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Everything to get you started in a fashion-forward Americana.

Hello, thank you for visiting my page. My name is Julie Tierney and I'm an fashion designer based in Grand Junction, CO. I'm asking for your help in funding my Kickstarter project to produce, refine, purchase equipment and supplies to launch my brand Julie Tierney Fashion. Check the UPDATES section because I put a lot of cool images and events happening. And, with my new website, I will create a page, "It Takes a Village", to give the names of all the contributors because it is going to take a village to make this happen. 

What is Julie Tierney Fashion?

Julie Tierney Fashion is a brand out of Colorado, and it is a "New Americana", or "Ameri-f'n-cana". What does that mean? It is like the traditional Americana, but with an edge. And, to break down more, it is like if Ralph Lauren was super fashion forward, or if he had a "cool" edge. Maybe, if Ralph Lauren had grown up skateboarding and/or snowboarding, and the impact it would have on his brand and designs? The aesthetic for Julie Tierney Fashion is utilitarian, but also sophisticated, and references unexpected elements, while still remaining elegant and beautiful. There is always an element of "fun" represented in all designs, to give an entertainment value, or so it feels "neat". Julie Tierney Fashion is an experience, and you feel like you are part of something special. It carries a uniqueness of a lifestyle, but is not fussy or overly complicated, or overly designed. It is best represented just as itself. The designs of Julie Tierney Fashion are well thought out, tell a story, and have nothing forced or fake. It puts an edge on traditional classic styles in a smart way, without taking the fun out.

Photos taken at Colorado National Monument : Coat 1 : Julie vs. Fashion

Where will you funds go, and what are you supporting?

Your money will go towards getting Julie Tierney Fashion off the ground. The money will go towards producing Julie vs. Fashion, which consist of three coats, one featured in the current pictures. There will be updates of the other two through out the duration of this kickstarter.  I have to keep things small and manageable because I am small. The funds will pay for the production of these coats in Colorado. Also, funds will go towards production of the upcoming collection, "White Lightning" at the Forever Darling V collaboration with the Denver Art Museum Yves St. Laurent Show. Production is costly because it encompasses, the sewing, sourcing and sizing, and it will all be done here locally in Colorado. Through updates, you will see me produce "White Lightening"!

Donated funds will also buy me an industrial sewing machine to sew my lovely handbags. I make cool gorgeous handbags, but to sew them, I need an industrial leather sewing machine, also known as a walking-foot sewing machine. The machine is costly along with supplies to make these wonderful bags. And, if I can design and produce my own bags, I can be solely self sufficient.

Handbags I can produce with a leather sewing machine, along with other designs.

Funds will also be used to have a professional website made by a professional, who specializes in websites. I can design and program my own, but I am not a web designer, and would love to have a real website. I do not want my website to look "crafty", as I kind of feel the current one does? That is not my aesthetic, and don't judge me on the current site.

I am also taking the means to responsibly and intelligently handle the funds I receive. I have done many things in my life, and have had several different roles, but running and owning a business is new to me. So, I am working with a mentor at the Grand Junction Business Incubator to assist me with logistics. It is one thing to design and create cool things, but it is whole other game in managing a business. With my mentor I will be assisted in money management, production, cash flow and all aspects of starting, running and managing a business. I want Julie Tierney Fashion to survive, and I am going to have to reach outside of my own skills to assure that it does. And, I have taken the time to educate myself with by reading these books, Harvard Business Review : On Strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy, Big Think Strategy :  How to Leverage Bold Ideas and Leave Small thinking Behind and How to Read a Financial Report. Personally, I find strategy fascinating. 

The Rewards :

Alpaca Scarf : $225 Donation

$1,100 Donation : Coat 2 : Nomad's Land Collection in NYLON and on runway.

 $1,110 Donation : Monument Coat : Julie vs. Fashion : Beautiful turquoise wool coat!

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Fashion Meets "Whiskey" ?

Press Release for Kickstarter Launch 2012

This all came about as I was preparing for the fashion show at The Denver Art Museum coming March 30th, 2012. It is a Forever Darling V Production, which is produced by Fallene Wells, collaborating with the Denver Art Museum for the Yves St. Laurent Exhibit. The designs for this show are to be YSL inspired. First off, I thought, how would Julie Tierney do this? So, I came up with this concept, that fits into my aesthetic and style, and still references YSL. The name of my collection heading into this show is called "White Lightning", and it is in the "spirit" of the old speakeasies. The bootleggers of Prohibition and the snowboard pioneers of the 80's basically have the same personality, but in different times. So, it might seem like two ideas that do not relate, but actually could be the same person? You can download "Western Colorado Times", World's Greatest Newspaper here to get the story:

Download "Western Colorado Times" :

My Education : 

Wheat Ridge High School : Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Mt. Hood Community College : A.A.S. Graphic Design : Portland, Oregon

Savannah College of Art and Design : Fine Art Degree in Fashion : Savannah, Georgia : Awarded Artistic Honors Scholarship in Graphic Design

Other Education :

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Thank you from Grand Junction, Colorado!

