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Update #12

Bay Area MakerBeam Meetup: Palo Alto, Dec 5th


Greetings friends and backers! We've had a vigorous few weeks of moving money from place to place and ordering parts for the Alpha kits. Our beam ships today from the factory, and we should have some pictures up by the end of the week. We are geeked beyond measure.

Speaking of geekiness beyond measure, the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto is having an exhibit called Meccano Mania!

What better place for the first Bay Area MakerBeam Meetup? Let's posse up!

In order to sliver this in between Thanksgiving and serious holiday action, we're thinking Saturday, December 5th. MOAH has limited hours (11am-4pm); I intend to get there by noon. After our tour of all things Metallbaukasten, we'll find somewhere for dinner and drinks. The Museum is right by Caltrain, so this should be an easy place for us to get together.

All planning for this event will be on the newly hatched MakerBeam List so hie ye forth:

Look forward to meeting some of you, and showing off the system a little bit. We won't have all the pieces in place by then but there should be enough for a demo!

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    Your own 10 cm piece of the original MakerBeam production run!

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