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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
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Dead State: Reanimated is Here - and Free!

Posted by DoubleBear Productions (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We’ve spent a couple of months of solid development time making Dead State stronger, smarter, and faster, and we’re happy to say that the results are fantastic. We’ve brought new life - or is it unlife? - to every aspect of the game. This isn’t just Dead State anymore - this is Dead State: Reanimated!   DS:R isn’t just an update - it’s our definitive enhanced edition with brand-new content, full of improvements and fixes requested by you, our community!  The highlights are listed below, but you can check out the full changelog here: Dead State: Reanimated Announcement and Changelog . 

And don't worry - if you have it installed on Steam you'll get the update for free immediately, and GOG's is coming soon :)

The Highlights

Major overhaul of combat balance! Core combat systems have been thoroughly reworked to take advantage of all the data and feedback we’ve gathered over the months since Dead State’s original release. Ranged weapons, melee weapons, armor, special attacks, ally / PC healing, and more have been reworked and carefully tested to create an engaging and challenging combat experience. Even the core combat system has been tweaked so that AC is calculated before damage reduction; this change makes combat more consistent and more fair, and corrects the “invincible” armor problem.

Smarter AI! Medic, Guard, Grenadier, Sniper, and more - New AI behaviors and schemas exist for human enemies, making them more interesting and more challenging to fight! Enemies will notice your presence more quickly, follow you around corners and through doors, and fully utilize all of their tactical options, thrown weapons, and special attacks.

New PC Infection option on New Game menu! Create a new game with PC Infection checked and your character will be as susceptible to infection as your allies are. Carefully manage your antibiotics and change your combat strategies to ensure your own survival!

Hardcore Mode! Just in case living in the apocalypse wasn’t hard enough for you. In Hardcore mode combat becomes more dangerous, allies consume more resources and heal more slowly, and Morale is harder to keep up. Turn on Hardcore, Iron Man, and PC Infection for the ultimate challenge!

Alarms! That’s right - we’ve added alarms to buildings in several areas. Red, blinking lights warn you that there’s an active alarm on a building. Use your Science skill to deactivate an alarm and prevent a looting distraction from becoming a noisy attraction!

New areas and random encounters! Several new levels and random encounters have been added. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chemical Plant, an area with a unique twist…

New combat sounds and animations! We’ve added new special attack, reloading, and healing animations and sounds. Special attacks feel smoother and more impactful now!

Stability improvements! We’ve rooted out every crash and progress blocking bug to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience. Several popularly requested usability improvements have been added, such as friendly fire conformation, looting piled up bodies, and an option to toggle Live Shelter movement on and off.

Pathfinding improvements! Both allies and the undead have received major pathfinding adjustments that will reduce lag some people have experienced as well as make movement more consistent and natural.

We are so grateful to all of you for helping us come this far - we couldn't have done this without your support, and from everybody on the team we want to give you a sincere Thank You.

Oh - and in case you're wondering, we'll be letting you know our status on backer rewards in our next update, so hang in there!


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    1. Cihan Deniz on

      Do the zombies actually roam the local maps now or are they still fixed in place until they notice you?

    2. Riggo on

      Is the Reanimated version the version that will ship with my bullet?

    3. Brian on

      Any chance this will ever go cross platform?

    4. Martin O

      @Anthony Beatty: If you opted-out from Steam you should have gotten a GOG code. (note: it's not updated there yet)

    5. Missing avatar


      Sounds pretty great! Thanks for the update, guys, I can't wait to get back into this!

    6. Anthony Beatty on

      Is there a non-steam download for those who chose a DRM free digital download?

    7. Duncan McEwen on

      Wow! Between you guys and Wasteland 2 it is awesome to see all the Kickstarter video games doing the right thing when they upgrade. You could have easily sold this to us, but we really appreciate that you are giving us the extra updates free. Thanks a lot!

      So what is you next project after Dead State? I may have to back it just out of gratitude. ;)


    8. Missing avatar

      Mikhael Blackthorne on

      The problem was in the ending and the infection "quest." Fix that and maybe you can rekindle my interest in the game.

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      Would be trying out the new version soon!

    10. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      It's like christmas and deja vu of 2014 all over again between things like this and Wasteland 2 GOTY edition that pretty much ensures that I'm going to go back and give these games another playthrough with a mountain of new additions and features :)

    11. Dave Thomas

      Sounds awesome! Looking forward to giving the update a shot!