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Fireteam Zero is an award-winning co-op miniatures board game featuring nail-biting tactical combat against world-devouring evil.
Fireteam Zero is an award-winning co-op miniatures board game featuring nail-biting tactical combat against world-devouring evil.
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Fireteam Zero (Second Printing)



Welcome to the Second Printing of Fireteam Zero!

 2017 has been a great year for us. We completed our first print run and delivery, were translated into five languages, and even received an award in the tabletop miniatures category from the nice folks at RPC 2017 in Germany. We couldn't have been happier!  

That is, until we ran out of games...

If you missed us the first time, are just hearing about FTZ, or want to complete your collection of monsters or mission packs, here's your chance! 


For our fans who've already backed FTZ, we've created a new pack of events for your Recon decks, as well as an all new mission pack!

Recon Event Pack - $15

Add 30 all new event cards to your games! Keep your squad guessing with these dangerous and delightful arcane happenings. Compatible with all sets and add-ons!

Operation Harbinger - $15

Play an all new multi-mission Operation! 

Forward observer base Gecko near Tobruk is reporting sightings of watchers just outside their perimeter. Army intelligence is discounting the reports due to the insistence of the men that the watchers are "devils" and chalking the reports up to battle stress. 

Despite being unable to match the descriptions to known entities, Division Zero HQ is convinced that something is very wrong at Gecko. Survive 3 new Acts in Operation Harbinger and discover the fate of Forward Base Gecko.

This pack is designed to be used with the add-on monster packs, but you can easily substitute core set monsters if needed.

NOTE: The Recon Event Pack and Operation:Harbinger *are* included in the Battle Pack pledge. Their omission in the pledge text is an error :)



Fireteam Zero is a cooperative game for up to four players who must cut a path through an endless swarm of deadly monsters in order to discover and defeat the ultimate evil behind them. 

Each player possesses a set of brutal combat skills that are represented by a deck of cards unique to that character. Play cards to devastate the creatures in your way, help your teammates survive the onslaught, or even reshape the tactical landscape with the proper application of explosive ordinance.  

The battle is fought across three maps of increasing difficulty, each one bringing more and tougher enemies than the last. Players must search for and complete mission objectives in order to progress and bring them one step closer to the final showdown.  

Aiding them are two NPC Specialists, one with an uncanny ability to sense the location and nature of the supernatural energy in the area and another with an encyclopedic knowledge of the arcane. Use the Specialists wisely or risk failure no matter how many monsters you defeat.  

Race against time as the creatures on the board become stronger and more cunning. The longer you take to complete your objectives, the more Monster Twist cards are revealed, each granting a new and terrible aspect to your enemy. 

In each set of missions you will face a different family of horrifying creatures, each with their own special abilities and twist cards. Players must not only fight for their lives, but at the same time they must make smart tactical choices with their teammates in order to make the best use of a limited resource, the cards in their hands. 

Each card not only represents an action that they can take, but also their health. Spending too many cards can leave you vulnerable, while spending too few can result in being overwhelmed.

Clever players will rely on each other to succeed.  

Each mission can be played in 60-90 minutes.

What's in the Box?


The core set box weighs a whopping ten pounds and contains:

  • 46 highly-detailed figures
  • 264 Cards
  • 9 Custom Dice and 1 D12
  • 8 double-sided 12 inch x 12 inch sector tiles
  • Metal Lucky Coin
  • Threat Track
  • Token sheets

Did we mention that the game comes with a soundtrack? And that each mission briefing is fully voiced?




Why This Game?

Everyone has played a ton of "guys on a board fighting monsters" games. The question is: What are we bringing to the table that's worth your time?

By which we mean playing heroes that aren't your typical investigators or survivors trying to face the darkness with a hockey stick and a stiff upper lip. 

Don't get me wrong, we love survival horror, but that's not the game we wanted to build. Our goal was to deliver heroes that were potent and whose actions were decisive and effective. 

If you're going to fight unspeakable evil to save the world, competence is the bare minimum requirement for the job.

That means enemies with teeth. 

Just because you're bringing a crack team of neck-stompers into battle doesn't mean you're guaranteed a win. As tough as the heroes are, the monsters are pound for pound just as deadly. 

Not only do they hit hard, but each one comes with an attack, a special attack, and an always-on unique ability to make them just that much more delightful. Oh, and they outnumber the heroes. And they never stop coming. So they've got that going for them. 

We spent a lot of time stripping out mechanics that don't pull their weight. 

