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Bard's Tale IV Now on Kickstarter

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Hope you've been enjoying the DS: Reanimated Update. Our friends over at inXile Entertainment (who I am working with on Torment!) have recently launched their Kickstarter for Bard's Tale IV. If you've been enjoying the wave of classic RPGs that Kickstarter has made possible, please check out Bard's Tale IV, here:

If you're a fan of puzzle-filled dungeon crawlers, you will remember Bard's Tale from the early days of Interplay. Of course, now you'll be able to consult the internet if you get stuck and no longer have to call your friend to figure out how to get out of the third dungeon - c'mon, Scott, how long does it take your family to finish dinner anyhow? 

Your support is actually making a difference in what kinds of games get made - thanks for your continued support of crowdfunded RPGs!

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    1. Petrell on

      Already backed on day 1 :-p. Going to be getting Wasteland 2 (already own it but, hey, it was free extra for first 48 hours) and Torment: Tides of Numenera in addititon to Bard's Tale 4.

      Would be nice to hear about DoubleBear Productions' future plans at some point too.

    2. Paul Marzagalli on

      @Kris Kizlyk: Because taking contract work with that is how indie devs pay the bills and get funding to keep working on their own stuff. Not only that, but if you've seen the Torment team, it is a chance to work with former colleagues and some of the best narrative design people in the business. Taking the job is a no-brainer and helps Double Bear and Dead State in the grand scheme of things.

      Dead State has gotten more support in terms of patches and added (free) content than most games out there. I love that I haven't gotten nickel & dimed when I easily could have. As for the physical rewards, I'm waiting on them, too. When they arrive, they arrive. The wait isn't going to kill anyone.

      Finally, Bard's Tale IV is absolutely worth backing. If you aren't sure, take a look at the in-engine footage that they just posted today. Besides for $25 bucks, you're helping a company keep funding games like Wasteland 2 and Torment as well. If you backed either, then throwing in for a third is a huge deal for the future of those properties as well.

    3. Kris Kizlyk on

      "(who I am working with on Torment!)"

      Instead of working on a different project...why not finish Dead State get and the rewards out to all of the backers?

    4. Missing avatar


      Already found out about it, but it's really cool to see how much developers support each other like this on Kickstarter!

    5. Jalister on

      At least this update is pointing to another Kickstarter project, and not pointing to something elsewhere trying to raise money. Also, a lot of people don't use Facebook.

    6. Jalister on

      I have no issues with updates like this one. I've found many projects through these types of updates. It took me longer to post this than it did to get the basic idea of this update.

    7. Matt Lohkamp on

      hey, I'm sorry to be kind of a downer or whatever, but please don't use this as a method to advertise your friend's games to us. the only reason I'm subscribed to these updates is to hear new information about the game I backed - your game. consider leaving the "please check out this other game" content on the double bear facebook, maybe?

    8. Otaku Hanzo on

      Very pleased with my Dead State game. Definitely getting on the Bard's Tale train. Physical copy drm free! Was impressed with Wasteland 2 and extremely excited about the free update coming soon. Divinity Original Sin was another I backed and love. KickStarter is the way to go. When's DB doing another one? ;)