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We need your help to Prove Love Is Real and make a FREE Chuck Tingle Adventure Game for all True Buckaroos Who Kiss.
We need your help to Prove Love Is Real and make a FREE Chuck Tingle Adventure Game for all True Buckaroos Who Kiss.
2,450 backers pledged $85,448 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brandon Harris on

      Is there a chance we could possibly get an update?

    2. Missing avatar

      Chap on

      I honestly don't mind that the game has been pushed back. Really, whatever's best for the game as far as a development schedule is fine with me. But I would like to know what's going on, especially since it's been over a half year since the last update. Hope all is well.

    3. Missing avatar


      Really, this game had such promise but 7 months with no word is not a good sign. Also with the conversion over to mobile app or whatever you'd think we'd hear something about that process or if it's going well or something. But instead silence. Zoe should know better, and I really mean that.

    4. JGO

      My butt hurts, see you all in 6 months :)

    5. Missing avatar

      BloodySloth on

      I was excited to give this thing some money. I hope Chuck got some of it.

    6. Blair Cliff on

      I have projects I backed in 2013 that give more frequent updates.

    7. Jason Frisvold

      *knock knock* This thing on? Any updates for us, the raving backers?

    8. Missing avatar

      Xargos on

      It's June 11th and there have been no updates since the beginning of January. I have to say I had a bad feeling as soon as Zoë announced that the game was going to be developed for mobile release as well as PC and Mac. I backed this project expecting a game for the computer, not some late in the game change of plans and then a half year with no updates at all.

      I never wanted to believe it, but I'm starting to think Zoë may have scammed us.

    9. Reuben Baron on

      Getting a bit nervous about the lack of updates but hoping to hear something soon.

    10. Kevin M. Brown on

      I still use my mug daily 😁. Damn good mug.

    11. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      So uh, Zoe Quinn announced a new project on her twitter page with no mention of this. Is this gonna happen or not? I just hope chuck tingle got a cut of my $5...

    12. Justin Summers on

      It's been...quite a while since there's been any updates. I can't find any news online. Has this project been abandoned? I mean, the mug did arrive and it's a good mug but I was kind of hoping for a game when I backed this game

    13. Matt Wiseman

      Left for dead in the butt: A Chuck Tingle Belize Adventure!

    14. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      OK, folks, I am willing to extend a tremendous amount of patience to this project because I am aware that the all principal movers have busy lives (in some cases made needlessly busier by the actions of shitty people).

      However, June's coming. And if June comes and goes then that'll be an entire half a year without any official updates on this Kickstarter. That's starting to get Not Okay.

    15. Brandon Harris on

      How is things? Things are moving? Updates making?

    16. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      Four months off it's more like a "first third" than a "first quarter" update but it'd still be cool to have one. :D

    17. Jason Frisvold

      Hey gang! How goes the epic game makingness?

    18. Missing avatar


      I agree with Arthur.

    19. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      Hi gang,

      I appreciate that the new direction will have thrown your schedule off a bit and you're all busy folk, but would it be possible to get a "first quarter" update on how things are progressing?

    20. John Warren Collaborator on

      We didn't give your money to Belize even though I've heard it's lovely this time of year.

      We spent the money on backer rewards and this ridiculous game and we'll have updates on both (emphasis on the outstanding backer orders -- about 40 of them) in the New Year. Sorry for the delayed responses! Hope all of you Backeroos have a great New Year.

    21. Missing avatar


      I think the project creators "kickstarted in the butt" all of my money to Belize...

    22. Missing avatar


      It has been a little while since the last update. Are you planning a New Year's Post or Holiday one? What phase is the project in?

    23. Will O'Neill

      What's up, Buckaroos? Let's get an update for the holidays, huh...!

    24. Ed Peterson on

      I’m a total dummy and just noticed I never received my mug. Am I way to late? I’m way to late aren’t I?

    25. Daniel Bernard on

      Still using my mug daily at work.
      No one suspects a thing.

    26. John Warren Collaborator on

      No, @drifterofhell, thank YOU for being patient and rad.

