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A turn-based RPG with branching dialogue, shelter management, and survival mechanics set in the zombie apocalypse.
10,096 backers pledged $332,635 to help bring this project to life.

Dead State Soundtrack Released on Steam


We have some good news - the Dead State Original Soundtrack is now available on Steam!

For those of you who backed at a tier that provided a digital copy of the soundtrack, you should be receiving an email within the next couple of days with a key to claim yours.  Just remember - you need to have the game in your library in order to be able to download it!  Those who opted out of Steam but backed at a tier that included the digital soundtrack will receive an alternate non-Steam code.  

Make sure to check your spam boxes regularly during this time! When we sent out game keys last February, we found that sometimes these were directed to spam.  E-mails will come from our account and have the subject line "KS Backer Reward: Digital Dead State Soundtrack."

The email contains guidance on how to activate your key on Steam, so make sure to read it carefully!

While we're here, we would be remiss if we didn't take time to mention the talented composer of all 26 of the Dead State OST tracks, Leif Chappelle.  You can check out more of his music and read his bio at his website if you're so inclined :)

Come back and let us know what you think once you've given the album a listen!

Important: Please Update Your Address on Your Surveys!


Hi everyone!  We have an important request for you today.

With Dead State shipped, we've started working on our plan to fulfill backer rewards. While these aren't going out just yet and we're still researching our best options for fulfillment, it's critical that everyone who backed a physical reward tier double-checks and updates their address information by January 21st, 2015 so we can ensure we are working with the most up-to-date information and have as few cases of failed deliveries as possible once we eventually begin shipping.

How to Change Your Address
Please do not email or message us your address information! The only surefire way to make sure your address is correct and up-to-date is to do the following:

1.  Go to the Dead State project page.
2.  Find your backer tier in the list on the right-hand side of the page. 
3.  Click the "Your Response" link underneath your tier.  This allows you to edit your survey responses.
4.  At the top, you should see an option to change your shipping information.  Update your address and save/submit your response.

If you never filled out your survey, you should have a notification telling you that some survey responses are missing and you can click that to find and fill out your Dead State backer survey.

Again, you can update your address anytime before January 21st, 2015.  After that date, it will no longer be possible to update your address.  

Thanks for helping us make this process as easy and quick as possible for all parties!  

Best wishes,
The DoubleBear Team

The Big Day is Here - Dead State Officially Released!


First, a word from Brian Mitsoda, Dead State's creator:
This is it - Dead State is finally out! I know I’ve said this many times before, but truly, this game could not exist without Kickstarter and backers like you. Delivering the game we promised has been an obsession for us, and while we worked many long days and nights to create it, the release day has finally come. Thank you all for your patience and your patronage!

First off, I’d like to personally thank the team and all our support staff and moderators for making this game possible. Assembling an RPG with a small team was an incredibly complex challenge – I can’t state that enough. Without the dedication, commitment, care, and clever solutions this team has come up with, the game you are about to play would not nearly be as excellent. When it comes down to making games, it’s not just having a budget or ideas - it’s about the people that can come together (in our case, from all over the world), hit some impossibly high marks, and make a complex machine of levels, and systems, and characters and all the insane ways those pieces react to one another work. This is the culmination of many moons of long production chats, stat charts, forgotten arguments, face-palming, tragically hilarious bugs, lost weekends, lost summers, words of encouragement, and exclamations of “oh my gosh, it finally works!” The last few months are a blur of desk confinement and email threads – somewhere in there, we wiped off the last of the remaining tasks from our lists, killed the bug count, and finished years of work. We really hope we have delivered the game that we talked you into backing all the way back in 2012. We might have added a few extra things since then. (And just so you know, we’re committed to working on DS post-release, just let us please have a few drinks and a weekend off first.)

And if I may say one other thing – I know that the press and forum posts have made it a thing to slam Kickstarter failures, but I want to reiterate that Dead State and a lot of other great games would not exist without Kickstarter and Early Access. Never before have so many devs had the freedom to make the games they have wanted to make. DoubleBear and Dead State would not have come into being without the financial support and belief of backers like you. If by finishing Dead State we have restored some faith in the system, please roll that excitement back into other Kickstarter projects. I can’t thank you all enough, and I really hope that more developers get to have the support and experience that we’ve had. It’s a fantastic time to be a gamer and a developer – continue to support indie devs!

Finally, we still want to hear from you. Stop by our forums and tell us what you think of Dead State! We’re always looking to improve the game and use your feedback to shape our future projects. Okay, I’ve given my launch speech and Dead State’s probably done downloading by now. You’ve been waiting long enough – go play Dead State!

Thank you!

- Brian

Now, the nitty-gritty details
Please check out our last Kickstarter update for an FAQ and details about how to get your Steam copy if you haven't yet.  Those who opted for non-Steam will start seeing their GOG codes arriving in their KS message boxes shortly.  For those who backed at a physical reward tier, rest assured that getting those straightened out is our first priority post-launch!  

Don't forget to take a look at our manual - Dead State is a complex game with a lot of depth, so this is a very helpful resource for anyone hoping to master combat and exploration!

If you have any questions about Dead State, the launch, or anything else, the absolute fastest way to get them addressed is to post them on Dead State's forums; devs, mods, and veteran Early Access players are available to help you out, especially those of you playing the game for the first time!  

We've said it many times but it's worth repeating - DoubleBear Productions plans to continue supporting Dead State post-release with patches and content updates, so please make sure to use our forums to report bugs and provide feedback.  Do make sure to review our Known Issues list before posting, though, to make sure your issue isn't already being tracked! 

Thanks everyone, and have fun playing Dead State!

Patch #5 - The Final Pre-Release Patch is Here!


