    23. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      I discussed beta access on the forums - here's the post:

      If you're really interested in being a beta tester, pledge at the $50+ levels, stay on the forums, and volunteer to be a tester when we start looking for them. We'll have records on who pledged at what level, so for the few dozen slots we have for testers, we're going to accept the highest level KS pledges first. If we open it up to hundreds of people, then we have to pay more for servers, have someone manage the beta community, and provide immediate support for anyone who can't get it to run. It's something we could do if we were going for $500,000 but not at our current level.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chance Durrence on

      I like how your not bribing people with exclusive in game stuff. And instead focusing on making the game better as a whole. To that end I think you really need to add Beta access as a reward, and stretch goal. I realize that might be tough what with needing servers for authorization/distribution of it to all the testers. But it would help make the game better by getting lots of feedback. You never really know if the game is fun until people try it out.

    25. Josh Hunt on

      Mac version.

    26. Koovan on

      Unless the $30 and $50 tier levels are made more attractive the possibility of achieving the stretch goal in anything like the time frame required is minimal. I urge you to add something to that as well as including a boxed copy for the upper tier. Whilst I am in complete agreement with the ethos outlined in this excellent update - something more practical in reward terms needs to be done. Perhaps an exclusive developer's diary at $30 and above, you make a very cool video - why not a few more of those? However, I sincerely hope I am completely wrong.

    27. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      Most of our weapons are scavenged - you'll find lots of everyday objects to wield. Check out our forum design updates for more detailed info on weapons.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sean Curry on

      piggybacking off the resorucefulness comment, I'd love if some of the weapons in the game were based upon everyday items - as in, farm tools in a barn, baseball bats in a sporting goods store, etc. - this allows for a ton of variety and strategy based simply on logic - rather have a stabby pitchfork or a blunt bat, etc. Dead Rising did this but I'd love to see it in an RPG setting.

    29. Missing avatar

      Horza on

      Zombies being the typical enemy I'd expect at least one blunt weapon for skull crushing, something mace like (though obviously not a mace, it's not like everyone has museums full of medieval weapons around the next corner).

      Would it be possible to manufacture certain basic munitions? Bullets would be hard, but I would have thought crossbow bolts (though probably not entirely reliable bolts at first) could be produced by tools in the average high school wood tech classroom.

    30. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      There are upgrades in the shelter to allow for more items to be created/manufactured, as well as create new mods for guns and armor.

    31. Michael Chen on

      Will combo weapons(i.e.: making weapon out of daily object) be part of the game play? cause I always feel like resourcefulness is part of the survivor game.

    32. DoubleBear Productions Creator on

      For clarification - five days from the time the update was posted.

    33. Kimberly on

      I'm wondering, is this "five days" from the start or five days from this update?

      Anyway, great post, and I totally agree with your philosophy of providing more weapons to everyone, if we pledge enough.

    34. Missing avatar

      nin on

      "our philosophy is that we think that if we create content for the game, everyone should benefit."

      Totally agree! Good update, too! Thanks guys!

    35. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I would jump all over a physical copy tier.