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A monthly magazine for worldbuilding enthusiasts, writers, RPG gamemasters (GMs) and others who love to explore sci-fi/fantasy worlds.
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Another 48... Pages | Ask the Letter Lich

Posted by Stephen Coffey (Creator)

We have our second People's Hero backer just in time to match our 48 hour alert on the project's end; meaning that both issues 1 and 2 now have 48 pages to play with - rather more than the 36 we started out with! 

We're buckling down and writing the extra content to fill them up, and wanted your input: What worldbuilding questions and queries do you guys - or any friends who have yet to back - have for the Letter Lich?

Feel free to post them here, or send us a message - The Letter Lich doesn't have her own email account yet, but we'll make sure to pass on your questions; and on any questions she does answer we'll get the answer to the querant as soon as it's written, so don't worry we won't keep you waiting long enough to start rotting (even if the Lich might want to)

Ask away!

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    1. Stephen Coffey 8-time creator on

      Your question has been passed to the lich, and she's started cackling... that's probably a good sign!

    2. Alex Neilson

      Dear Letter Lich,
      In a world of overwhelming darkness, how can a worldbuilder ensure a stable living population from which to harvest enough remains to mitigate wear and tear on one's hordes of darkness?