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$4,295 pledged of $21,000 goal
By Lexi Malmros
$4,295 pledged of $21,000 goal

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My sincerest thanks.


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Get your free cupcake next weekend!

Hello everyone!

If you have already backed my project (Thank you again!) or do so before Thursday June 7th and plan to visit the shop on opening weekend to claim your free cupcake, please send me an email at

I will be putting together a list of cupcake recipients. I have much baking to do this week and want to make sure that I have enough cupcakes to give to my generous supporters!  I don't need to know specifically when you'll be visiting the store, just that you're planning to.

If your Kickstarter username is something other than your full name, please be sure to send me both. If you are an out of town backer but know someone in Philly that you want to give your cupcake to, please send me the lucky person's name. 

Thank you for your help and again for your support! I look forward to meeting you!


Lexi Malmros

Pint Cakes!

I have made my first Pint Cake prototype!  Given that it's one of the rewards for backing my project, I thought you might like to see it!

This one is made with "Choco Dog" on the bottom, "Pure Philly" on the top, has layers of chocolate ganache in between, and chocolate chips on top!

When the Pint Cakes are sold in my shop, or shipped out, they will look different.  Most importantly, my logo will be on the pint glass... but the top may also be different.  This prototype is a birthday gift for my friend (hence, the bow).  I don't think they'll all have bows, but bows will be available at the customer's request.

Doesn't it look yummy?!

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New Reward Added!

Beer Cake Party!!

There is now a second option for any backer who pledges $1,000 or more.  Those backers can choose to have a fully catered private party at the shop!!  He or she, and 9 other guest will be treated to dinner, drinks (of the spirited variety), and beer cakes for dessert!  Copious amounts of fun are also included.

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Grand Opening Incentive!!

Free Cupcake!!!!

I have decided that to properly celebrate my opening weekend at Cookie Confidential, anyone that has backed at least $1.00 to my project by June 7th will get a free mini cupcake! If you've back my project by then, you can stop by the shop any day from the 7th - 10th to eat your mini and see what you've supported!  If you're out of town, you can choose to send a Philly friend in to enjoy a free Beer Cake! 

YAY!! Beer Cakes!!!