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Relive mountain bike trail thrills as 3D animations on your smartphone. Share and compare how you rode the trail with friends. Read more

Bristol, UK Technology
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 2, 2013.

Relive mountain bike trail thrills as 3D animations on your smartphone. Share and compare how you rode the trail with friends.

Bristol, UK Technology
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About this project

Imagine if you could see how exciting, scary, or just plain fun your ride was, displayed on your smartphone.

ReTrack delivers this as an animated 3D action replay, way beyond a line on a map or a graph.

After your ride, just relax whilst ReTrack delivers the edited highlights, ready for you to share at the touch of a button.

Push yourself harder, show off the best bits, see your ride from a completely new angle with ReTrack.

See the way you took on a trail, with every twist and turn, from all the best angles. Share the totally cool - or completely catastrophic - moments with your friends.

Your highlights look like you've had a full film crew along the trail - including a virtual helicopter filming you too, and even the editing is all done for you. You do your riding, with a sensor and a smartphone, and we'll do the rest.

The only way to get this unique experience is with ReTrack.

ReTrack is light and unobtrusive, effortless to use, easy to share, with a free online service.

There is no heavy equipment, no camera to align, no switching on and off during the ride, no video to manually edit.

Just enjoy your ride.

Where did ReTrack come from?

ReTrack was developed by a mountain biker, for mountain bikers.

ReTrack came from an idea that Simon Fowler had about 2 years ago, to produce a more interesting and realistic replay of his mountain bike rides.

For him, a line on a map generated by a GPS didn't capture the real feeling of riding a trail, and he didn't want the hassle of using a camera.  His goal was to record biking motion with more detail than he'd ever seen, and provide a easy way to convey the feeling of really riding that trail, that anyone could use. 

Simon's background developing control software for satellites gave him the skills to ensure that ReTrack became a reality. The team has now grown to market and deliver ReTrack, and we have built up partnerships with trusted suppliers to provide specialist skills such as 3D animation and product design.

The result is a nearly finished product - the images and video you see on this page use animations generated from riding real trails with the ReTrack prototype.

How do I ReTrack and share a ride?

All you need to do is switch on the sensor, start the app, put your smartphone in your pocket or bag and enjoy your day. 

After flying down your favourite singletrack, you can relax while ReTrack delivers the highlights of your day to your smartphone.

Relive your ride, show your friends and share online.

What do I need to make it work?

The key to the system is the ReTrack sensor, which fits securely and discreetly on your bike helmet and tracks the details of your movement. The ReTrack sensor contains a set of inertial sensors and is optimised to reliably track the motion of extreme sports action. The sensor has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone which stores the sensor data together with GPS position data. 

At the end of your ride, the data is  uploaded to the ReTrack server, and processed to generate the animated highlights of your ride. The patent pending ReTrack system not only generates your motion but also the path that you followed, and this is animated so that you feel like you are riding down the real trail.

Your motion is tracked more accurately than a GPS alone, giving you a realistic replay of the real details of your ride. ReTrack does not need network coverage during the ride and can fill in small gaps in GPS reception. 

This first generation of ReTrack Sensors, available as rewards on Kickstarter, will work with Android phones only; apologies to iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users, but we haven't got the resources to roll out ReTrack on multiple platforms yet. However, we would love you to stay in touch, so we can keep you up to date and let you know as soon as support for new platforms is available.

Sensor Technical Specification

  • Mounting: direct to helmet via strap or on goggle strap. 
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (standard or rechargeable). 
  • Battery life: approximately 14 hours with alkaline batteries. 
  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 30mm.
  • Mass: 67g (inc 2 x AAA batteries). 

All figures are based on the current functional prototype.  The production sensor is expected to be similar, with the custom casing design currently thinner and planned upgrades should result in improved battery life.  

For comparison, the current prototype is less than half the size and weight of many popular helmet cameras.


We have done our best to provide a range of rewards for all budgets, for which you will all get our eternal gratitude, and some truly unique opportunities including...

  • We have rewards at £10 and £25, but the first reward that allows you to ReTrack is the first batch of sensors.
  • If you are quick off the line, get one of the first batch of sensors at an exceptionally good value price of only £99.  When these are all gone, £125 will get you one on the main batches of sensors, which still provide great value.

Note, all of the Kickstarter batch of sensors will only work with Android devices which have GPS and Bluetooth, and will NOT work with iOS devices (sorry folks).  When ReTrack goes on general sale the planned retail price will be at least £149, so get yours now. Sensor units will be available from March 2014, and include the ReTrack Android App and free unlimited access to the base ReTrack service.

  • Fancy something more personalised? How about a ReTrack sensor engraved with your name and its unique serial number, yours for only £199.
  • Get involved by being a ReTrack test pilot for £250, and come and spend a day as a beta tester. Be one of the very first people outside of the development team to ride the trails with ReTrack, and let us look after you for the day at a trail centre in the UK, and then also receive one of the first batch of production sensors when available.  Exact venues and dates to be confirmed, and you will be responsible for your own safety on the day and for your transport to/from the venue.
  • Our top of the range reward: for £1000 you can be imortalised in ReTrack, with one of the 3D avatars available within ReTrack actually modelled on you! (or your alter ego; we can work from photos or just your imagination). Will also include one of the first batch of production sensors.

See the sidebar for all of the details and to make your choice.

