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A high-precision laser mouse. A full mechanical keyboard. An analog joystick. Together.
A high-precision laser mouse. A full mechanical keyboard. An analog joystick. Together.
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    1. J 2 days ago

      Tomorrow Tomorrow always tomorrow when will tomorrow beeeeeee

    2. Missing avatar

      Colby 2 days ago

      Now who's kidding themselves jp.

      Anyone in the position in the US to just outright call the dude at his place of work? I'd love to hear what he says.

    3. Missing avatar

      jpmiller on April 14

      time for my monthly "sad panda" post.

      OOh SAL logged in? maybe they're not as dead as their project? Come on creator, CREATE!

    4. Missing avatar

      on April 11

      Hm, yes, good catch Sahey. *sigh* :(

    5. Missing avatar

      on April 7

      SAL still online checking us and laughting at US still. what kind human is that hmm... no hope to get anything or even refund. they maybe enjoy our money now.

    6. Missing avatar

      on March 29

      Oh. That's kinda cruel. :(

    7. Missing avatar

      jpmiller on March 24

      @aaron I think @Klatskin was making a joke "I just got it..." "Except I didn't actually get it and don't even really know why!"

      This still sucks.

    8. Missing avatar

      on March 23

      @Michael Klatskin
      Are you saying you got your Beta? What? Your comment doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

      Thanks for trying! Look forward to seeing what answer, if any, we can get.

    9. Michael Klatskin on March 22

      Just Got mine today and the fit and finish are perfect. "Except that I didn't' and have heard nothing " a refund would be nice but I would settle for an acknowledgment like sorry or "I really xdft the bed on this project and not proud of it.

      "If the Law does not get you Karma will"

    10. Simon (Chojey) on March 20

      Thanks Peter - hopefully you hear back or SAL posts an update. Fingers crossed!

    11. Peter Beery on March 18

      I just left a note on LinkedIn for his two bosses at First Analytics. Let's see if they can ask him to update the group and give us some closure. I'm sure this is dead. But let's get the official word.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christopher park on March 14

      Hi sal, please please can we get an update? Been years...

    13. Missing avatar

      King on March 10

      how to get the refund?

    14. Frank Fossler on March 7

      Dox report anybody?
      I'm too busy.

    15. Missing avatar

      on March 5

      Other keyboard project the creator is very honest and face the true they know they can't do it and refund all backer right always but this project creator act so awesome and never accept the true and keep bs and the end he just want all our money in anyway very sad how he act in early project. :(

    16. ACG on February 28

      @jpmiller, incompetent project management killed it. Feature creep was a symptom of that (as were delays, communication, etc.).

      Truly sad part is that I'm pretty sure a couple of people offered to help with the PM work (it's really not that hard, if you know how to do it) but weren't taken up on the offer.

    17. Missing avatar

      Vatin Petaneelanon on February 27


    18. Missing avatar

      jpmiller on February 27

      Still sad about this, my first failed kickstarter.... I had such hope, but I think the feature creep killed it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Colby on February 16

      @Chris, To a creator who hasn't logged in to his account since early September of last year you are very kind. At this point, since it seems nobody else is doing it, i'm going i'm almost ready to take the out of country phone price hits and call his current place of employment and ask him straight up - WTF is going on.

      If he still believes he's working on it, fine; still thinks he'll eventually somehow deliver, cool; has bailed on the project altogether, whatever; JUST TELL US.

      At this point, i see really only two possibilities - He's a liar, or a embarrassed child. No other account for his actions i'm seeing accounts for his actions. SAL, feel free to show me i'm wrong and i'll gladly apologize.

    20. Chris Baker on February 10

      Hey SAL, Any updates buddy? Looks like you're taking a lot of heat from some angry people but maybe a couple of pictures could resolve some of the animosity. You can look and see how much of my money I gave up for this project (if that's even an issue).

      It's a great project and I'd love it see it come to fruition.

      Thanks in advance!

