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Complete the core game of Myth & Magic by bringing the Game Master's Guide and a Collector's Edition to life...

Heroes have stormed the gates of Myth & Magic! The realms need your help to oppose them!

Since the launch of the first set of preview rules almost three years ago, players have embraced Myth & Magic as their default update to the glorious 1989 Rules. Now it is time to recapture the glory of the Game Master, the power that once was, the power to manipulate the machinations of a twisted and fantastic world, the unbridled freedom to unleash your imagination upon the unsuspecting spawns that are your players!  Master the rules, bend them to your will. You are the Game Master! You are the Gods! You are omnipotent! Huzzah!

2nd Edition was wonderful and unique. Not only did it maintain most of the game's 1st Edition mechanics, but it created more options for the player and delivered to the Game Master a horde of awesome product. Game Masters had at their fingertips the most distinct and downright awesome campaign worlds ever designed - worlds teeming with dungeons, dragons and epic struggles of man. To boot, TSR published a decade's worth of material, so we all had uncountable sources of inspiration and adventure. In the end, 2nd Edition proved to be an exceptional arena for adventure and story-telling. A lot of material still lingers in bookshelves and closets. A lot of memories still linger, as well.

It was a great time for gaming.

Myth & Magic - 2E Revived!

Enter Myth & Magic, a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that brings back 2E and it brings it back better than ever. Myth & Magic retains so much of what made 2E so damn great and at the same time cleans up and modernizes a few of the mechanics.

Why the update? Well, for starters, we want to make the experience a bit smoother and aligned with today's gaming expectations. No clunkiness or downright strangeness. But, even more importantly, we want to attract gamers that never played 2E, gamers that started with 3E or later, a segment that comprises the lion's share of today's gaming market. We want to create a thriving player base.

I honestly can't express how much we love 2E and the memories we have playing it. That love is evident in the quality of the Myth & Magic experience. We want to share that experience with all gamers, from the old guard to the new school alike. 

What is the Game Master's Guide?

This tome essentially combines what you have come to know as both a monster's manual and a game master's guide. It contains all you need as a Game Master to challenge your heroic Myth & Magic characters. Rob Lopatto's cover is a classic example of a pinch of the power you control:  

Monsters: A slew of over one hundred canon monsters comprise a chunk of the Game Master's Guide. In contrast to how the monsters are represented in the Starter Guide, the GMG will dedicate at least one full page to each monster, bringing back the same look and level of content seen in 2E. As a Game Master, you will have the crunch and fluff to roleplay your monsters to the fullest effect. Take the ankheg below as an example. By reading its entry, you can start to envision ways in which to plague your adventurers with this monster:

Magic: The book is chock full of magical items. All the greatest magical items from 2E make an appearance (ahem, sword of sharpness anyone?). We have also scoured the many encyclopedias of magical items to pluck out a few items of lore we had so much fun using. Check out this interesting magical item inspired by a certain elixir of vampirism:

Fang Dust: Appearing to be a mere ivory-colored dust, the necromantic energy encapsulated in its granules causes any living creature who comes into contact with it to immediately undergo a frightening transformation into a vampiric creature. This very painful transformation takes one full round to complete and causes 2d10 points of damage (no save). Upon completion of the transformation, the subject appears as a vampire and gains the monster's abilities to spider climb and take gaseous form at will. The subject also regenerates three hit points each round and gains a proficient bite attack that deals a base of 1d4 points of melee damage. (See the vampire's entry in this book for more details.) The subject is not considered undead and takes on none of the vampire's other abilities or vulnerabilities. Unwilling subjects must succeed on an Exceptional (TC 20) Fortitude save to fight off the transformation. If successful, the duration is 1d10+10 minutes. Please note that the required dose of fang dust is four ounces regardless of the subject's size and most bags of fang dust contain four ounces. Aura: Moderate Necromancy.

And More: The GMG contains more than monsters and magic. It contains advice to build and play NPCs and villains, a random dungeon feature generator, advice to run dungeons and other locations, sample NPC and villain archtypes, diseases, curses, poisons, and more.

Need a Player's Guide?

We received a bunch of emails from gamers missing out on the great fun we had during our most recent Kickstarter for the Player's Guide. Guess what? We will have more! A few backer levels include a hardcover or PDF (or both) of the Player's Guide. Need to add even more? Just contact us through this Kickstarter and we'll provide instructions on how to add more copies of the Player's Guide.

Collector's Complete Edition

We're printing 200 special edition Collector's Complete hardcovers. This one huge tome will include the Player's Guide and the Game Master's Guide in their entirety. It will also include four special full page illustrations, a different cover, as well as a map and preview of Evermyst! We'll post an image of the cover as soon as it's complete. We're expecting this to be almost 600 pages of Myth & Magic. Only 200 of these will be printed, so it's never been a better time to be a first mover! Check out the reward levels that contain a Collector's Complete hardcover and pick one up!

Bonus and Stretch Goals?

Of course! The first goal is a "content goal". If met, the GMG expands. There may be several more content goals as we forge ahead. The first unlocks at $15,000. Once attained, we're adding 50 CORE MONSTERS!!!

