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A science fiction novel called Afterworld, Escaping the Tyranny Read more

Marietta, GA Fiction
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A science fiction novel called Afterworld, Escaping the Tyranny

Marietta, GA Fiction
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Gary Mollica Sr.
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Gary Mollica Sr.

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I'm a Christian father of six.  I work two jobs and even though I'm a professional with the expenses of a large family its very hard to acquire the extra funds to print my book.  I had it edited and published but my editor /publisher who has gone through some major health and business issues cannot print the book and I'm unable to come up with the funds.  I could get 500 copies for approximately $3000.00 and plan to send the book to larger publishing firms and to an acquaintance in California who liked the book enough to write a screenplay.  He writes for HBO and has almost completed the project.  

The book takes place after a nuclear war that devastated the earth.  There are two  separate societies living in the atmosphere in two cities. One is male and the other is female and they don't interact only to breed and promote their society.  Two guys  fall in love with two girls during this process and decide to try and find a place where they could live free and together in this devastated world .  There is companionship, love, romance, and adventure in this exciting tale about two guys falling in love with two girls fighting to escape the control of socialistic societies suppressing their emotions and  controlling their lives.


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