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A heartrending drama about passive-aggression between two complicated, lost young souls — which culminates in a tragic confrontation.


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Kickstarter is a new fundraising platform that allows independent dreamers like me to bring their projects to life. It takes advantage of modern social networks to crowdsource funding in hundreds of little chunks, the word spreading virally when friends share with their friends. The catch is: if I don't make my $3000 budget, I won't get any money at all! Truly, every dollar counts. And sharing my page with your friends is just as important. If everyone chips in just a tiny bit, I'll be totally good to go! (and there's no reason I can't go overbudget...)



What is The Unmaking of All Together Now?


The Unmaking of All Together Now is no ordinary movie. It has the potential to become a household name among fans of dark, thought-provoking and heartbreaking narrative film.

It is an autobiographical dramatization of a relationship I had with a young woman leading up to an incident where she invited me by surprise into a violent suicide attempt. In traumatized confusion I complied with her requests to assist her for several hours before finally calling for help and saving her life. The disjunct between the friendly manner in which the Doug and Carmina characters conduct their deadly business and the despicable true motives of which they are not consciously aware, packed into a quiet and claustrophobic climax, should give audiences quite the soul-shattering experience. I've taken the last four years to meditate on the terrible decisions we made, and there is meaning in my story for anyone who has ever hurt someone they loved.

On top of this, The Unmaking boasts what is arguably the most structurally complicated film story ever. It is a quintuply nested autobiography, i.e. a film about me making a film about me making a film about me making a film about me making a film about myself, and all of these films are contained within it, self-similarly nested like a fractal. I am definitely not playing myself this time around.

I'm an independent filmmaker and this is my first feature film. I'd like it to live up to my expectations, and to reflect well on me both as a person and as a professional. In order to pull this off, I need your help! Every contribution counts. Please donate as you can to The Unmaking of All Together Now, and pass the word on to your friends. You have my eternal gratitude.


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