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$954 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Craig Partin
$954 pledged of $5,000 goal

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Looks like things are winding down here on kickstarer.  Thanks to everyone who has put their support behind our book, it is greatly appreciated.  Please keep up with us on facebook at

We continue to get very positive reviews, like this one from

"The guys over at Pinwheel Press were gracious enough to let me get a sneak peak at their upcoming Man Of God series. I am very greatful as I really enjoy a good comic such as this one!

John Morris is a man of God. Or he was.. Transformed into a hideously burn scarred man with the ability to see the hidden, deep, dark, secrets people have within… and do something about them. The encounters he makes after his awakening were exciting and one of them had me cheering! A truly unique tale that begins from his tragedy. I was hooked from the opening pages. I’m a sucker for a good black and white comic because the line detail isn’t hidden. And this one has some great lines. Guichet’s pencils are only enhanced by some really great ink work by Berryhill. Combine that with some really powerful story-telling from Partin and this one should get an Eisner.

There are some really deep characters other than Morris that we get a bit of a glimpse of too. One of which Perpes, a Russia mob type bad guy, who is surrounded by mystery. I feel he and Morris will face each other somewhere in the future and it could get intense.

Some advice to newbies, branch out from the main publishers and have a look at some of the indy comics on the market such as this one. This issue is 36 pages of great art, great story, and everything this newbie started reading comics for in the first place!"

Mark Kidwell, who currently writes the very cool '68 over at Image had this to say:

"Run, don't walk to your favorite comic book retailer and demand they order "MAN OF GOD"! I was lucky enough to get to read the first issue and brother, does this book deliver. Slick production, amazing story, tight script and dialogue...simply one of the best, fresh efforts I've seen in a long time. SUPPORT THESE CREATORS AND BUY THIS BOOK!! You'll thank me."





comic monsters review of Man of God #1

We have grabbed the front page of with a rather nice review of issue #1 of Man of God.  Click the above link to see what they had to say.

Man of God preview at

Check out the above link to see a preview of Man of God #1.  We are starting to get some press on the book and it is all very positive.  I can't wait for the book to get into your hands.

Thanks to everyone who has backed us so far, it is greatly appreciated.