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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
10,096 backers pledged $332,635 to help bring this project to life.

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Backer Physical Rewards Update!


Hi everyone! We've received a few requests for an update on the status of Kickstarter rewards, so we decided to post something here to keep everyone appraised of our progress.  

 We've been working with a third party to produce and fulfill our rewards, and they're on track right now for a late July or early August shipment date. Some things are already in production, such as the Splendid box, while others are entering production very soon.

We will be finalizing addresses sometime in the coming month, so please make sure you update your address as soon as possible. There will be an automatic 48-hour advance warning message from Kickstarter when we're about to disallow address changes, so keep an eye out for that too. To change your address on the original survey, go to the Dead State campaign page, find your reward tier, and click on "Your response."  

If you are one of the 74 backers with unpaid international shipping fees, we'll be getting in touch very soon by email to tell you how you can pay for these fees.  

We're excited to get these awesome rewards to you as soon as we can, so thanks for your patience - the wait will soon be over!

 Best wishes,

The DoubleBear Team

Dead State Twitch Stream tonight, 4 p.m. PDT!


Hi everyone,

For a couple weeks now, we've been doing a weekly Friday night stream of Dead State: Reanimated on Indie Megabooth's channel, and we're hoping you'll pop in and see what it's all about! Jacob, our QA Lead / scripting dude, and Christina, our producer, will be playing Dead State live in just under an hour, and our lead designer Brian and senior designer Annie will also be joining us via chat, so please come with all your burning questions about Dead State: Reanimated!

Click the picture below to check out the stream at 4 p.m. (about a half hour to go!)

Jacob and Christina playing Dead State on Twitch
Jacob and Christina playing Dead State on Twitch

Today's stream will be special because we'll be playing through the Foree Outlet Mall, an area that was added for one of our Kickstarter stretch goals!  We might or might not live, but it'll be a heckuva adventure :)

Bard's Tale IV Now on Kickstarter


Hey everyone,

Hope you've been enjoying the DS: Reanimated Update. Our friends over at inXile Entertainment (who I am working with on Torment!) have recently launched their Kickstarter for Bard's Tale IV. If you've been enjoying the wave of classic RPGs that Kickstarter has made possible, please check out Bard's Tale IV, here:

If you're a fan of puzzle-filled dungeon crawlers, you will remember Bard's Tale from the early days of Interplay. Of course, now you'll be able to consult the internet if you get stuck and no longer have to call your friend to figure out how to get out of the third dungeon - c'mon, Scott, how long does it take your family to finish dinner anyhow? 

Your support is actually making a difference in what kinds of games get made - thanks for your continued support of crowdfunded RPGs!

Dead State: Reanimated is Here - and Free!


Hi everyone,

We’ve spent a couple of months of solid development time making Dead State stronger, smarter, and faster, and we’re happy to say that the results are fantastic. We’ve brought new life - or is it unlife? - to every aspect of the game. This isn’t just Dead State anymore - this is Dead State: Reanimated!   DS:R isn’t just an update - it’s our definitive enhanced edition with brand-new content, full of improvements and fixes requested by you, our community!  The highlights are listed below, but you can check out the full changelog here: Dead State: Reanimated Announcement and Changelog . 

And don't worry - if you have it installed on Steam you'll get the update for free immediately, and GOG's is coming soon :)

The Highlights

Major overhaul of combat balance! Core combat systems have been thoroughly reworked to take advantage of all the data and feedback we’ve gathered over the months since Dead State’s original release. Ranged weapons, melee weapons, armor, special attacks, ally / PC healing, and more have been reworked and carefully tested to create an engaging and challenging combat experience. Even the core combat system has been tweaked so that AC is calculated before damage reduction; this change makes combat more consistent and more fair, and corrects the “invincible” armor problem.

Smarter AI! Medic, Guard, Grenadier, Sniper, and more - New AI behaviors and schemas exist for human enemies, making them more interesting and more challenging to fight! Enemies will notice your presence more quickly, follow you around corners and through doors, and fully utilize all of their tactical options, thrown weapons, and special attacks.

New PC Infection option on New Game menu! Create a new game with PC Infection checked and your character will be as susceptible to infection as your allies are. Carefully manage your antibiotics and change your combat strategies to ensure your own survival!

Hardcore Mode! Just in case living in the apocalypse wasn’t hard enough for you. In Hardcore mode combat becomes more dangerous, allies consume more resources and heal more slowly, and Morale is harder to keep up. Turn on Hardcore, Iron Man, and PC Infection for the ultimate challenge!

Alarms! That’s right - we’ve added alarms to buildings in several areas. Red, blinking lights warn you that there’s an active alarm on a building. Use your Science skill to deactivate an alarm and prevent a looting distraction from becoming a noisy attraction!

New areas and random encounters! Several new levels and random encounters have been added. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chemical Plant, an area with a unique twist…

New combat sounds and animations! We’ve added new special attack, reloading, and healing animations and sounds. Special attacks feel smoother and more impactful now!

Stability improvements! We’ve rooted out every crash and progress blocking bug to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience. Several popularly requested usability improvements have been added, such as friendly fire conformation, looting piled up bodies, and an option to toggle Live Shelter movement on and off.

Pathfinding improvements! Both allies and the undead have received major pathfinding adjustments that will reduce lag some people have experienced as well as make movement more consistent and natural.

We are so grateful to all of you for helping us come this far - we couldn't have done this without your support, and from everybody on the team we want to give you a sincere Thank You.

Oh - and in case you're wondering, we'll be letting you know our status on backer rewards in our next update, so hang in there!

Backer Rewards Update


Hey guys - wanted to give you all a bit of an update regarding Kickstarter rewards! First and foremost, we're very sorry it's taken this long to get things arranged: the bummer of physical objects is that we can't create them ourselves, so we're at the mercy of other companies' timelines, not just for the creation of the items, but shipping them as well.  Rest assured that money has been set aside for KS rewards since the beginning of the project, so budget isn't related to the delay!

So far, since getting the game out:
* The book had to be finished and edited...
* The launch party had to be arranged...
* The person who was going to format the book for print got insanely busy with another project so we had to do it ourselves...
* The company responsible for making the USB bullets vanished so we had to track down another one who could make what we needed...
* The OTHER person who was going to format the physical rewards ALSO got insanely busy so we had to do THOSE ourselves too...
* We had to find a company to create each of those rewards and ship them out in a reasonable timeframe!

So the tl;dr is - REWARDS ARE COMING. We're locking down production and final price quotes, and we'll do a better job keeping you all in the loop. On a positive note, the digital edition of the book is ready to rumble in .pdf format, so we'll be doing our best to get it out to everyone who ordered it (and if you're interested, once we get the Deluxe Printed Version out to the backers who ordered it, we'll try to get a solid print-on-demand edition up on Amazon or something - we'll let you know!)

 We haven't forgotten you, and if there's anything you're concerned about in particular, please give us a shout-out via message here on Kickstarter, and we'll get back to you ASAP.   

Thank you all so much for your patience, and we're going to make sure all the rewards get out to you quickly and in the best quality possible!