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Help launch the Podprop! A universal fit SOFT foam stand for iPhone and most other smartphones. Custom logo packages now available!
Help launch the Podprop! A universal fit SOFT foam stand for iPhone and most other smartphones. Custom logo packages now available!
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    1. Ken Malsan Creator on October 14, 2012

      Hello - We've been working on some improvements to the design. We expanded the hole in the bottom for connectors, added non-slip ridges to the front leading edge and now also have a smooth exterior. With these changes the podprop has a little more firmness and weight to it (still just 3 oz). If you'd like to see the latest it's called the Type S and can be found on We should have some additional colors in a month or two. Thanks, Ken

    2. Missing avatar

      Alan Jung on August 26, 2012

      I love my Podprops. Thanks for the surprise.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn Saleem on August 17, 2012

      I got mine in Canada! Yesterday They are excellent quality and work very good. Thanks for the suprise, it was great.

    4. Ken Malsan Creator on August 16, 2012

      Thanks Addam. The Podprop is designed for phones and smaller devices.. I'm working on a tablet version with my nephew Chris (engineering student at RPI). The design for that will hold both tablets and phones, including the really wide phones and ones with the super thick Otter cases. That should be available later this year. Ken

    5. Addam Campbell on August 15, 2012

      Just got mine today, looks great. It holds my HTC One X perfectly. It can't handle my tablet, but i would have been shocked if it could.

    6. Missing avatar

      Francesco on August 15, 2012

      Ken, just received my grey one today. It looks and functions perfect. I just want to thank you for the surprise also enclosed. Thx. Your an example to other kickstarters!

    7. Aaron McCormack on July 21, 2012

      I've been using mine for about a week, love it. Can't wait to buy more, thank you Ken!

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Himbert on July 21, 2012

      Got Mine Today, very cool ! Thanks a lot !

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      Angeli Angelos (deleted) on July 16, 2012

      Got Mine! Amazing, Item. I am looking to buy many more!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gregory Hengel on July 13, 2012

      Got mine as well today. Thanks.

    11. Mark Kadas
      on July 12, 2012

      Got my black Podprop today! It's a very cool item. Thanks.

    12. royblumenthal on July 6, 2012

      Just got my rewards survey. Thanks, Ken! I'm so looking forward to receiving my two black Podprops! And I really hope to see them in the stores one day. Brilliant product!

    13. Ken Malsan Creator on June 20, 2012

      Talked with the production team today and everything is on schedule for July. I plan to send the backer reward shipment survey out the first week in July. I'll also send another project update right after the July 4 holiday. Thanks, Ken

    14. Ken Malsan Creator on June 18, 2012

      In the Albany NY area? I'll be talking about how the Podprop was developed this Tuesday, June 19 at 7PM at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon library.

      I'm joining another Albany inventor to talk about how we made our product ideas a reality and see if there's enough interest to form a local inventors' group. Open to the public - please join us. Thanks, Ken

      When: Tuesday, June 19 – 7:00 PM Where: Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library – Meeting Room A/B 475 Moe Road, Clifton Park, NY 12064

    15. Nancy Hutchins
      on June 4, 2012

      What a fabulous product! Now I will be able to watch Netflix in bed and not have to hold the phone!!!! Awesome. :-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Shawn Saleem on June 4, 2012

      This product is so useful and at such a great price it's hard to resist, i had to get 4 of them. I can't wait for my podprops!!. Good luck and good job Ken!

    17. Ken Malsan Creator on June 4, 2012

      Hi everyone - it's exciting to see so many new backers joining us today. If you have any questions please let me know as I'll be monitoring email closely. Thanks, Ken

    18. Ken Malsan Creator on May 30, 2012

      Thanks Kevin. And thank you to all our backers and others who have been sending messages. I'm working on a full update for Friday. The manufacturing company in Indiana has started tooling / production. It feels great to be moving forward. We did it! Ken

    19. Kevin Wilson on May 30, 2012

      Congratulations on reaching the goal.

    20. Ken Malsan Creator on May 26, 2012

      Another positive review picking up a ton of views on YouTube. UnboxTechnology has over 3,700 subscribers. Thanks!

    21. Heiner (deleted) on May 15, 2012

      Guys have you talked with the people from Gizmodo? Surely, they will make an article about the Popdrop, they will love it :)

    22. Ken Malsan Creator on May 15, 2012

      Great news! Update #5 adds the custom logo option starting with just a 25 stand minimum. If you have any questions on the process or what you can get just send me a note. Happy to help. Thanks, Ken

    23. Missing avatar

      Gregory Hengel on May 12, 2012

      Another vote for Paul's comment. I would love to give these away as promotional items for my business.

    24. Ken Malsan Creator on May 4, 2012

      Thanks Kevin and Paul. The high-quality heat transfer labels for the Kickstarter special edition come in 1,000 label minimums. So a possibility now is that I just over purchase labels, or put the same logo on both the front and back if people were looking for 300-500 units. I've also got some samples on the way from a different label maker that will make lower quantities (short runs starting as low as 50 units). I should be able to test those next week. After I know that I'll put out custom logo options. Thanks, Ken

    25. Kevin Wilson on May 4, 2012

      Paul is right. It's a great promo item. Perhaps a backer level with your custom logo would land you a few big pledges.

    26. Ken Malsan Creator on May 2, 2012

      The Podprop was selected for the May 2 Kickstarter Spotlight on the Android Rundown website.

      "simple design that delivers a consistent and flexible hold for basically any device while still allowing for charging" - Android Rundown

    27. Paul Garrett on May 1, 2012

      The Podprop will be the greatest promotional item ever produced.

    28. Ken Malsan Creator on April 30, 2012

      Fantastic review from Dave at Geekanoids today - "worth funding", "works extremely well" and "I like it a lot". Sounds even better with his british accent. Link below or search for "podprop" on YouTube.

    29. Ken Malsan Creator on April 29, 2012

      Tonight we crossed the $5k barrier! Thank you for the support. We also now have 350 Likes on the Facebook page (Podprops) and close to 1,000 views on the YouTube Channel (Podprops). So the project is gaining momentum.

      I've been getting great suggestions from backers on places to blog and product reviewers to contact. It's really helping. If you have ideas on things I can work on please let me know. Thanks.


    30. Missing avatar

      Kyle Cittadino on April 19, 2012

      This is great i love it, backed you for one gray unit! good luck!

    31. Ken Malsan Creator on April 13, 2012

      Hi everyone, it's Ken. A full update will be posted in a few days, but here are a few things happening..

      GadgetSin posted this review.

      I've made contact with other product reviewers and some people from the media. I'm working with them to help get the word out about the project.

      The Facebook page is now up to 10 likes and we have some Twitter activity. Things are starting to build. Thanks for helping, Ken