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Turning your favorite Philly beers into delicious cupcakes, novelty cakes, and wedding cakes!

Beer Cakes??

Beer Cakes is the result of a girl who loves cake, loves beer, and loves going to breweries with her Dad...  After a couple fresh pints and some good pub food, I always wanted something sweet and was disappointed at the lack of dessert on the menu.  So I began to develop some recipes.  What I came up with was a way to make cake that tastes like beer!

Using the amazing craft brews that Philadelphia has to offer, I put beer in both my cake and my buttercream.  What makes every craft beer unique is the flavors and spices that are used to brew them.  I play with those same ingredients in my recipes to bring out the beer's flavor. The result is an amazing dessert that has savory and sweet notes that will tickle your taste buds.

While you can check my website ( to see a list of the flavors that I've created so far, there are so many more awesome Philly beers that are just waiting for me. Having a storefront would allow me to make several flavors available everyday! How exciting is that?!?  Plus, I'd have the room to start making wedding cakes and novelty cakes! Do you have goosebumps yet? I do.

Right now Beer Cakes Philly is only a wholesale or special order business, and though it's going very well, I want to bring my cakes to the masses. I want everyone in Philly to have the chance to stop in for a beer cake!

My vision for my shop is this...

My bakery won't look at all the way you would expect a bakery to look.  You will most likely walk in and think you've entered a dive bar.  My cakes are about the beer, and the shop should be too.

I see local art on the wall, eclectic decorations, wooden tables that you can carve your name into, old tin signs, white christmas lights... can you picture it?

The other aspect of my bakery that will be different is my hours of operation.  My plan is not to open too early, but instead to stay open late.  I'd like to be open when people are leaving the bars.  I mean, they're beer cakes, they're great late night snacks!

I have so many ideas for my store.  Ideas that will one day come to life. But for the moment, all I want is to have a place to sell cakes that are made with great Philly beers... and I want it more than anything.

I imagine my Beer Cakes Philly storefront everyday, and with your help I'll be able to wake up every morning and actually live the dream.

What the money is for...

I have saved enough money for the initial rent, plus the starting ingredients.  What I'll need is the equipment to turn it into an operating bakery. Here are the basics...

Refrigerator - $4000


Work Tables- $1000

Display Case-$3000

30qt Mixer- $5000

Pans & Miscellaneous equipment- $1000


*The amounts for the large equipment items are estimates for pre-owned units.  

Cake made with beer has been done before, but cake that tastes like beer is completely new!  I am a pioneer! I am bringing great beer to the forefront of a nation that loves cake.


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    Everyone who pledges $1 or more will be thanked and listed on my website & will receive an email with a yummy beer recipe!

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    Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive a voucher for a free cupcake when the shop is open, and acknowledgement of my sincerest gratitude on my website. Out of towners will also receive internet gratitude and i'll email you one of my delicious recipes!

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    You can stop by the shop and pick up a 6 cupcake sampler... Non Philly backers will receive a Pint Cake (cake and frosting layered in a pint glass with my logo on it) in the mail.

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    12 cupcakes OR a whole cake. If you're not in Philly, I'll ship you 2 Pint Cakes.

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    2 doz cupcakes in the shop OR a novelty cake. Out of town? I'll ship 4 Pint Cakes to you.

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    A 2 tiered novelty cake made with the brew of your choice and decorated to your liking. If you're not in Philly, 8 Pint Cakes will be shipped to you.

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    A free cupcake every week for a year and a 2 tiered cake!...OR... A Pint Cake shipped to you every month for a year.

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    A 3 tiered wedding cake that feeds up to 100 people, designed to your specifications...PLUS a novelty cake made with the brew of your choice permanently added to the shop's menu. OR... 2 Pint Cakes shipped to you every month for a year (they make wonderful gifts!).

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    Anyone who pledges $1,000 or more will get the choice of the reward stated above OR a PRIVATE PARTY at the shop!! You and 9 others will be treated to a fully catered shindig including food, drink, and beer cake! There will most likely by music and general merriment as well!

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