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Campaign for crucial filming costs to follow an artist as he documents Mapuche storytellers and encodes their stories into textiles.
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Okapi Films

234 backers pledged $32,140 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Okapi Films on July 17, 2012

      Us too!

    2. Creator Deborah and Luca Matrundola on July 17, 2012

      I can't wait to see the finished doc.

    3. Creator Okapi Films on July 17, 2012

      Thank you Allison!

    4. Creator Allison MacEwan on July 17, 2012

      Congrats and good luck!

    5. Creator Okapi Films on July 16, 2012

      Thanks, Ebony!!

    6. Creator Ebony Love on July 16, 2012

      WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!!! Amazing, amazing funding push in the last few hours. Congratulations!!

    7. Creator Okapi Films on July 16, 2012

      Thanks, Jill!!! Thank you for all your support throughout the campaign! Congrats also on your project!

    8. Creator Jill D'Agnenica on July 16, 2012

      I am so excited that this project is moviing forward!!

    9. Creator Okapi Films on July 16, 2012

      Hi Dana,
      Actually, you can. You can send it to Los Angeles Filmforum as a tax deductible donation intended fo a particular film. That is what our normal fiscal sponsorship program is all about. And not such a % would be taken out (Kickstarter & Amazon payments each take their %.) Indeed, if I don't make my goal, I will ask all our donors to do just that.
      So why have a Kickstarter campaign? Having a Kickstarter campaign is a useful way 1) to actually do the work of having a campaign with a deadline; 2) to reach new people.

    10. Creator Dana Duff on July 15, 2012

      It's so dumb that this is all or nothing -- why can't we just donate the same amount direct to you?

    11. Creator Okapi Films on July 11, 2012

      Wow! We just crossed $15,000! This is incredible. Thank you all so much who keep coming out in support of this project. It means so much to all of us. With six days to go, we are working around the clock to find partners and supporters like you who want to ensure that this story is told. Thank you again! If each backer found one more person to donate, we would be in great shape for the finish!

      Adam, Anthony, Guillermo

    12. Creator Okapi Films on July 8, 2012

      Thank you all so much for backing Coded Stories and supporting a story that highlights the power of art to bring us together and preserve culture.

      We are so grateful to have 80 backers and 30% of our goal. Please share the link to the campaign with your friends and send us any suggestions on how to keep spreading the word!