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A smart educational companion who answers questions and
inspires kids to learn new things everyday.
A smart educational companion who answers questions and inspires kids to learn new things everyday.
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Thank You for Believing in Us

Posted by Woobo Inc. (Creator)

Dear Wooboers,

Yesterday, We experienced an unstable network and a slow processing speed due to adverse weather conditions in the Greater Boston area and high volume of usage. Our tech team worked the whole day yesterday and was able to improve our server! This morning, Woobo was back to normal! 

Right now, we have temporarily disabled the voice messaging and content request feature on the app to make sure Woobo functions fast. Those features will be back online in the following days. 

We would like to thank you for supporting us on Facebook! Your faith in us warmed our heart and encouraged us to work even harder to make all of our promised functions come true! 

We are currently working on the math capability, daily routine reminders, and QA feature enhancement. So in a week, Woobo will be able to answer math questions (not too complicated ones though). In a couple of weeks, Woobo will be able to help your kids with daily routines! Woobo will also get smarter every day. Something Woobo may not be able to answer today, Woobo might learn tomorrow! 

As you meet Woobo, please share your suggestions (QA or general features) with us. We appreciate your feedbacks and help!

P.S: For instant updates, please check our Facebook page.

With gratitude and goofiness, 

The Woobo Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      ieanxy on

      We have not received our woobos for until now. Where are they?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mary Solivan on

      I didnt even give Woobo to my son for Christmas because it cpuldnt answer much. He is obsessed with dinosaurs so i asked it simple questions. "Whats a TRex?" "What can you tell me about dinosaurs?" The response was I don't know. I asked a couple other questions and it answered a couple of them with these long so winded responses a 4 year old would NEVER comprehend. It lacks so.ething in it's voice. It responds in a monotone like reading back from the dictionary. It's awkward and not fun. I was disappointed I this so I chose not to include it as a gift in hopes it will improved over the coming days. On the positive e side it's very soft which was a pleasant surprise. Setup wasn't easy but once completed the eyes are bright and clear. Moving through options isn't difficult but not fully intuitive for a child either. It was presented as a friend who could answer any question a child may have but that's clearly not the case. Hope it improves or I'll be ledt with no other choice than to seek a refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dominique Navarro on

      My niece loved her Woobo, but I noticed that all 4 of my Woobo smelled like mildew. Did anyone else have this issue with their Woobos?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexa Englen on

      Can you please allow changes in the app?!!!! I set our timezone to PST when we first set up our woobo, however somehow it’s the exact opposite of what we selected. Our son isn’t able to play it at all because it believes 11:47 am is 11:47 pm and is locked out. Changing settings on the woobo should be easy. Right now this is just an overpriced stuffed toy that doesn’t do anything. Not the Christmas present I dreamed about giving my son. Please work on the app ASAP. It is very rudimentary and not user friendly