We also have a stretch goal that puts another product in your hands. At $20,000, not only are we shipping a print edition of the first module, The Road to Adventure, with each order, we'll be producing a GM's Screen that can be picked up here for a fraction of the public's cost. The Road to Adventure is also included in a PDF bundle. See the rewards level.

Your Help

Each Kickstarter backer is responsible for the existence of our Player's Guide. With their help, we made a book we're proud of and one our backers deserve.  We kept our margins very tight for that book and would like to produce a Game Master's Guide that you truly deserve. But we need your help again. Myth & Magic has always been a community project and that mindset has not changed as the game transforms into a commercial concern. It is still our game and together we'll continue to make it great.

So, please consider pledging for our Game Master's Guide Kickstarter. You will not be disappointed.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is not our first rodeo, so we know the pitfalls. The challenges are satisfying the high-level backers, getting the PDF done early and in the backers' hands, getting a pre-flight that is actually accepted the FIRST time and sorting out all the orders.


  • Yes, add $20 to your pledge total for each copy and remember to specify this addition in the survey you receive at the end of the Kickstarter.

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  • We're not charging any handling, so it's the straight shipping charges. At the moment, we're planning on using priority mail international shipping. The published rates, as of October 11th, are here:

    A hardcover copy of the GMG weighs under 3 pounds, so use the small box flat rate. The PG weighs about the same thing. So, if you have multiple books coming, use the medium box rate.

    At the moment, the collector's edition hardcover is right at or around 4 pounds. If we hit the 15K goal, the book will be around 4.5 pounds. I wish I could give you a more exact weight, but we don't know until we hit or miss the goal.

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  • Yes, but only if you backed at a level that included a printed copy of the GMG or Collector's Complete Edition. Add $20 to your pledge for each additional GMG. At this time, you cannot add more $$ to receive additional Collector's Editions.

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    Game Master's Guide PDF: PDF prerelease of the Game Master's Guide. Get it before all others! Credit in the book as a Copper Contributor.

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    Core Game PDF Bundle: Get the PDF of the Player's Guide and the prerelease PDF of the Game Master's Guide. You'll receive the Player's Guide PDF immediately upon the end of the Kickstarter and the Game Master Guide prior to public release. Credit in the the book as a Copper Contributor.

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    Hardcover: PDF prerelease and hardcover copy of the Game Master's Guide! Credit in the book as a Silver Contributor. Shipping not included.

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    PDF Bonanza: Receive a PDF of the Player's Guide, Game Master's Guide, the Road to Adventure module, the Trip to Hell Reloaded module and the GMG expansion that details six of the Arch Dukes of Hell. Note that the PDF of the Player's Guide will be delivered immediately upon the conclusion of the Kickstarter and the other PDFs will arrive as soon as complete. Credit in the book as a Copper Contributor.

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    Hardcover Plus: Includes prerelease PDF and hardcover copy of the Game Master's Guide. Also includes a PDF of The Road to Adventure module, the updated Trip to Hell module and a special expansion to the GMG that details six of the Arch Dukes of Hell!!! Credit in book as a Silver Contributor. Shipping not included.

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    Core Hardcover Bundle: Get the hardcover Game Master's Guide and a hardcover copy of the Player's Guide! Also includes PDFs of both books and credit in the book as a Silver Contributor. Does not include shipping.

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    Core Hardcover Bundle Plus: This reward level provides a hardcover copy of both the Game Master's Guide and Player's Guide and a PDF package that includes a prerelease of the GMG, the Road to Adventure module, a Trip to Hell Reloaded module, and the GMG Arch Dukes of Hell expansion. Does not include shipping. Credit in the book as an Electrum Contributor.

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    Collector's Edition: Does not include any previous reward level. This is the special omnibus hardcover collector's edition of the complete Myth & Magic game. One big ol' tome containing the entire Player's Guide and Game Master's Guide, four special illustrations, preview and map of Evermyst, and a special cover! Autographed and limited to 175! Credit in book as a Gold Contributor. Shipping not included. (Note, at this level, you can add $20 to your pledge amount to add the PDF Bonanza reward.)

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    Monster Mash: Includes the Collector's Edition plus the PDF Bonanza rewards, with free shipping (domestic or international), as well as the opportunity to work with a writer and artist to have your favorite homebrew monster included as a core beast in the GMG! Credit in the Book as a Platinum Contributor.

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    Villainomicon: Includes the reward from the Collector's Edition plus the PDF Bonanza levels, with free shipping (domestic or international), as well as the opportunity to work with a writer and artist to have your favorite homebrew villain mechanically created and illustrated the book. He, she or it will be included in a special Villainomicon section of the book that details the villain's crunch and backstory. Your villain will forever be responsible for many a PC's death!!!! Credit in the Book as a Diamond Contributor.

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    Ultimate Game Mastery: Includes an autographed hardcover Collector's Complete tome; four autographed hardcover copies of the Player's Guide; the PDF Bonanza reward; a monster AND villain created, described and illustrated in full glory; your PC group immortalized in at least a half page; your favorite homebrew magical item or artifact in the game; an autographed GM's screen (if we unlock it); behind-the-scenes access to the completion of the GMG and the development of the Evermyst campaign setting; credit in the book as a Vorpal Contributor.

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