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Attack of the Psychedelic Zombies, Man's video poster

An Indie/Stoner/Buddy/Zombie Comedy from the guys behind the DGRadio Podcast, ZomBOOsical!, and the Shmopera. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2012.

An Indie/Stoner/Buddy/Zombie Comedy from the guys behind the DGRadio Podcast, ZomBOOsical!, and the Shmopera.

About this project

Attack of the Psychedelic Zombies, Man is an Indie/Stoner/Buddy/Zombie/Comedy feature film from John, Moe, and Hilden; the guys who bring you the weekly DGRadio podcast, as well as musical productions like the ZomBOOsical! and the Shmopera. 

Scotty and Dong, a pair of burnout losers who work at a small-town pizza joint, serve up psychedelic pizzas to the local hippies. When their magic mushroom harvest is contaminated by the nearby chemical plant, their peace-loving customers transform into violent, flesh-eating zombies. Compelled by an uncharacteristic sense of responsibility, Scotty and Dong are determined to fix the mess they unwittingly caused. Along the way, the pair encounter a reclusive war vet, a foul-mouthed granny, a deviant sheriff, and many more bizarre characters.

Here's the deal: the script is done, the roles have been cast, and the camera has been purchased. But in order to pull this thing past the finish line, we need $3,000 to pay for props, equipment rental (specifically: lenses and memory cards for our fancy new camera), travel expenses, and food expenses for the volunteer cast and crew for the duration of the shoot.

Speaking of which, we begin shooting in Merrill, WI on the 5th of July. This is when we'll shoot coverage shots, montage scenes, and other filler material. The following week (July 11-15), the cast will arrive in Merrill to fill in the bulk of the film. Any scenes that remain will be filmed in August and September, as we're shooting for an October release, with a premiere party in Merrill.



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    For the low-low price of fifteen bucks, you get a digital copy of our movie, DRM free, no strings attached, to do with as you please.

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    Get everything above in a handy downloadable .zip folder, along with a downloadable podcast with the makers of the film (that's us) as well as select members of the cast and crew. We'll tell you how we made it and share stories from the set. It'll be riveting!

    As if that weren't enough, we'll also include images from the movie and a short, behind-the-scenes featurette.

    But wait...there's more!

    The handy .zip folder will also feature a .pdf file containing the entire script for Attack of the Psychedelic Zombies, Man so you can follow along at home.

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    Get everything included above, and...

    Your name listed in the end credits. Just think, you'll be able to tell your friends that you're just as cool as those Best Boy Grips at the end of Hollywood movies.

    But there's more! You'll also receive copy of our upcoming album, "Eau de Moe", which features nine brand new, original songs from the demented mind of Moe. You will receive this album before it goes on sale to the general public.

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    Alright, this is the biggie. For a hundred clams, you'll get everything above, but instead of being listed at the end credits, you'll be listed as a Producer at the beginning and end credits. How do you like that, Mr. Hollywood Big Shot?

    We'll also mail you a copy of the script for Attack of the Psychedelic Zombies, Man, autographed by the three creators, John, Moe, and Hilden. Included with the script will be a full-color movie poster (16" x 20") and a printed recipe of the actual psychedelic pizza used in the movie, specially created by Chef Scott Hass, the man who inspired the film. It's a gift you'll treasure forever.

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