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A documentary on courageous West Bank Palestinians and Israeli settlers who are getting to know the strangers who are their neighbors.
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harvey stein

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In the home stretch!....

A Palestinian and an Israeli settler - friends
A Palestinian and an Israeli settler - friends

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you may have read in our last update, we are happy to be in the home stretch of finishing “A Third Way - Settlers and Palestinians as Neighbors.” It has taken longer than we originally expected, but by this Fall, we will have a finished movie - with powerful characters on courageous journeys here in the Holy Land.

Recently we launched one final crowdfunding campaign, this time on Indiegogo. It has a brand new trailer, with many clips shot in the last few months:

Would you consider sharing our Indiegogo link above with a few friends or relatives, in an email, on your Facebook page, on Twitter, etc? Your recommendation to a friend might be just the thing to motivate them to become a part of our “Third Way” community.

And: if you are friends with any journalists in your area, who might consider writing an article or post about "A Third Way", please send us their contact details, or ask them to contact us (at

Lastly, if you can think of any other ways you might help us get the word out, don't hesitate!

Children of the men above
Children of the men above

Thanks for your belief in “A Third Way”, and one day not too far in the future, we hope to meet you, when we start taking our project on the road in community screenings in Israel/Palestine, North America, and elsewhere.

All best from Jerusalem,

Harvey Stein

We are learning to take the Looonnng view here...

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Passover and Easter from Jerusalem! It has been about five years since we first started shooting our documentary "A Third Way". It has been a challenging period on all levels: living in Israel/Palestine is always a daily or weekly surprise - waves of hopes and disappointments (we live a couple blocks from the main road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem - which has more than once been closed so Kerry's motorcade could make its way to and from meetings with Mahmoud Abbas).

And "A Third Way" has had ups and downs too - early naivete (sure - a happy ending, overcoming all obstacles!) gave way to many challenges to our characters successfully growing their organic garden/farm together.

Ultimately, a public activity like a farm business proved to be impossible. But then, several months later, we were introduced to a new, very charismatic Palestinian activist character, Ali Abu Awwad. Ali began to conceive projects with some of the same settlers that we had been following - and now it looks like our whole last chapter will deal with this unexpected upturn, involving Ali, Shaul, and others.

So no - we didn't give up on our movie. We now know in our bones that a documentary following "reality" sometimes needs a few more waves of reality than we had originally imagined.

Thank you so much for you support, and we plan to finally have finished editing "A Third Way" by late this Summer or early Fall. We will then have the manpower and focus to send out all rewards, including DVDs and digital downloads of our movie.

Here is a brand new trailer for "A Third Way", with material shot in the last few months:
And you are welcome to follow our progress on our Facebook page, if you don't already (and please "Like" us):

All best from Jerusalem,

Harvey Stein

Fall 2013 in the Holy Land

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well, it's coming up to two years since we had our Kickstarter campaign. As an immigrant to Israel (I arrived here 7 years ago), I'm still very much in the process of learning about this crazy place.

One part of that process has been many instances of naive optimism cracking apart, into a sobering patience and persistence.

It's definitely been that way with "A Third Way", which has turned into a much longer term project than we originally envisioned, when we naively imagined a great organic garden grown by settlers and Palestinians.

Obstacles have come up - some have been external to the characters (the Palestinian Authority has been very reticent to give official permission to use the land - which is in a Palestinian village - for use for a project involving Israeli settlers.)

Some have been between the characters: as I have learned, there is an inherent imbalance between settlers and Palestinians - the former have greater freedoms, like to live or work anywhere within Israel and in many places in the Wes Bank. Some settlers have their hearts in the right place, but are quite happy to develop coexistence projects slowly and patiently. And most Palestinians want changes RIGHT NOW (having lived under Occupation since 1967).

So yes, naive optimism has been educated and seasoned....

This is all to say that we are slowly closing in on finishing shooting "A Third Way - something like 80-90% of our story has been shot. But we are still finding ways to portray some of the many obstacles that have come up, and to tell a story that might not be the one we WANTED to tell early on, but the story that is TRUE to the reality here.

We hope to now be finished shooting by the end of 2013, and again, hopefully - to be finished editing A Third Way by sometime in Spring, 2014.

Thanks for your support and interest in our project. We could not have come this far without it. We will keep you posted as we get nearer the finishing line.

Last thing: if you don't know, you can also follow our progress at our Facebook page: . And I also occasionally blog about it in various places, here's one from earlier this year:

All best from Jerusalem, Harvey Stein

Update from Jerusalem!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Apologies for not posting updates for awhile. If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook, you are welcome to do that, as we post updates there more often:

It has been a few months of education here in the Holy Land. Everything that goes against the grain seems to encounter obstacles - it's just part of the landscape here. Coming from living most of my life in the United States, I have an inborn optimism, and maybe naivete, as far as conflict zones like the Middle East.

Basically, the garden we have been following in "A Third Way", is a relatively public statement, and that seems to carry with it various risks, especially during a right wing administration in Israel (which has tended to create a lot of backlash on the Palestinian side). We have watched while the characters in "A Third Way" struggled with getting unofficial permission from the Palestinian governate of the Bethlehem region (this apparently took a lot of string pulling, calling in favors, etc). Then we had the "little" Gaza War a few weeks ago - which obviously created a lot of new tension between Israel and Palestine in general. Then soon after, the UN declaration of Palestinian statehood, and ONE day later, Netanyahu's apparent response, declaring plans for new unilateral home building in the West Bank, including in the very controversial E-1 area. 

Each of the above has sent ripples of tension, hatred, and some violence, through the region. Our characters are all still fully committed to planting the organic farm, and we are fully committed to following them as they try to do so.  The growing season here is 12 months long, so the ground breaking could come at any time of the year. Several well-known Palestinian activists have pledged to give their political support to the farm project, and that will theoretically add more impetus to overcoming the obstacles.

In the meantime, we have been shooting various other parts of the picture: we had a great shoot recently with Nahum and his brother. Nahum is the "black sheep" of the family for having many Palestinian friends. Nahum and his brother disagreed very visibly in our interview. It was maybe a microcosm of "the Israeli soul" at this point: very conflicted. Here's a set of stills from that shoot:

Thanks for your continued interest in "A Third Way". Our story has had more twists and turns than we originally imagined it would. We realized that our belief in a simple and inspiring story, with a given "happy ending", was a bit naive. Now that we've shed some of our innocence, we know our story will unfold more slowly, with more detours and eddies, than we had imagined. But it will be a more authentic story of this inspiring, frustrating, often crazy-making place.

All the best from Jerusalem,

Harvey Stein

May 2012 update from Jerusalem


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