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The goggles that bring together the advantages of currently available devices, used for 2D and 3D movies and games, VR and AR

The goggles that bring together the advantages of currently available devices, used for 2D and 3D movies and games, VR and AR Read More
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About this project

Check out the concept of a new Cmoar's design!


Cmoar it is not only Virtual Reality goggles

As has already been stressed, our goggles go far beyond VR. Our major goal was to enclose the biggest number of solutions in just one device. The special and dedicated types of lenses, featuring 2D and 3D image make Cmoar the first goggles that make use of smartphones and that are designed to support PC and consoles gaming in perfect quality. Each of them has the parameters that allow us to enjoy a pure image, without any visible pixels.

Cmoar  2D mono lens + wireless 2D games streaming from the PC!

Cmoar 3D cinema screen lenses -wireless 3D SBS games streaming from PC!

Cmoar  2D mono lens + wireless games streaming from the CONSOLES ( PS4 )

Cmoar Augmented Reality feature in detail!

We kindly invite you to our FORUM! :)

Cmoar Smartphone Viewer is truly revolutionary on a still developing market of projection goggles. In the world of technological innovations, it would be difficult to find such a universal and modern device at such an affordable price

Our major goal was to create just one goggles, without the need to buy several devices. The possibilities dedicated to players, fans of 2D and 3D cinema experiences and fans of virtual and augmented reality are packed in just one device. It’s a product entirely dedicated to you! 

Cmoar at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014!

Cmoar had its world premiere on the 10th of June, during E3 - the biggest technological fairs in the world, where anybody could try it out. Our aim was to prove that a small polish company can compete with big players on the market.

We wanted to show that we do not make false promises but we have a product absolutely ready for production. We managed to create some buzz around Cmoar, attracting even Palmer Luckey and his team to our booth :) The visit at E3 was just fantastic!

You've already found out how our device works and what we're able to offer. Now, all we need are the funds to start mass production that will allow to reduce Cmoar's price. This is why we got involved in Kickstarter. 


Stretch Goals

The more of your support we will get, the more we’ll try to repay! Have a look at what we intend: 

How has Cmoar come into being? 

Everything started over a year ago when new HMD gained huge popularity. Nevertheless, I didn’t merely want to observe the revolution – I wanted to become a part of it. It didn’t take me long to understand what feasible potential do the smartphones have. Particularly now, when the first mobile with 2560x1440 screen has started to be on sale. I was discovering new possibilities everyday and for the first time I decided to combine all the already existing projection goggles and pack their good points into one device. This is the picture of the prototype, after half a year of planning. It was made from wood and furniture rails. It definitely didn’t look very well, but most importantly – it worked! 

The product was ready so the time has come to take care of the design. We chose the best design studio in the area and after some time Cmoar came into existence. The standard version of the goggles is going to be of red color. However, we are also planning to implement different coloristic versions of the product. 

How it works? 

First and foremost, we wanted the device to look great in our living rooms. We also wanted the accessories to be the integral part of the product. 

Ultimately, the device consists of two basic elements: the goggles and the case for accesories. 

You’ve just found out, how the goggles are built and what purposes they serve. 

Now the time has come to familiarize you with a quick manual. What should you do to start using Cmoar? 

1. Open the case and choose lenses according to your needs. 

2. Disconnect the base from the goggles and put a smartphone in it. Close the base. 

3. Open the upper part of the goggles and put the chosen lense in it. 

4. Adjust sharpness. 

Cmoar Smartphone Viewer is ready to work! 

Cmoar's lenses 

As you’ve probably noticed, Cmoar’s core elements are the lenses and the base. Depending on your choice, you will achieve the intended effect: 2D, 3D, AR or VR. 

Remember, the better smartphone parameters you have, the better Cmoar you get. 

2D cinema screen lens let us enjoy fantastic picture, contrast and color, in perfect quality, and most importantly - without any visible particular pixels. Thanks to one single magnifying lens, we can obtain as much as 125” 2D virtual screen in front of us, visible from 2 meters distance, in Full HD for each eye. 

3D cinema screen lenses - thanks to appropriate magnifying lenses, we obtain the effect of as much as 80” 3D virtual screen from 2 meters distance in front of us. We get the picture of an amazing quality, with no visible pixels and thanks to side by side image, each eye sees its part of an image separately. All these result in an incredible depth of the picture, free of any interlacing and flickering, as if you were watching a regular 3D movie in TV. 