Here are some links from me on Project Runway Season 9: Did I forget to tell you I was on a reality show? Oh, yes . . .  I was . . .

Closet Tour of Julie Tierney :

Home Visit for Julie Tierney :

Casting Session for Julie Tierney :

And, last a big thank you my friends who helped and supported me with this project! Yeah! to you guys!

Illustrations :


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    Receive three high quality vinyl 2" x 2" Julie's "Vision" stickers.These stickers are rad!

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    Receive two vinyl Julie's "Vision" stickers, and a bright orange vinyl Bison Brand wallet. Modeled after my Oregon Fishing's License holder; I thought it was so cool, I made my own. Perfect for holding credit cards, business cards and ID.

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    Receive a 8.5" x 11" signed high quality print of one of my gorgeous illustrations. The illustration will be signed, and you will get to chose one out the three available. And, they will be formatted in the style of John James Audubon. How Audubon presented his work was beautiful, and I thought it would be a unique way to present fashion. Plus, you will get two vinyl Julie's "Vision" stickers, and a bright orange vinyl Bison Brand wallet. Check out under $25, for another look.

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    Illustration t. The t-shirt is a flattering feminine fit, with a longer body length. It is available in pink, with dark blue illustration.

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    Receive a super cool Bison Brand t. (Sorry only available in women's right now, men's will be added shortly) The t-shirt is a flattering feminine fit, with a longer body length. It is available in teal and red, with the Bison Brand Graphic in dark maroon. Also, you will receive two vinyl Julie's "Vision" stickers, and a bright orange vinyl Bison Brand wallet. Go to get the story behind Bison Brand graphic, under the $45 Pledge. Sizes S - 2X

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    Receive a 13" x 19" signed artist's quality newsprint print of the First Issue of Western Colorado Times, "Fashion Meets Whiskey". Produced by, Vodka Press Publishing and Leadpaint Designs. (All of which are me) Also, receive a Bison Brand t, two Julie's "Vision" stickers and a bright orange wallet.

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    Sk8t Scarf : Here is a skateboarding inspired scarf. Not sure if you noticed, but it looks like tall socks that one might have skated in during the 80's? Pretty sweet? It's made from 50% alpaca and 50% wool, and the color is called silky mink. It is super soft and is almost 6.5" long. I'll through in two stickers and a wallet too.

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    This alpaca scarf is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Made of %100 alpaca, it is super soft and overall superior fiber compared to wool. Made with Colorado raised alpacas out at SunCrest Orchard Alpacas in Palisade, CO. This scarf a %100 Colorado made and produced, and it is absolutely gorgeous. A lot of love was put into this scarf.

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    Receive one of my very special "Scofflaw Bags". Scofflaw is an old Prohibition term, and I will let you look it up, if interested in the definition. This bag is handmade by me with an #10 plastic molded YKK zipper, Swiss Army blanket replica and vintage army blanket. It is true to my sophisticated utilitarian aesthetic, and "Ameri-F'ing-Cana". Each bag will come with two Julie's "Vision" stickers, a vinyl Bison Brand wallet and t-shirt. You are basically getting my real life setup. Also, you will receive a signed artist's quality newsprint print of the First Issue of Western Colorado Times. It is everything to get you started in the fashion forward "Ameri-F'ing-Cana". This bag is for women, as an everyday day bag, and men can use it as a "ditty" bag. (good for their bathroom accessories) Also, you will a get a "THANK YOU", from JMFT! ;)

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    The most famous coat out of my Nomad's Land collection. This coat has never been produced, but has more publicity than I could have ever imagined. It is from my Nomad's Land Collection. After it was a hit on the runway at The Savannah College of Art & Design, May 2010, then was featured in NYLON Nov. 2010, and then again pictured in Marie-Claire August 2011 in the Project Runway auditions. It is a great coat, fashion forward, sophisticated and true to my aesthetic. Made out of wool and Pendleton wool, it has a classic style that is always appropriate. Comes in sizes 6 - 12.

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    The beautiful turquoise wool coat you see first, also known as The Monument Coat. This coat is part of the Julie vs. Fashion Collection. It has some beautiful details, and a flattering fitted look. This coat is part of the "New Americana", with its classic elements with a fashion-forward look. It is very cool, and really stands out.

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