    21. Wookhyun Cho on February 10

      It's the same idea as the comment below.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian on February 5

      Hey SAL if you could give us an update every quarter or half a year that would be great. Nothing elaborate but something as simple as "We're still working on it" would be great.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert A Evans on February 4

      Anybody else starting to feel like taking a roadtrip to Boston?

    24. Missing avatar

      on February 3

      I hate to say it, but while I certainly recognize that SAL has a kid and family, the holday's of course disrupt stuff and so on, NOT communicating at all is just plain not acceptable. The current status makes 2016's communication seem positively chatty. *sigh* I have to admit, I've given up any hope at all. :(

    25. Corey Bruner on February 3

      Just so everyone knows, you can check their profile to see comment activity. They were last active Sept 2016, and said they're still working. Not the answers we want, but I want this thing bad enough to try and stay optimistic.

    26. Noam Loop on January 31

      Think it is (more than) time for either
      a) a concrete, public plan how to proceed to get the product done
      b) disclosure how much money was spent on which steps, sharing of the remaining money between the backers
      c) depending on a or b: Taking down the preorder page from the Solid Art Labs homepage. Asking for money should only happen when a concrete plan exists how to deliver the preordered items

    27. Missing avatar

      Colby on January 30

      Has anyone in the US tried to call his new place of work during the day and see if they can get through to him? I'm curious if he'd have any defense?

    28. Missing avatar

      on January 29

      I think if we all just stop support kickstarter for those BS. cos kickstarter they got there money so they don't care how the project end up. I start stop support many project now cos i feel it all waste money and stuff never work or never ship

    29. John Buddha on January 27

      I contacted the Creator about a year abgo, i had baught a Liquid SLA 3d printer and i wanted to Beta test his shit that i already baught so i could help him, in the comment section he seem very helpfull and friendly like he acualy wanted to finish his project,

      wel in email he turned different, even thou i WA SGONA BETA TEST and PRINT MY OWN PARTS he wanted to charge me the full asking price of a unit just to fukken BETA TEST, or give up my right to have access to the FUKKEN final PRODUCTION UNIT..

      he wanted to charge me the beta price which he wsa also charging same price for plastic to be 3d printed for you.

      He never had any intention of completing the project he was ust trying to make as much money s he could before he could scam us and bail.

      I will testify under court of law that this guy is manipulative and decieving and was very dodge when he had our phone conversation that he ended rather fast once i mentioned that what he was doign was kind of scammy

    30. Missing avatar

      Shizuka Gu
      on January 26

      I would like to get full refund.

    31. Justin Tae Hyun Kim on January 26
      contact kickstarter
      do whatever u can
      don't let shit like this go.
      takes 5 minutes of ur time.
      more reports, more we won't be ignored.

    32. Missing avatar

      chucknorrisofmotherhood on January 24


      I sent an email to Kickstarter requesting they contact the project creators and ask them to update their backers or provide us with current contact information for the creators of this project.

    33. Missing avatar

      chucknorrisofmotherhood on January 24

      To answer questions, backers can go to:…

      The link will take you to Kickstarter's "Terms of Use". See Sections 4: "Most of our Terms of Use explain your relationship with Kickstarter. This section is different — it explains the relationship between creators and backers of Kickstarter projects, and who’s responsible for what. This is what you’re agreeing to when you create or back a Kickstarter project."

    34. Rowan Graham on January 23

      I wonder if the one backer at the $20 level ever got his poster...

    35. Missing avatar

      on January 16

      Threats of actual harm are not cool. At least not the physical kind, the standard legal/FTC type stuff absolutely. I didn't see your post, but I suspect that's the reason why KS would have removed your post.

    36. Orestis Cleanthous on January 16

      Damn, damn, damn. I believed in you guys. I really did. I rooted for you up until the end. But so much time has passed, there is no excuse left. Such a shame.

    37. Missing avatar

      kalkin on January 14

      So my last post was removed by Kickstarter, because I proposed to do some bad things to SAL to get back at him. SAL if you are reading this, Kickstarter censoring won't help you. We (yes we are multiple people here) have tracked you down.

