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By Scott Wilhite
$25,536 pledged of $75,000 goal

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Maybe it'll be just like the Miracle Bowl

Maybe this will play out just like the Miracle Bowl. 

The similarities are striking. 

We're down by 2/3rds with only a week to go. Insurmountable, overwhelming odds. For 53 days we've chipped away at an arduous goal (BYU was completely outplayed for the first 56 minutes). We've got to raise $50k (the Cougars were down by 21 points with four minutes left). It's a total win or lose game (Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding. If we don't meet our goal by the deadline, the project disappears). 

And we've got the ball. 

For us to win would be an absolute miracle. But that's what we expect, right? That's why the tagline for the short film is "Even when you're down and out, you're not out." Well, we're down, but if we've learned anything from hearing Mel's story we know there is still hope. There's still a chance. 

Let's do a furious fourth-quarter rally. Tell your friends (Facebook is unbelievably powerful). Tweet about it. Link to our project on your blog. Pass the word on to anyone you think could get behind an encouraging, motivational story. 

These links might be helpful:
• Our Kickstarter project ( ) Includes the video of players talking about the story 
• "Vai's View" ( ) Newspaper article about Mel Farr 
• "Never Give Up" poster ( ) Right-click the image to save it. Feel free to share it. 

Thank you once again for being our backer. If you are ever faced with a task that seems too big for you, too difficult, or the pressure's too great, we hope you remember this story. Remember little Mel with his big heart. Remember his tenacity. Remember the moment he succeeded. And remember you helped share this story with others. We hope the memory of that will then help push you forward. Just like the Miracle Bowl.

Mark Twain said it best, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

May you never, ever give up on your dreams. 


Vai's View -- Sikahema tells his side

You go through life and run across a lot of wonderful and interesting people. Along the way, you occasionally meet someone who, when you're around them, inspires you to be a better version of yourself. You stand a little taller. Act a little kinder. And smile a lot longer. Vai Sikahema is one of those people. I think people naturally gravitate to him because he brings out the best in themselves. 

Vai has just written an article about Mel Farr. It appeared yesterday on the homepage of Vai was on the football team with Mel and recognized the unfairness of the hand life deals us. He writes:

Life isn't fair. Sometimes those with the heart, the discipline, the will and the most desire to play football aren't always blessed with the bodies, the muscles and the talent. In a nutshell, that's the story of Mel Farr's life.

He goes on to share his view of someone who he believes is truly great. Someone who ought to inspire us all with his unconquerable spirit. I recommend the article to everyone. Click here to read Vai's View: Story of team manager Mel Farr the miracle behind BYU's Miracle Bowl.