Virtual Reality lenses - making use of magnifying lenses of considerable power, you can literally enter the world of the game. You have at your disposal a field of view of as much as 95 degrees, as well as our head tracking plug-in. 

In the case of augmented reality, we may make use of all three kinds of lenses, choosing the image parameters on our own. 

Compatible models

All the above mentioned parmeters were based on the smartphone with Full HD, 5.7" Smartphone. You can find the compatible models and the parameters they give here:

Games and applications 

The first studio we began cooperating with was Prosper Games Studio. Below, there’s a sample of what they’ve prepared so far: 

Virtual Cinema - it is you who decides what to watch and where to sit down. The app is controlled by the movements of your head and a virtual remote control. 

Virtual Reality games, which you control by staying inside the virtual world. Your every move can determine whether you win or lose the battle. For instance, from now on, you can find out how it feels to fight with a bunch of zombies. At your disposal, you have a couple of control possibilities, beginning with a dedicated program that uses a mouse and a computer keyboard, bluetooth controller, ps3 and xbox pad and ending with a smartphone gun! 

Equally interesting are Augmented Reality applications which enable us to generate elements that enrich reality. How about watching a virtual TV or playing the most interactive RPG game in the world with your friends? According to us, the possibilities of augmented reality should also involve educational values and that’s why we are developing initial ideas right now. At your disposal, you also have an innovative control over your head and arms movements.

Streaming: Certainly, mobile applications, as well as the regular watching 2D and 3D movies on your mobile are not the only things you can use Cmoar for. Owing to streaming, you can play your favorite PC games or any-generation console games. Discover more details at ,“Games and applications” tab. 

First versions of games and applications will be available this Friday.

Cmoar SDK 

Developers may feel free to start working on new, unprecedented applications. All the information you need can be found on our forum.

Cmoar is not just a hardware but also the whole software. From the very beginning, we’ve paid a lot of attention to this crucial issue. 

We don’t make use of any SDK that has been in circulation so far because, unfortunately, it seems that the up-to-date mobile solutions have ignored this issue - either by showing absolutely no SDK, or by releasing it in a form that is not particularly useful for developers.

Currently, we have all the most important elements connected with virtual reality implemented - such as Sensor Fusion, correct stereoscopic camera and distortion shaders. We practically have a full integration with Unity engine and attempt to integrate with other engines. Also, we’re working on the native plugins, so that anybody could make use of SDK according to their needs. We’re planning to make the first version of SDK available in the next few days and enable the developers to create games and applications for Cmoar as soon as possible.

Here’s what we’ve prepared for you so far: 

  • Cmoar head tracking - One of the most important things in projection goggles is headtracking. Surprisingly enough, all the other solutions treat this problem quite disrespectully. This is why we’ve created the low latency fusion of our smartphone sensors. It makes it possible to immitate our head positioning so that it resembled the real one. Cmoar 3D 
  • Camera - There’s been an abundance of scientific papers concerning the correct implementation of sterescopic, Side by Side virtual cameras, thanks to which we obtain 3D effect. This image can be characterized by the fact that it needs to be seen from a different perspective, and not just shifted. We make use of the camera implementation based on Off-Axis Projection, thanks to which each eye sees the image from different perspective and not the one that is merely shifted.

Everything is going to be available to you in the next few days. Let’s create together completely new games and applications the world has not seen yet! 


Damian Boczek – Ceo & Founder: "It's really hard to believe that I started working on Cmoar over a year ago, being completely on my own. Now I have a group of trusted friends who support me and what is more, we are assisted by the best designers and constructors." 

We work hard every day to make our solutions revolutionary. We don’t want to rehash old ideas but create new ones! Cmoar is just the beginning. Our team right now:

Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge so far has been to organize the campaign and to prepare our stand at E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo, so that we could demonstrate the product and prove that Cmoar does exist!

From now on, we make all the decisions with you.

We want you to get such Cmoar version that will fully satisfy you.This is why the whole designing process may take a bit longer than we assumed - that's why you'll get Cmoar on this particular date.

We're trying hard to optimize Cmoar in terms of its size, weight, simplicity of use and design.

Thanks to you, this optimization will speed up significantly. At the same time, we promise that the functions and assumptions will stay all the same. You will achieve the final version of the product, which is going to enter the market thanks to you!

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