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A high-precision laser mouse. A full mechanical keyboard. An analog joystick. Together.
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Wireless Stretch Goal Reached!! New Demo/Update Video!! Sample Keymaps!!

Posted by Solid Art Labs (Creator)

Wireless Stretch Goal Reached!

Now that we've reached our Wireless stretch goal, we'll be able to deliver King's Assemblies with an awesome wireless package! Here are some highlights:

  • A massive selection of Bluetooth devices will be supported, such as desktop pcs, laptops, phones, tablets, televisions, and game consoles!
  • You will be able to pair the King’s Assembly with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, and dynamically select which device(s) you interact with!
  • The King’s Assembly controllers will remember paired devices! 
  • You will be able to map keys to bluetooth endpoints for fast switching! 
  • You will be able to interact with multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously with one King’s Assembly! 
  • You will be able to toggle Bluetooth on and off on the King’s Assembly, to switch between wireless and cabled communication modes! 
  • We’re currently designing with a rockin' Nordic chip! With a 32-bit ARM Cortex CPU, lots of memory, strong encryption, and tons of IO, it will give our devices Bluetooth capabilities and room to grow!
  • An 18500 Lithium ion rechargeable battery that delivers a lot of power for a long time on a single charge!
  • The battery will be user-replaceable!
  • The battery will charge through the same USB cable used to communicate with a computer, so you can use it and charge the battery at the same time with one cable!
  • No dongle required!

New Demo/Update Video!

Check out our latest update video showcasing our latest King’s Assembly mockups in action!

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Sample Keymaps!

Below are a couple proposed keymap samples! One default qwerty layout possibility, and the keymap I used in the few hours I tested out our latest mockups with Titanfall! Don’t forget, you’ll be able to customize the keymaps that come pre-programmed on the device, as well as create, save, and share your own!

Thanks, everyone, for your incredible support!

Eric and the Solid Art Labs team


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    1. Solid Art Labs Creator on

      @Phil: Yes, if you have a computer (or older laptop) without wireless or BT, you'd need to get an adapter (or dongle) of some sort. The KA just won't require a proprietary dongle or adapter.

    2. Phil Hough on

      "No dongle required!"? Really, so let's say I want to use with my desktop, no wifi or Bluetooth.... I'd need a dongle to do wireless surely?

    3. Kyle Harpster on

      Changing the lettering is not really the issue. The reason why a keyboard works and is functional to use at least for me, is that you have the size difference and the height difference of the keys. That is the same for other gaming pads. I would like to see more of this and at least bigger key sizes for Shift, Enter, Tab, Control, etc.

    4. Solid Art Labs Creator on

      @Eero: Absolutely! Programming we are working on will allow corded input and more!

    5. Solid Art Labs Creator on

      @Kyle: These keymaps are not to scale (still revising the keycap sizes, placement, and angles), not finalized (these are just some example layouts), and you can edit them (and the keycap lettering) when you get them, to your liking : )

    6. Missing avatar

      Eero af Heurlin on

      Please do chorded input as well, or at least open source the firmware so I can do it myself... When the carpal tunnel on my right hand gets bad (as it does at times) I can't use it at all, thus I need a chorded input system so I can still write with just left-handed (and doing two-handed chorded input would allow pretty insane WPM speeds since there's a lot of chords on this number of keys and of course the most common words/suffixes are set as chord "macros" on just about all chorded input systems).

      You don't have to worry about the optimal chord layout, just make it possible in the layout editor to set a "chorded mode" (or make is possible for us to make this ourself without having to write everything from scratch).

    7. Kyle Harpster on

      From seeing these key mapping layouts, I am very concerned about the usability of this. I really thing not have the bigger keys for things like shift, backspace, enter are going to be a problem. From the look of the layout, there also seems to be a lot of underutilized space. If all the space was being used there would be room to make a bit bigger keys, and not have all the keys be the same size. I'm not sure, going to try and wait to see the next update. But this key layout could be a deal breaker for me.

    8. Roger on

      @Alexandru - the main comments section indicates they are still the ML keys, the MX will be slightly larger.

      @SAL - thanks for the update! I am sure you have lots more updates to do to the key maps, if not already planned may I suggest a modifier key turning one hand into a numerical pad? Also, having paid close attention to my keyboard habits since I started following this, I think the e-ink would still be a nice feature. True, the majority of the time I touch-type, but it is pretty regular that I walk up to my desk and just need to hit one or two keys, so having the e-ink would allow me to hit them without situating my hands (saving time). Even more so with the customization/modifier keys. Especially if we hit the ergonomics stretch goal, I imagine it will be latex out a little bit different as to be a bit more visible, and for those who are the hint and peck type, e-ink would be invaluable.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Nedel on

      Some switches are missing in the Sample Keymaps. Why?

      Is the device in this video using Cherry MX keys? They look smaller to me --- is it still the initial design with MLs?

    10. Malviris on

      Hmmm what about king's assembly table or desk mat for the entire setup? like a branded version...just and idea for an addon.

    11. T F Taranto on

      You're very welcome. I'm actually out of ideas now... my goals have been reached, I'm going to retire now.

    12. Katrina L. Halliwell

      I'd love to see e-ink keys so that you can literally show the keys as character you want! i.e. letter, numbers, symbols. That way it can be shorthand for game keys like melee, gun, reload, etc.

      It would also be cool if the backlit could change colours, but I think that one might not be possible ;) But I know a lot of people who do stuff like audio and video editing have multi-coloured keyboards.