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This photobook is about how my daughter Lora (8) accompanied me through a dark, surreal & wonderful episode of anxiety and depression.
This photobook is about how my daughter Lora (8) accompanied me through a dark, surreal & wonderful episode of anxiety and depression.
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About this campaign, the last 3 days!

Posted by Caspar Claasen (Creator)

ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO! Here's a more personal (while I'm at it), longer note about my crowdfunding campaign, closing to an end on Thursday. First I'd like to say thanks to everyone here who has backed the project so far – very generous and very much appreciated!

Now, a few years ago I started this series, when I noticed how I intuitively portrayed my daughter Lora. The moment I found out why I did this the way I did, I dreaded the day I would have to open up about this. Because I knew I had to, if I wanted to share this and publish it, as a book or as an article somewhere. Opening up about something this personal – the anxiety, the depression, the insecurity – is probably very hard for anyone who has experienced something similar. At the same time, it is by opening up that you find out how much people can recognize themselves in your story, or have experienced similar periodes of darkness. This is worth quite a lot. But to be honest, this last month of sharing (and sharing and sharing and sharing) the story felt exhausting – as any crowdfunder will probably tell you.

At the same time, I have been surprised a few times by peope telling me they loved the photos, but thought they were too personal to be in a book. Which preventing them to support the book. Which I found quite a peculiar reason, to be honest. Isn't a lot of good photography, or any good art (music, literature, etc.) by that matter, so good and touching because it is personal? I couldn't follow that... However, of course everyone can have their own reason not to donate! Maybe it simply means that I haven't convinced them enough with my story.

Personally, I do believe the Even Firemen story is strong enough to be more universal than personal.

Looking back at the campaign so far (which btw isn't over yet!) I would've perhaps done some things differently. If your campaign struggles you start to doubt the choices you've made. Have I set the pricing right? Could I have approached different media? At a different moment in time? At a different tone of voice? Perhaps even the angle of opening up about this intimate side of the story could've been different...

But perhaps you also need some luck...

Today I was interviewed by Dutch newspaper for an article about the Even Firemen series. Which will be published one week after the campaign ends...! Now I can't extend the deadline, and the paper can't publish it sooner. So although I am very happy with that publication (it is for a nationwide newspaper) a part of me is disappointed it is missing the crowdfunding campaign. Of course there is no telling how much backers that would have gotten me, but probably at least a few. So, if I don't reach the target, I am thinking of coughing up the remaining amount to this campaign – a large sum I would get back when reaching the goal, minus Kickstarter fee of 5% – and then start a smaller Dutch campaign after that. To accomodate the readers from this newspaper. Not the most elegant ending, but I can't think of a better idea.

However, I am getting ahead of things now. This campaign still has 3 MORE DAYS. So to everyone who has not pledged yet but has been following and favoriting and liking my photography, recently or over the years, please support this book and pre-order your copy here:

Without enough pledges, I can't print the book.

And to all who have already pledged: thank you! And help me get more support by telling your friends, family, collegues, neighbours, pets...!

All the best,


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