    38. Justin Tae Hyun Kim on January 11

      do your part and report them.

      yes ur money is probably long gone, but that doesn't mean to just sit back not do anything about it.
      don't let people like sal ruin what kickstarter can be.
      and don't expect people to take action on ur behalf, do ur part and report them at the least.

    39. K J on January 5

      For alternative products, there's nothing really great out there. I'm currently using an Ergodox Infinity and have programmed macros for controlling the mouse with keyboard buttons. For gaming, I still use a mouse and gamepad when appropriate.

      It's definitely not up to the experience that KA promised, which is why KA appealed to me so much. I knew they had the potential to offer something truly unique.

      Even so, I'm not mad at SAL. I'm at peace with the fact that my money is long gone. If the KA shows up, it'll be a pleasant surprise for me at this point. I'm not waiting on any more updates from them. As far as I'm concerned, this project is dead and I'm moving on. I won't give up any more mental real estate to them.

    40. Missing avatar

      Colby on January 4

      There isn't really an alternative product, people just have dealt with it for so long, it's easy to keep using the same method. And the KeyMouse is coming along, they've made great progress over the last year - wish i backed them instead, but still not ready yet.

      The main reason why there lack of interest here, is that the creator has showed a lack of interest. It's hard to put energy in something that they don't care about. I'd have gone through many hoops to help this guy out had he needed/wanted it, as it is though i have no trust in this guy at all. I won't help this guy unless he comes back with one incredible story.

    41. Missing avatar

      Thomas Eigel on January 4

      Hi Simon, thanks for the constructive reply.
      (1): Some time ago - when there was still some hope for this project - some people offered support, SW as well as HW.
      (2): I just read something about the ergo dox, which seems to be a fine keyboard but without mouse/joystick integration. Oh! I just had a look at the KeyMouse Kickstarter page which I thought was also dead. As it seems they are near to sending out some kits. In this case you are right...

    42. Simon (Chojey) on January 4

      Thomas / Slimani, I think the main reason for a general lack of interest are because (1) potentially a general lack of expertise in the backers (dunno about the others, but my background is in finance) and (2) there are already other alternative products out there in the market as some people have pointed out earlier in the comments...

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas Eigel on January 3

      Hi Sami,
      I posted a similar question on December 10th (see below). There was no resonance, but I'm still interested...

    44. Missing avatar

      slimani sami on December 31

      Hi everyone,
      I know that a lot of people are disappointed. I'm sad because i lost money(the pioneer pack), but what i really want is to have the keyboard. SAL won't honor their words so what?
      Can we try to make on?
      we can try to make some open source design for the frame and the boards, and let the people by the parts themselves and mount them if they are interested. I can help on the programming part.

    45. Simon (Chojey) on December 31

      I've been staying pretty quiet throughout the whole process... If nothing else, even if the project is a failure we at the very least deserve some sort of explanation as to what has happened (and I'd like to find out what are those supposedly issues that they can't talk about was all about??). I have noticed that SAL last login date is Sep 7 2016 so he hasn't even been on the website for almost 3 months now. Given it is the holiday period at the moment, probably not going to have any luck getting a hold of anyone (not to mention I'm in Australia so it's a pain trying to call due to timezone). If one of you guys do managed to get a hold of him, could you drop an update here? Thank you :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Poz on December 28

      According to linkedin he works at so I think I will be contacting them to see if I can get through to Eric.
      Perhaps if enough of us contact them it will get his attention that are looking for an update.

    47. Missing avatar

      King on December 23

      Still receive nothing?
      Anyone will take action?

    48. Missing avatar

      Colby on December 22

      If i was in the US i'd do it.. but I keep hoping to hear someone just gives him a call at his current place of employment.. Best to get a response from the man directly.
      I guess though waiting till the holidays are over is probably the right thing... it's not like things will change in the next two weeks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert Francis Lee IV on December 22

      Seeking Legal action is the next step. We must have laws that can help us. I will wait till the Holidays are over and then pursue this issue on behalf of all 1,129 people who are disappointed with this. Have faith friends.... Settlement is coming.

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