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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Last Update...

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

Well this will be the last update for this project.  We of course are not done and have plenty to still do, adventure books to write, covers to be worked up and fans' questions to answer.

I will be uploading a new update for the adventure book this weekend, which will deal with some typos, edits and missed maps.  This will vastly improve your experience with the system, so I suggest you use the update link that will be emailed to you so you can get your copy.

If you have printed up a copy, then just print up those pages with the major corrections, the new map of Firth and the central Feldhome map.  These is a new version of the Ruins of Morn front page as well.

There is a good deal of activity on our forum for the game, which can be found on our website, so join in on the discussions.

Ok, just one last word about our fans.  You are the best and what makes Avalon so great, so keep up the support and we will see all of you on the next Kickstarter, which will be active the last week of November.  The first ten adventure books will be offered in this first wave.  

As always, have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.


Creative Director

Avalon Games

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    1. Roy Goncalves on

      Great. can you also post a list of all the changes and corrections