This is it - the final patch to Dead State's Early Access Beta! Patch #5 is bursting at the seams with features and fixes, including many requested or suggested by YOU, the Dead State community. Now, while we’re giving you lots to chew on today, we want to remind you that this isn’t the final game - endings are being reserved for the final release, and there will still be many improvements coming before the final launch. In other words, there's still plenty to look forward to! With our upcoming release in mind, we’ll be updating the Known Issues post later today, so make sure to check there first before reporting bugs; that will help keep the forums and boards laser-focused on tracking brand new issues. Thanks so much for all your assistance, you guys are awesome!

Here's the full changelog and announcement:  Patch #5 Changelog

Kickstarter Specific Q&A

 I opted out of the Steam Early Access beta in February. How will I get the game? For those of you who contacted us before the Steam codes were sent out and opted for a non-Steam version, we will be sending you keys on launch day.

 If I have the Early Access Beta, will I need a different Steam key for the full game? No! Your copy of the game will automatically update to the full, final version on launch day, no further action required by you.

 I never received my Steam key. Can I get it now? If you never received your Steam key, please contact us *via Kickstarter messaging* ASAP! We sent these out in February, but in some cases the keys went to spam boxes and were automatically deleted after 30 days. We have all of them on file, however, so we can easily get your Steam key to you. We ask that you use the KS messaging system since it allows us to easily verify your email and your backer level.

 When will I receive my physical backer rewards? We are going to work on these after launch, and it will be our #1 priority. We’re looking into ways to easily and quickly get all your rewards fulfilled.

 I backed at a level that allowed me an in-game reward, and I forgot to submit my information. Is it too late? The deadline for in-game backer reward submissions was in May. At this stage, our timeline is too tight to include any additional backer rewards before release. However, if you submit your information now, we can look into including your reward in the game post-release.

 I backed at a level that allows me to attend the launch party. When is that? Due to our desire to give everyone time to make travel arrangements as well as to ensure our launch party doesn’t conflict with anyone’s holiday plans, we’re postponing the full launch party until the first week of February. We will get in touch with you all with more specific details as soon as we have them.

 I have another question that isn’t answered here! If your question is specifically related to Kickstarter concerns, please get in touch with us using the Kickstarter messaging system. If you have questions about the game in general, please post on our Steam boards or our forums.

Beta Patch #4 Released


Hi everyone,

Patch #4 is now live as promised! In case you missed our last announcement, I’ll go ahead and repeat it: we have a final release date for Dead State, and it’s 12/4/14. We hope you’re as excited for the launch as we are :)

For our spooOOooky Halloween patch, we have a lovely mix of tricks and treats, including: an exciting new intro showing the player’s unpleasant welcome to Texas; night combat penalties and fatigue status; a recycling upgrade; adjusted healing mechanics; and lots more. Check out the changelog below for the full list, then get in there and start bashing in undead heads.

Patch #4 Changelog

Added a new intro sequence:
What exactly happened to you before you woke up in the Shelter? Time to find out!

 Changed night-time behavior:
 You no longer lose the game for staying out past midnight. Instead, nighttime combat penalties are applied after 8 p.m.; staying out past midnight causes the fatigue status; and staying out past 3 a.m. now incurs a -50 morale hit, 50% health loss to all members of the party, and kicks you back to the Shelter. If you’re using horses, they become exhausted and unusable for a couple of days, and if you’re using the car, it breaks and you need to repair it again. (In other words, get your butt back to the Shelter before 3 a.m.!)

 Added a Recycler Upgrade:
 By popular request, you can now build the Recycler Upgrade to break weapons and armor down into parts. This will most likely need balancing work, so make sure to share your feedback with us on the boards and forums.

 Adjusted Healing:
 Based on feedback from the community, the Infirmary is no longer the only way to recover lost maximum HP. Lost max HP now slowly heals naturally with rest in the Shelter at the rate of 1 per hour. Treatment in the Infirmary still offers a much quicker way to get back on your feet, but it is no longer the only way.

 Performed major combat balance pass:
 Including armor, weapons, shields, enemies, and enemy chance to crit.

 Updated level visuals: We improved visuals in over 70 levels.

 Updated level loot, combat, and events:
 A number of levels received combat and loot passes, and we even added some more random events.

 Implemented and fixed perk effects:
 New perk effects for Animal Magnetism, Pharmacist, and Gardener were added, and some existing bugged perks were fixed.

 Updated and added icons, portraits, and models

 Added new rare melee weapons and minibosses on multiple maps

 Added more Lore items to various enemies:
 Note: there’s a known bug with the Lore system right now that will be resolved in the next patch.

 Added ability to obtain cats for the Shelter

 Added new Crisis Events
 Added ally deaths from antibiotic shortages:
It's a known issue that camera data isn’t in yet, so consider these WIP for now.

 Added mood bonuses and penalties

 Changed fence job behavior and text:
We changed the title and description text on the stone-reinforced fence job to more correctly reflect the nature of the upgrade.

 Fixed, added, and updated dialogues

 Added Credits button to options menu

 Added wounded status icon

 Added better handling of location detection on area map

 Added additional infirmary polish:
 Characters teleport to the infirmary when they’re injured and even lie down in the beds.

 Adjusted prone AP penalty

 Added requirement of rotten fruit to antibiotics manufacturing

 Added buff status effects “Aimed” and “Pumped”

 Added new faction combat barks

 Added new ‘select all’ buttons in the shelter

 Adjusted travel speed of horses

 There are lots of other smaller tweaks, additions, and improvements that you’ll stumble across as you go, but that should cover most of it :) Watch out for our next patch, which should be equally impressive and satisfy even more popular community requests.

 From all of us here at DoubleBear, Happy Halloween!