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A high-precision laser mouse. A full mechanical keyboard. An analog joystick. Together.
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Enhanced Ergonomics Stretch Goal Reached!! New Yaw and Hud Stretch Goal!!

Posted by Solid Art Labs (Creator)

Enhanced Ergonomics Stretch Goal Reached!

To improve the ergonomics and usability of the device, as part of this stretch goal we're developing multiple palm rest sizes, a new keyboard contour, and more adjustability! Highlights:

  • Multiple sizes of palm rest will allow a greater variety of hand sizes to comfortably use the device and benefit from our improved palm rest contour!
  • A new keyboard contour that changes the contact surface angle per row, brings the forward keys up, and brings the pinky keys further up and in toward the palm! This allows faster, more natural typing, ease of access to all keys, and less finger tension! This new contour allowed us to add 2 new buttons to the finger keyboard for the ring and middle fingers!
  • Several new axes of adjustability are being added to the device, to allow you to position and align the thumb and finger controls perfectly, relative to the palm of your hand, putting all controls within reach of more hand sizes!
  • The finger keyboard, thumb controls, and palm rest will now be adjustable together relative to the base, allowing you to angle your hand in 2 directions relative to the table. First to adjust the angle of your arm up or down depending on where you sit relative to the table, and second to adjust the angle of your wrist relative to the table, to reduce pronation!
  • All new adjustability mechanisms are designed to lock in place after adjusting and eliminate any rocking, wiggling, and instability!

New Yaw and Hud Stretch Goal!

Yaw (Twisting the device on the table, like a dial) allows you to turn your hand to control inputs!

  • Add a second laser sensor to each device to measure rotation of each device (yaw)! 
  • When you rotate either hand of the King's Assembly, this motion can be mapped to any analog or digital input!
  • Assign keys to toggle yaw on/off!
  • Assign keys to press-and-hold to turn yaw on/off when held!
  • Assign multiple inputs to the same yaw! This allows you to control 2 or more inputs using the same mouse twist (yaw)!
  • Assign keys to re-center yaw control! With mouse-as-a-joystick on, and yaw control on, each device controls 5 analog joystick inputs!!

Hud (Head-up Display) allows you to see what you're doing, the state of your controllers, and change configurations in real-time!

  • Head-up Display on a phone or tablet! 
  • HUD will show current keymap, analog input positions, status, and more! 
  • Example below:

One week to go! We're thrilled at how this project has progressed thanks to everyone's participation!

Eric and the Solid Art Labs team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Bäni on

      Nghhhhh, I know I really shouldn't but you just got me to upgrade my pledge.

      Thank you for the awesome upgrade!

    2. Missing avatar

      Yann Vernier on

      Very good, particularly with pronation adjustment. I hope you've kept track of where to stop also :)

      Two features I don't expect to make it in: levers actuated by stretching your fingers or thumbs away, like DataHand, and IMUs for free space orientation.

    3. Jordan Eihwaz on

      This is gonna be a monster for star citizen! I cant wait to start gaming with this device.

    4. Solid Art Labs Creator on

      @Kyle: Good news! We're designing larger outside keycaps right now : ) I'll keep outside switches on the radar!

    5. Tina Good

      Glad we hit the ergo goal - as someone with small hands I've been a bit concerned whether I'd actually be able to use it....

    6. Kyle Harpster on

      That UI for the driver to configure the keypads is awesome! Tho would still very much like to see at least two buttons on the main typing area on each hands to be bigger keys. And have dedicated profile switching buttons that are separate from these buttons shown.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rapturehelmet on

      Im looking forward to the HUD a lot more than the yaw, mostly because of a spare tablet i have that is impossible to use for most things because it has a terrible resistive touch screen.