If there's an action you can take or a mechanic that can be invoked, then it has a direct impact on your success or failure. Most importantly, we tried hard to make sure that every action a hero commits to means giving up something else in terms of available options or survivability.  

Or both.

How To Play

 Tips From the Field

  • Stick together! Staying in range of your fellow squad members allows them to protect you, help you deal more damage when it counts, and give you options when things seems hopeless.  Teamwork means survival.
  • Area Control, Not Kill Count: The important word in 'vast horde of evil' is vast. You can't kill them all, so creating a survivable zone around your team is crucial. Focus on the monsters that going to be the most dangerous this round and save your hand for clutch situations when you can.
  • Movement is life: The monsters get stronger every few rounds, so speed is key. Search Spawn Points as quickly as you can, leverage Patty's ability to search for free, and gain ground against the enemy as efficiently as possible. Sometimes you CAN run from your problems.

What would a sample round look like?

Let’s say I’m playing the Demolitions hero:

  • I start my turn by throwing a Satchel Charge into a space with two charming and delightful Corrupted Animals. My roll is good, so I blow them to smithereens and clear the space.
  • I have two movement to spend, so I use both of them to enter the space in front of me, which happens to be Difficult terrain. It’s worth entering though, because there’s a Spawn Point here that I need to search.
  • I already spent my action by giving free explosives to needy monsters, so I don’t have it to search. Luckily, Patty is close by. He’s an NPC Specialist on the team that lets me search for free, which I do. I find a strange radio that is broadcasting in my voice and <spoiler redacted...>
  • Now it’s the monster’s turn. There’s one close to me, and it starts by rolling the Activation die and getting a Special, which for Corrupted Animals means their attack will get an extra die of damage. Then it moves into my space and chomps down.
  • However, I’m not out here alone. As always, my squad has my back. In this case, my buddy the Marksman is using the Opportunity Fire Focus card and puts a .30-06 round into it before it can take my leg off.
  • After all of the monsters take their shots at us, more creatures boil up out of the Spawn Points on the board.
  • Before we take another hero turn, one of us gets a chance to play a Tactics card. The Close Combat hero plays Search and Destroy and charges through two spaces, turning the monsters in them into finely diced bits and pieces, clearing our path to the next Spawn point.
  • Then we start the next round!


  Meet your squad!

And just a few of the horrors you'll face!


 Stretch Goals? In a second printing?

Since this is a second printing, we're going to skip to the end and provide all pledges with the full Stretch Goal pack from the prior Kickstarter :)

You'll get all 25 figures, 1 start player figurine, and 79 additional game cards! 


The Africa Cycle Expansion - $35

Go head to head against the Thornspawn in this expansion!  

New Miniatures! Receive the Thornspawn, an entire new monster family! Comes with 8 Scavengers, 4 Wooden Men, and Prime who is a massive 60mm tall boss figure!  

New Mechanic! Add Gear to your hero as you progress! Gear can be easily added to the core set and all other expansions as well!  

New Locations and Adventures! You'll encounter:  

  • A New 3 Act Operation: Sticks and Bones (Sowing Seeds, Fertile Ground, Reaping)
  • Between the Bones of the Earth 
  • Lost and Found 
  • Clockwork  

And you'll face these challenges using 4 new double-side map tiles, giving you 8 new map sectors with all new terrain to explore!




The Europe Cycle Expansion - $35


Face the Bloodless in the Old Country!  

New Miniatures! Receive the Bloodless, another entirely new monster family! Comes with 8 Spore Children, 4 Saprophyte Soldiers, and Black Tooth, a towering boss figure over 60mm tall!  

New Mechanic! Enhance your Specialists with all new powers! Each specialist now receives their own deck, unleashing fantastic new abilities. The Specialist decks have been designed to work seamlessly with the core set and all other expansions!  

New Locations and Adventures! Discover:  

  • A New 3 Act Operation: Blacktooth (Bloom, Castles of Rot, Lord of the Manor, House on the Hill)
  • Blood Sacrifice
  • The Hunt  
  • Artifact Vault Bravo  

Conquer your enemies on 4 new double-side map tiles, giving you 8 new map sectors with all new terrain!





 Team Challenge Mission Pack - $15

Take on diabolical new challenges with this Team Challenge Pack.  

Each team challenge is designed to push your squad's skills to the breaking point with special rules and scenarios! Comes with the following standalone missions:  

  • Countdown 
  • War of Attrition 
  • Hold the Line 
  • Exit Strategy

Team Competition Mission Pack - $15

Find out what happens when two Fireteams go head to head for glory and team pride!  