Why we are on Kickstarter

We're nearly there!

The working functional prototype of the ReTrack system has produced the animations that you see in the video and in pictures here. This is the core of the product and it's almost ready. However, there are two key areas that need additional work to complete ReTrack. 

The first is the sensor, where the casing needs to be refined from the small black box that you see in the video into a good looking, rugged, and weather-proof case that we can mass-produce.  

This process has been started, with the initial CAD model shown here, but this needs to be refined and the tooling produced. We will also need to adjust the electronics to fit the final case design, the whole unit certified.

Before we release them, we will have a rigorous test programme to ensure that they stand up to some serious abuse - and you can join that process by picking the beta testing reward.

The second area of additional development is to take the current algorithms and embed them within a cloud service so that you can automatically ReTrack your rides. The algorithms are working well now after huge amounts of effort to get them to accurately track bikers as they bounce down a hillside. The main work here will be making them scalable and ready as a service for all, so that everyone's rides will be automatically processed and stored ready for you to view and share.

We have built up a wealth of experience over the past 2 years of development, and also a network of suppliers and partners to ensure we can deliver ReTrack to you. A summary of the development schedule is shown below, so that you can see what we are planning to do in the months leading up to the first deliveries of the production version of ReTrack.

We are totally committed to get ReTrack completed, manufactured, and delivered to your door; what we need from you is your enthusiasm (and pledges) to make sure it happens.

Thanks for your support

Thank you for your help to get ReTrack to market. Please spread the word - join us on Twitter or Facebook, share the page with mountain biking friends - it will all help make sure this product becomes a reality. We really look forward to ReTracking your rides and using your feedback to help create a totally awesome product - hopefully we'll meet up on a bike trail sometime to hear your story.


Simon and the ReTrack team.

Risks and challenges

What are the risks and challenges that we expect to find, and what are we going to do about them?

ReTrack is a unique and novel technology, and you will be the first people to have access to this, but the work that we have done so far has proved that we can track, record, and animate mountain bike rides. There will almost certainly be certain trails and biking motions which cause unexpected things to happen; we will catch as many of these as possible in out testing, but the system architecture allows us to update the algorithms quickly and easily when an anomaly is found, and we will continue to support you even after the sensors are delivered.

To deliver the sensors to you, the key part that we will need to commit to is the tooling for the case, and we are working with an experienced design company to make sure that we get that right. We can't afford the time or money to get this wrong, so we will make sure that we have tested, stretched, dropped, and generally beaten up the samples before we give the green light to produce the tools.

Any development with Android has the risk of incompatibility with specific devices and/or versions, but we will test as many combinations as early as possible here, and will concentrate on the devices that you own; this is where you can all help, and if you want to be involved, we may give you a call to ask if we can try out the latest sensor with your phone prior to launch.

We need to deliver ReTrack to you within a fixed budget and keep to our delivery timescales so that you are out there ReTracking your rides as soon as possible. The only way we can do this is by careful monitoring of progress and taking actions to correct things as soon as a problem is found, and we will keep you informed of all of these ups and downs as they occur. We also have the vast experience available through the SETsquared business incubator to call upon, ensuring that there is sufficient backup to solve whatever problems occur. I'm sure the path to delivery won't be without challenges, but we are ready and willing to take them on and make ReTrack a reality.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    A big Thank You for getting involved, we'll keep you informed of all our development updates and provide additional supporter exclusive insider news. All amounts help us get closer to our goal and make ReTrack happen - so we're really grateful for your involvement, thanks!

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    A huge THANK YOU, and your initials embedded within the firmware of every sensor in the Kickstarter edition sensor unit, so that a part of you will track over a thousand people down countless trails.

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    Excellent - massive THANKS. You'll receive a supporters pack, including a Kickstarter exclusively designed ReTrack T-shirt and a set of ReTrack stickers.

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    Our key reward - you'll be one of the first ReTrackers on the planet! Sign up quickly for this special early bird price to get one of the first sensors from batch 1. This price includes the ReTrack Sensor (Android OS compatible), the ReTrack app and unlimited access to the ReTrack server.

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    Get one of the batch 2 sensors at the special Kickstarter price; same deal as batch 1 just a month later to give us time to get them made. This price includes the ReTrack Sensor (Android OS compatible), the ReTrack app and unlimited access to the ReTrack server.

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    Get one of the first batch of sensors, but personalised with your name and the unique production number engraved onto the unit for the complete 'one of a kind' experience. This price includes the ReTrack Sensor (Android OS compatible), the ReTrack app and unlimited access to the ReTrack server.

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    Be a ReTrack test pilot; come and join us at a trail centre for a beta test day, trying out the latest sensor. We will cover lunch and any uplift fees for the day, and you will get a link to your ReTracked rides from the day. This price includes one of the first batch of ReTrack Sensors (Android OS compatible), the ReTrack app and unlimited access to the ReTrack server. A number of test days will be organised around the UK, but it will be your responsibility to get to/from the location.

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    Only ships to: United Kingdom
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    Be immortalised in Retrack, with one of the Retrack avatars modelled on you. Spend a day with the team, visiting the 3D modellers to help refine your avatar and then come out a ReTrack a ride or 2 with a beta test sensor unit. This price includes the one of the batch ReTrack Sensor units (Android OS version), the ReTrack app and unlimited access to the ReTrack server.

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