    27. Missing avatar

      drifterofhell on

      Just got my mug! Thanks for all your hard work John!

    28. Missing avatar

      Scheherezade O'Neill on

      Hi guys, I was so excited about my True Buckeroo mug that I was telling a friend about it. She was devastated that she missed out on the chance to become a backeroo herself. Is there any chance that we'll be able to order additional goodies for our friends who wish they could go back in time and become backeroos?

    29. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hey everyone! Just confirming there are 11 orders of pre-orders (folks who ordered items outside of the Kickstarter itself) that are shipping this week after being missed by our order sorting system (i.e. I probably didn't understand I needed to make a different order segment for them but it's kind of unclear). If you needed a reshipment from the past couple of weeks those will also probably go out with this push. Thanks for your patience, backeroos!

    30. Missing avatar

      drifterofhell on

      Sure thing! Thanks for the help!

    31. John Warren Collaborator on

      @drifterofhell also welcome to email me lmao

    32. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hey @drafterofhell we had a batch of orders not get pushed through properly -- I'm going to see if you're part of that group and get back to you. In the meantime, will you email with the email address you used to order?

    33. Missing avatar

      drifterofhell on

      Hi I haven't received any word on my mug, will I get an email when it is shipped?

    34. Sydney S

      Thank you John! Now I can prove love is real for years with ease!

    35. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hey Backeroos! The mugs are both dishwasher safe and conventional microwave oven safe! Enjoy your clean and toasty mugs!

    36. John Warren Collaborator on

      I've asked about microwave safe, as well.

    37. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hi Sydney! I believe they are but let me get in touch with the manufacturer and I'll get back as soon as I hear from them. Thanks!

    38. Sydney S

      Hello! I am very sorry if this has been answered in a very obvious place. I received my mug and want everyone to know that I am a true buckeroo that supports love being real but I also want to engage in proper mug maintenance. Are the mugs dishwasher safe?

    39. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hey Nickie! Doesn't look like they've shipped yet. Will investigate and let y'all know. You should get a Backerkit email when they leave the facility but I'll make an update when the first group ships. Thanks.

    40. Nickie Wild on

      Y'all haven't sent out physical rewards yet, have you? Just checking.

    41. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hi Erik! We just sent out instructions for the first time so check the email address you used for the campaign! Thanks!

    42. ERIK LARA on

      Hi I did not receive reward in the mail Yet. Just wondering About Bigfoot Pirate. Do I send photo or something?

    43. John Warren Collaborator on

      Hi Katherine just email me at with your updated deets and I'll take care of it. Thanks!

    44. Katherine on

      Hello, I recently moved apartments and was wondering if there was a way I can change my address on the backer survey so I can make sure my True Buckaroo mug makes it to the right place?

    45. Zoë Quinn Creator on

      Arthur - The window will open soon, and we will keep it open as long as we possibly can. You're likely in the clear, and those photos sound awesome :D

      Vainamoinen - We are cutting together the latest Behind The Scenes video, including video of us meeting Dr. Tingle and his feelings on the game :)

      Love you all Backeroos - big update soon (wanted to have it for valentine's day, but woah nelly we are workin hard over here on the game itself <3)

    46. Vainamoinen on

      "Real Life Friendship Achieved" backer update please! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      Hi gang,

      I'm in the Bigfoot Pirate crew and just want to make sure of a couple of things:

      a) Has the window for us to submit our pictures for the Tingler covers opened up yet? (I haven't received anything to suggest it has but wanted to be sure.)

      b) How long will it stay open for once it does open? I had some really nice portrait shots of me proving love is real done lately which could work great for the cover, but if the deadline's likely to be tight I might need to check in with the photographer to see if it can be processed on time.

    48. Kevin M. Brown on

      rock butt is a bad butt?

    49. John Warren Collaborator on

      Dear Jimmy,

      I am as impressed by this suggestion as I am embarrassed we hadn't thought of it.


    50. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      Suggestion: Instead of addressing the BACKERS as BUCKEROOS in updates.... maybe BACKEROOS?

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