Saving the world is important, but this is serious business! Claim your victory in four new missions, each with special scoring rules and conditions! May the best team prevail! Comes with the following standalone missions:  

  • Glory Run 
  • Hot Zone 
  • Big Game Hunt 
  • Winner Takes All

Mission Generator Pack - $18

Division Zero’s work is never done.  

Saved the world from the Cupbearer? Already put down Prime? No time to pat yourself on the back, new threats are always on the rise.  

The FTZ Mission Generator will put you back into the field and push your squad to the limits!

Monster packs provide stronger, stranger, and more lethal foes for your experienced squad to face.  They can be used in any mission in any set by simply replacing them 1 for 1 with the same type of monster, minion, elite, or boss.  Replace half of the original monsters to double the monster variety or replace them all to maximize the difficulty!

Monster Pack A - $20

Think you’ve seen the worst that the Artifacts can throw at you?   

Not even close. Challenge your squad with these all new creatures for Fireteam Zero, each with their own unique and devastating abilities!  

This pack comes with five new Elites:  

  • Daughter of Typhon - New Children of Typhon Elite 
  • Whispering Fetch - New Fetch Elite 
  • Flensing Tree - New Thornspawn Elite 
  • Infesting Queen - New Infested Elite 
  • Grim Imposter - New Bloodless Elite

Monster Pack B - $20

When the Artifacts rise, it's not only humanity that takes notice. 

Beings from other realities are drawn across time and space to join in the carnage and feed! Challenge your squad with these all new creatures for Fireteam Zero, each with their own unique and devastating abilities!  

This pack comes with two new Bosses and 3 new Elites:  

  • Aether Husk - New Neutral Boss 
  • Commander Geitz - New Neutral Boss 
  • Eldrivore - New Neutral Elite 
  • Artifact Wraith - New Neutral Elite 
  • Eater of the Dead - New Neutral Elite

Monster Pack C - $20

The Fetch and Thornspawn grow in power with this new Minion and Elite pack!  

Challenge your squad with these all new creatures for Fireteam Zero, each with their own unique and devastating abilities! This pack comes with six new figures:  

  • Marrow Fetch x 4 - Four New Fetch Minions 
  • Exhumed Fetch - New Fetch Elite 
  • Splinter Fiend - New Thornspawn Elite

 Monster Pack D - $20

New terrors appear in the Infested and Bloodless hordes with this new Minion and Elite pack!  

Challenge your squad with these all new creatures for Fireteam Zero, each with their own unique and devastating abilities! This pack comes with six new figures: 

  • Maggot Hounds x 4 - Four New Infested Minions 
  • Mangled - New Infested Elite 
  • Lunger - New Bloodless Elite


Fireteam Delta Figure Pack - $20



 Fireteam Echo Figure Pack - $20



Spawn Point Pack $15

Give your creatures the Spawn Points they deserve!  

Upgrade your battlefield with these menacing eruptions of teeth and stone. This pack contains one complete set of 12 Spawn Points.  

Spawn points in use with tokens and figures!
Spawn points in use with tokens and figures!

Extra Hero Decks Pack - $15

Want two close combat experts in you squad? Another marksman? 

This pack contains all of the hero decks and focus cards from the Core Set, both expansions, and Stretch Goals.  Useful for loading up your squad with upgrades if you don't have all the box sets!

Extra Dice - $10

Need more dice? No problem! Get another full set of attack, monster activation, and spawn dice.  

Big Box of Miniatures - $100

Don't want the game, but love awesome minis? How about over 180 of them?

The Big Box of Minis comes with every single miniature available for FTZ! Note that this is a figures-only box, it does not contain any game materials. This item is not included in "The Whole Thing" pledge.



Risks and challenges

While Emergent Games is new to the gaming scene, the folks behind it are not. Independently, the team has been involved with making games for years and has several successful, award-winning titles under their belts.

We also successfully delivered on a kickstarter that had many, many products included with it.

But because we created and delivered so many items, we were late getting things out the door. But with adversity comes wisdom, or in our case, a completely revamped logistics pipeline.

More importantly, because this is a second printing, everything is ready to print. As soon as we have the funds to manufacture, the factory will jump into action and immediately after, shipping will commence. No final design, art, or tweaks needed.

If you help us print, we'll get things to you fast :)

Thanks for backing,

The Emergent Games Team

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