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Cool your coffee faster and keep enjoying it longer with Joulies, stainless steel beans filled with a magic heat-absorbing material.
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Empact100, White House, Holiday Joulies Sales

Posted by Dave & Dave (Creator)

Empact100 – Thank you so much to everyone who voted! Coffee Joulies has been officially added to the 2011 Empact100 list. This list recognizes the 'top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs' (age 30 or younger). We're not sure exactly what spot we will receive on the final list, as it is determined by more than just votes. But, we are only 54 votes away from most 'liked' so help us bump it into first place!

Dave and I will be attending a recognition event at the White House Executive Office with “senior administration officials.” We will be pledging our support to the education of entrepreneurship. The event will be broadcast live from on Nov 17th sometime between 2 and 5 pm.

We will also be spending the morning on Capitol Hill discussing the role that entrepreneurship will play in creating new jobs and bringing the economy back to full employment. We are humbled and thrilled to be talking about this kind of issue with no-doubt very smart and influential people. We would love to hear what our backers have to say so we can relay your messages. Put your opinions in the comments below.

Sales for the holidays – We are getting a TON of requests for Joulies as gifts for the holidays this year. We are doing everything we can to finish off Kickstarter orders and have as many as possible able to ship before the Holidays. Here is our best guess at the moment:

-Our website – our new website with online store will be launching soon with the equivalent of an Enthusiast Pack available for pre-order for the holidays. Still working out exactly how many we can guarantee for shipment this season, which depends on production in the factory over the next few weeks.

-WIRED holiday store in Times Square NYC – Coffee Joulies will be on display from November 18th to December 24th at the pop-up WIRED store. If you are in the city, stop by and check them out. We will make sure to tweet whenever we are going to be at the store to talk to potential customers.

Shipping update – We are wrapping up all of the kickstarter orders over the next couple of weeks. We are shipping mainly the last personal and enthusiast international packs this week and next week and will ship all CSP's in one shot two or three weeks from now, in plenty of time for xmas gifts or resale.


Dave & Dave


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    1. Morgan Garcia on

      Give 'em a break, guys. They have A LOT of backers and they have been doing a STUPENDOUS job with cracking them out as soon as possible.

      Have fun at the White House, Dave & Dave! :)

    2. Mark Derail on

      If I don't get my Coffee Shop Pack (20 sets) in Montreal, Canada before Dec 22 2011...I'll, I'll, huff & puff and bloooooow ... on my hot coffee.

      Please keep in mind that you're putting us Shop Packs at the end of the list (I don't agree on that) no matter on "position" and some, like myself, being in Canada that means an extra week in transit because of customs.

    3. Geeks With Scissors on

      @Rob and @Bonnie et al: The update DOES say "Shipping update – We are wrapping up all of the kickstarter orders over the next couple of weeks. "
      Just sayin'.

    4. Geeks With Scissors on

      This is awesome, guys! Way to go.

    5. Bonnie McGuire Goodwin on

      ...hey Dave and Dave, STILL waiting for my joulies, maybe a little more time spent on getting out orders from those of us that backed you in the first place before you put any up for order for the Holidays?!? on your website...

    6. David Snell on

      As of 6:20am EST Coffee Joulies, LLC is listed as #1 on Empact 100's List. Congratulations.
      I agree with palenoue also as Kickstarter seems like a good method to get some entrepreneurs and existing businesses the opportunity to try out new product ideas. It also is a decent method for supporting artists and other areas.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Wilcox on

      Dave & Dave.. I remember a few updates back that you linked to a spreadsheet that listed our place-in-line. Where are you up to on that list? I'm at position 3794, I think, and based in Europe. So just wondering how long you might "guestimate" before I get my delivery :)

    8. palenoue on

      While you're talking to all those officials about entrepreneurship, suggest they spend some of that incentive money at Kickstarter. Find kickstarter projects that entail hiring people to start a small business then offer something like 25% matching funds. If it fail Uncle Sam gets the money back, if it succeeds the US government just helped a small business get started and hiring people. Would be a lot smarter plan than giving billions to corrupt bankers.